An Insight Into Property Investing in the US

Investing in property can be a very daunting and even lengthy process if you do not know what you are doing. The property can be a dark and scary place given that you need to have the prior knowledge and experience in both housing and investing. There are multiple factors to consider when you are […]

Investing in property can be a very daunting and even lengthy process if you do not know what you are doing. The property can be a dark and scary place given that you need to have the prior knowledge and experience in both housing and investing. There are multiple factors to consider when you are looking to invest in the property market in the USA when living in Australia. Firstly, it is highly important to address the completely natural anxiety that comes with investing in the property market. It can be be tough to even start within Australia, let alone in the USA. However, Tandem Uehling offers the peace of mind and support that you deserve for when you are looking to invest in property within the US market. The process no longer needs to be difficult and stressful with the strategies offered by Tandem Uehling which puts you in a place of advantage. It’s important to make the most of the prime time to actually start investing and being smart with your hard earned money. Given that the property market doubles in value every 7 to 10 years, it is a great time to start investing and getting the highest return on your investment.

It has been widely stated that one of the best places to invest your money is in property. This is for a number of different reasons including the fact that property value goes up at a steady rate, however this can fluctuate but it will still bring a good return. Take this scenario as an example. If you go out and buy a brand new car from a dealership, the value of that car immediately drops the second the tyres hit the road. Although that may be very hard to believe, it is the dead set truth. You see, it is imperative that we shift our mindset into the “investing mindset”. With this mindset comes the question of “what will my return on investment be?” Making all these decisions, as mentioned earlier can actually be very stressful when it comes to choosing which area to buy in, how big the house should be, what to consider before making the purchase, the types of deals that can done, the best strategy to maximise cash flow and so on. With the professional and knowledgeable guidance and services Tandem Uehling provides to all valued customers, investing in the US property marketing just got that bit easier and more enjoyable. Afterall, when we are looking at building wealth and passive income through cash flow, it should be an experience that is fulfilling and not terrifying.

What are some things to look out for when purchasing an investment property in the USA?

There are a number of different factors to consider when you are looking to buy a property in USA. First of all, you need to decide what kind of investment you are looking to do. This is something that can be discussed in much greater detail with your strategist to identify what you are looking to do during your investment journey. Additionally, it is important to consider the neighbourhood that you are interested in buying in. For example, neighbourhoods that are developing and have great potential are a great place to start. This type of information can of course be obtained via detailed research. To understand the dynamics of certain neighbourhoods, you can do a quick search to get some statistics about the area such as crime rates, the number of schools in the area, shopping centres, proximity to public transport, other public facilities and other factors that will only add or decrease the value of the neighbourhood. This is especially important to consider if you are going to be serious in your property investing as the neighbourhood can determine the kind of pricing, tenants, buying potential or general environment. For example, a neighbourhood with very little to no curb appeal will be less likely to be a high end deal with a high return. However, if the area or the house is a little bit run down this can actually call for an opportunity, which is what will occur when your mindset shifts from looking at a “house” to looking at “potential” and an “investment property”. In general, it is known that renovation deals are relatively quick and cheap to complete which is also termed as a “fix and flip deal”. Depending on the strategy utilised while looking to fix up the home, the value of the property can shoot up in a matter of weeks or months. For example, renovations can be done externally and internally or even expand the number of rooms or bathrooms by knocking down walls to create more space and therefore more value. These kinds of renovation deals are great and suitable for beginners and can therefore lead to experience building and have your confidence up in no time! Tandem Uehling is here to provide you with the support and confidence needed in order to succeed with any deal during any economic climate. Another factor to consider is how much you would like as your yield. There are certain strategies that provide a higher return on your money, however this depends on how much you would like to invest with each different strategy and how much time you are willing to commit to the actual strategy. For example, commercial deals have a much higher yield, however they require more money, time and other resources.

To make things even more convenient and stress free, Tandem Uehling has already done the all important research in the best states in the United States. Such states include Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Illinois, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, North Dakota, Memphis and Pittsburgh. These are the most go to states that have been identified by Tandem Uehling through the years of experience and knowledge within the field to get your journey kick started so you can enjoy the benefits of building your wealth and property portfolio for yourself and the ones you love the most.

Speak to the professional and friendly team at Tandem Uehling today to find out how you can embark on your investing journey in the USA and the best strategies that are the most suitable for you.