Repair For Life: How to make it happen ?

It is simple Life to understand that a well ventilated, hygienic and efficiently running refrigeration system ensures that your products are kept in good condition for longer. When your cool room and refrigeration units are well maintained, you do not have to constantly worry about the longevity and condition of your goods. In circumstances where […]

It is simple Life to understand that a well ventilated, hygienic and efficiently running refrigeration system ensures that your products are kept in good condition for longer. When your cool room and refrigeration units are well maintained, you do not have to constantly worry about the longevity and condition of your goods. In circumstances where such refrigeration systems and cool rooms need maintenance, servicing and Life repairs, it should only be done by experts and highly trained professionals. By hiring professionals, they not only have the tools and resources, but the knowledge and expertise to ensure quality is brought back and optimised to your cooling units. Even though you may have to spend a little more money on hiring specialists in the field, you can rest assure that quality is not compromised. However, you may even find experts that provide highly reliable refrigeration services at affordable prices. This way you do not have to compromise your budget or compromise quality over cost. When it comes down to the overall quality of a service and knowing who to call, there are specific aspects of a business to look out for.

There are also key components that make up the quality of your refrigeration units servicing, maintenance and repairs that may be overlooked by amateur refrigeration service providers. These important components are longevity,Life  reliability and hygiene. From this, your refrigeration unit will either need to be constantly repaired again and again or every once in a while. It is your choice whether you want to opt for second rate services that will eventually lead to you having to regularly service your cooling units time and time again. Or on the other hand, you can choose to spend that extra bit of money on premium services that will ensure your  cooling equipment Life is up to scratch, ultimately saving you money in the long run. Now which business doesn’t want to save money? We can all agree that we much prefer the latter. All of the three factors mentioned need to be acknowledged and considered when on the hunt for industry experts that guarantee your equipment. Therefore, in order to make sure that your cooling systems are functional and at optimal efficiency, it is crucial to hire professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. This will give you that added peace of mind knowing that your equipment Life is in safe and capable hands, and your products are good to go.

At Blue Innovation, we are committed to delivering our servicing and repairing services that will benefit the customer in the long run and ultimately save them money. We acknowledge that repairs, maintenance and servicing need to be completed efficiently as well as accurately. Our services are delivered by our experienced team of temperature control technicians with years of Life experience and expertise within the industry. We provide commercial freezer, commercial refrigeration, commercial cool room, and even commercial air conditioning repairs, commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance and servicing. When choosing from our range of services, we provide our customers with the highest level of integrity; therefore, you can rest assure that we can be relied upon in your time of need.


In order to repair cool rooms and refrigeration units to an extremely high standard that is superior to other competitors means that the best possible outcome for such a product is reached. If ‘as good as new’ is the standard, then there are certain requirements that must be established and met consistently by the service provider. Quality in repairs means your equipment Life is handled with care and diagnosed thoroughly in search of the underlying problem. Quality in respect to the maintenance and repairs of cooling units means delivering the service not only to high standards but also providing customers with excellent customer service.

As Melbourne’s commercial refrigeration service experts, Blue Innovation acknowledge the need for quality repairs, maintenance and servicing. Once we repair, service or install a unit, we have a 12 month guarantee on all our workmanship and quality of work. All our field technicians are extremely qualified and have a diverse range of experience maintaining and repairing different types of chillers and refrigeration units. With our many years of experience, we have built our success on our dedication to our clients and our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. We care about your specific needs and prioritise them to ensure they are fulfilled. We strive for excellence and enhanced client experience to ensure an overall quality service in terms of service delivery as well as customer service. Once a job is completed, we run a number of tests and record all the reads and results as proof and assurance that your equipment is working the way it should. Our detailed job reports also help troubleshoot potential problems that may arise in the future.


It is simple to understand that commercial equipment that lasts a long time minimises a company’s expenses in the long run. Frequent repairs means more money spent and valuable time wasted. For a repair to be done well, this means that the life cycle of the system lasts for as long as possible without needing a repair again any time soon. As we can all agree that frequent repairs are not desirable, in any case, the time taken to repair your equipment is down time that could be spent doing more important things. For every business, this means making money. Instead of wasting valuable time making sure your cooling units are running smoothly, you could focus your attention on other aspects of your business. No business wants their time and money to be wasted on continuously having to repair faulty equipment.

When your cooling unit is back to optimal efficiency, you do not have to constantly worry about when your equipment is going to break down and have issues. With our specialist team at Blue Innovation, we ensure your cooling units are repaired, serviced and maintained at the highest standards. With our outstanding services, you can rest assure that your equipment will be running back to full capacity. You will no longer have to deal with your refrigeration units on a regular basis.


Business owners will all agree that costs should be kept at a minimum where possible and any unnecessary expenses should be either minimised or better yet eliminated. With this mindset, what if those business owners that rely on their refrigeration systems for day to day processes were costing them unnecessarily more than it should? Leaks and seals over time accumulate and will snowball to cost some businesses hundreds at the least. Quality repairing delivered by professionals that understand such areas to an extent that amateur maintenance providers don’t, recognise where such leaks and gaps occur. Extensive knowledge by the chosen service provider makes for a reliably repaired system to maximise efficiency. This significantly cuts costs by reducing the expense of faulty cooling units.

When you choose Blue Innovation, we have in depth knowledge and expertise when it comes to servicing, repairing and maintaining refrigeration units. You can rely on our second to none services to bring your equipment back to full working capacity. Don’t waste your time worrying about the reliability of second rate services when our expert team deliver our services with consistent quality across all jobs. With every job, we provide you with a cost effective maintenance plan that will help increase the reliability of your equipment. By putting this plan together, this will also increase overall efficiency over your cooling unit’s lifetime. Furthermore, we provide 24/7 phone support service. If you are in need of assistance when your equipment stops working or is having issues, you can call us at any time. If you are in need of immediate attention, we will be there to help you out. We’ve got your back in your time of need. We pride ourselves on our honesty, quality workmanship and customer service throughout all our services, call outs and maintenance that we undertake.


Hygiene is a major concern that should be considered in every cool room and refrigeration unit. This is doubly as important when it comes to food and the certifications and health standards required. To ensure that bacteria doesn’t grow and spread throughout your stock, repairs must be done to a high standard that is both sanitary and hygienic. Otherwise, storage and goods will cultivate bacteria that will negatively impact the lifespan of the contents within. We can all agree that health is one of the most important factors that to do with anything with regards to food. Nobody wants food poisoning and also nobody wants to have to throw away stock because it has gone off. With hygiene placed as a priority, problems such as bacteria and stock going off can be eliminated. Repairs, maintenance and servicing delivered with care and accuracy will prevent your goods from going bad. Every business that requires their stock to be placed in cold temperatures needs hygienic and clean cooling units for the longevity of their goods. Blue Innovation ensures that your cooling units are running efficiently. Don’t wait around for your commercial cooling equipment to break down when you least expect it. Blue Innovation is the temperature control experts to call.