9 tips to extend the lifespan of your garments

If you have a dress that you like very much and would like it to last longer because you know how expensive garments are and do not want to spend hundreds and hundreds a year only in dresses, then it is important to take care of them. It is important to keep in mind, not […]

If you have a dress that you like very much and would like it to last longer because you know how expensive garments are and do not want to spend hundreds and hundreds a year only in dresses, then it is important to take care of them. It is important to keep in mind, not only how much each dress costs, but also the time we spend selecting one that can suit us well and highlights the best aspects of our body.

When you choose one of our dresses at Lucy and Loo, you are not buying one model from garments alone but many. In only a few steps you can take your convertible dress and make it look like a new one. Nevertheless, it is important to take care of them because we know how much you will like them!

First of all, it is important to read the label since it states what actions should be avoided when it comes to washing a dress. This is an important aspect to highlight since most people do not pay attention to this small detail that makes an enormous difference. The less attention we pay to what this label says, the longer our clothes will last.

However, today we will provide you with 10 tips and tricks that will help you take proper care of your clothes.

  1. Did you spill wine on your favourite dress?

It happens that sometimes the label says not to use any whitening liquid to take stains out of your garment. For these cases, the best option is to buy a bottle of mineral water with gas and put it in the fridge until it’s very cold and the use it to wash the stain away. The bubbles and the temperature the water reaches will help you soften the stain and it will be easier to wash it away while not damaging the fabrics of garments.

  1. The shorter the distance between each washing schedule, the least soap you have to use

If you wash your clothes weekly (not very likely when talking about dresses), make sure to wash it softly because it will be easier to wash the dirt away. You may use softening substances to make your dresses and clothes in general feel softer to the touch but avoid using whitening liquids.

  1. Is it true that centrifugation can wash the colour away from a dress?

Yes, it is true but not in all cases. There are certain types of clothes that should never be put to this process and need to dry with sunlight. Synthetic fabrics should never undergo centrifugation because the colour is only adhered to the fabric but it is not part of it and it may lose its colour, probably not completely but there are certain parts that will be affected.

  1. Putting a dress to the sunlight

We all know that solar energy has antibacterial properties, it makes the space drier and it is a natural disinfectant. Actually, sunrays are enough to “cure” clothes, but it is also important to take care of it because an excessive exposure to sunlight will burn the colour away.

  1. Not all clothes can hang on a hook

It is not the way it looks like in stores, although in those places all dresses and other clothes seem to be able to hang from a hook, they hang from there only for some time because they are not supposed to they should not spend a lot of time suspended since the side seams weaken, the pants stay on the line of the hanger for a long time, it can also lose colour in the support and on the back of the fold it suffers the risk of accumulating impregnated dust in the clothes and you have to wash them again.

The clothes that you can hang for as long as you want, are the thickest such as t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, blazers, vests. Dresses are probably not the best option to hang from a hook.

  1. Do not leave your dresses out of the closet.

We have recommended you for some of them, not to hang them, but you can place them in drawers to avoid dust.

  1. Iron your jeans

It may not be necessary for your cowboys at home, but because of the natural weight they carry, they tend to fold in the washing machine.

  1. Can I roll dresses the same way I roll my jeans?

With jeans you do not have to worry, if you do not know how to fold clothes then you can use “art of rolling clothes” but since it is not a perfect strategy, then she showed me how to roll the quilted garments and pants, with the seam well located, it is better to fold a garment that will spoil in an effort to fold it. However, with dresses it is not the best idea, some of them are made with pretty delicate fabrics and this may make them wear out before.

  1. Some of my dresses will shrink in the dryer

In case some garments shrink, like cotton, do not worry you can still recover them. If in spite of everything that says on the label “suitable for dryer” shrugged, it is good that you moisten it again and hang it without drying, so it recovers its size once again.

Remember that taking care of your dresses and clothes in general is necessary to avoid expending too much money on new ones. And if you want to save some extra money then try some convertible dresses! If you want to purchase a convertible dress you can adapt to your needs, here at Lucy and Loo you will find it! Don’t forget to check our online store, you will find the right dress for your special event!

With a convertible dress you can make only one investment that will be reusable many times.