Is a mattress protector helps to stay safe from bugs?

A good rest in the nights will largely depend on our health and vitality during the day, it is for this reason that the space we use to sleep, should become a temple dedicated not only to comfort mattress, but also to hygiene. However, in order to ensure your house is safe from bugs, cockroaches […]

A good rest in the nights will largely depend on our health and vitality during the day, it is for this reason that the space we use to sleep, should become a temple dedicated not only to comfort mattress, but also to hygiene. However, in order to ensure your house is safe from bugs, cockroaches and other insects, contact Brisbane Terminator today.

Many people think that just by buying a new mattress, it has already been done the task of giving our body adequate rest, and although it is, the bed linen also becomes a fundamental part to complete a pleasant rest experience: the texture of our sheets, the temperature of our blankets or blankets and the comfort of our pillows form that perfect environment in which we all want to dream asleep or awake.

Along with all of them, there is a product that many people forget when they buy their mattress: the protector. This, which is the first one we should think about, will be synonymous with cleaning and will surely lengthen the useful life of the same.

Who inhabits the mattress other than you?

It is natural that, over time, the mattress tends to receive dust and dirt from the environment, as well as bacteria and germs that begin to accumulate little by little. In the same way, it is very normal for the human body to produce sweat, dead cells and other substances that go through the fabric of the mattress and subsequently enter the fillings and structures. The combination of all these elements, over time, generates bad odours, deterioration of the mattress and health problems.

Among the most serious problems we can face without adequate protection are bed bugs and mites. These parasites feed on dead skin and love to live on mattresses, causing allergies in the respiratory system and skin of people.

Mites are microscopic arachnids that reproduce by millions, causing diseases mainly due to the wastes they generate. The protector is designed to prevent the passage of these to the surface of the mattress and thus keep us safe from these unpleasant animal

It may also be useful to protect your mattress from accidents. We already know that the mattress protector will help protect us from the dirt naturally caused by our body and the environment, but it is also important to know that it will help us to slow down the passage of liquids to the mattress when, for example, we spill a juice on our bed when we eat, and thus avoid unpleasant spots. Let’s not tell ourselves lies! The mattress is also a space where we eat, play, study and perform many other activities. These liquids can help feeding other types of insects that may be living inside our mattress and that with a protector on will not be trespass the outer layer.

Regarding comfort, a protector is also a great choice for your mattress. For many people, feeling the extra padding of an extra item on the bed can be a pleasant enough experience to sleep in and, although most mattresses have a normal thickness level, some mattress protectors are designed to add an extra layer of padding to our dream.

Remember that the mattress is not an item that you can put in the washing machine to remove dirt, so the protector is a perfect ally to avoid problems from the start of your purchase.

Cleaning tips

  • Wash your mattress protector frequently. Remember that he serves to slow down the passage of all unhygienic elements but does not block them forever.
  • Use an anti-mite spray on your mattress from time to time to make sure you keep it free.
  • If you wish to clean your mattress from time to time, do it as follow: vacuum it from all angles, clean the stains with a clean cloth moistened with water and detergent and finally wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth. At the end, leave it in a place where you can sun a bit and ventilate for a whole day.

What about feather pillows and bed clothing?

Our health and state of mind depend on many things, and one of the most important, without a doubt, is to sleep well, a fact that is influenced by the atmosphere of our bedroom, our mattress and, of course, the bedding. Inside the bedding, the quilt is that element that, apart from giving a particular style to our bedroom with its design, is what covers us and helps regulate the temperature of our body. Among the materials used to make quilts, we find two main ones: natural and synthetic.

Natural feather blankets

Something that we should highlight from natural feathers, or animal feathers, is that they shelter more than synthetic ones, so they are ideal for cold weather. In this type of feathers are those of animal, especially duck and goose. What is the main difference between the two? The goose is a larger animal and its plumage much longer, so that with it we can have as a result a more quilted down and better quality.

Synthetic feathers

They are hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory fillers that make the quilt light and very fresh.

There is also a combination between synthetic and natural, specifically bamboo, a material that allows them to be even cooler than normal synthetics. They are ideal for cities with a hot climate, they can be very clean when taken care of properly. It is soft and absorbs body moisture, which will allow you to feel much fresher.

What to choose according to the temperature?

It depends on everyone’s taste. If you want something warm, you should opt for a goose feather, and if you want it to be even warmer, you should choose goose with more breast percentage. On the contrary, if you are looking for something fresh, you could choose a synthetic material, but if you want something even cooler, choose the combination between synthetic and bamboo.

Although bedding and a great mattress protector is essential to protect you from bed bugs, it is important to ensure your house is free from pests. Contact us today!