Why should you invest in Digital Marketing?

  Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media. All the techniques of the offline world are imitated and translated into a new world, the online world. In the digital field, new tools appear, such as immediacy, new networks that emerge every day, and the possibility of real measurements of […]


Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media. All the techniques of the offline world are imitated and translated into a new world, the online world. In the digital field, new tools appear, such as immediacy, new networks that emerge every day, and the possibility of real measurements of each of the strategies used.

Have you ever wondered why investing in digital marketing looks like such an important thing nowadays? Digital Marketing is the current communication, what companies should aim for. Do you want to know more about this? Continue reading!

Digital Marketing has been well received, precisely, for its innumerable benefits for companies and customers. It differs considerably from traditional marketing and, therefore, deserves a place in the promotion strategies within the companies.

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Attraction of clients

Digital Marketing is an excellent tool to attract new customers, either through content or paid ads in search engines. This can have a lower customer acquisition cost in relation to traditional alternatives. With well-executed Content Marketing and SEO strategies, you will be able to win the attention of more and more people according to the main doubts and difficulties they have.

For example, if your company works with sports accessories, it is interesting to produce content on how to choose the best shoes for each sport or on the best pre and post-training feeding options to attract those people. They will be educated on the basis of the content offered by your company and will create a positive image about you, increasing the chances of them becoming customers!

The paid ads, in turn, can be directed directly to who, in some way, is already decided and wants to buy a product, such as a specific shoe or other types of accessories marketed in your store.


Although traditional media offer segmentation, digital marketing allows this separation of the public to be done much more accurately. For example: previously, the public was selected based on the schedule of the program that would happen on TV.

In Digital Marketing, we can segment by age, city where you live, habits (pregnant women, students, etc.), among others, more effectively, producing campaigns and ads exclusively for those people. This is possible because the strategies allow you to collect a huge amount of information about people through the Internet, either through the creation of forms, or through social networks.

If a potential customer comes into contact with your company and, in that way, provides you with your email address, simply do a search to find other information about that person and, from there, discover patterns of behaviour among the most interesting customers. for your business

With so much data in hand, it’s time to implement increasingly targeted actions: define what person profile really is your target audience at that time and transform that information into a map of where to be, how to act and what to do to attract the attention of those people.

Relationship with customers

Digital marketing is the easiest way to connect with your clients and prospects, mainly because one of the main characteristics of marketing on the Internet is the possibility of communicating bilaterally. Thus, the company launches its campaigns talking with customers and customers respond directly to the company, without bureaucracies.

This is where one of the greatest opportunities lies for companies that want to improve their business. By communicating more easily with your customers, you get the opportunity to relate better, forming true defenders of your brand.

Think of the relationship with customers as a loving relationship: you have to keep nurturing that relationship to ensure it is lasting. In addition, investment in after-sales can help in this approach. As already said, now that you have a lot of information about what your customer needs or bought, it is possible to create actions to help you use your product better, ask how the process of use was, if you need help …

All these actions are responsible for bringing your company closer to your customers and guaranteeing prospects, since satisfied customers with good experiences tend to be promoters of the brand.

Strategies with lower costs

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing strategies have much lower costs. This happens because, mainly, it is a type of action more focused on the public that we want to achieve. When we think of large television campaigns or newspapers, we know that only a part of the people who are being reached with that strategy are, in reality, the target audience of the company.

In the case of Digital Marketing, with the most precise segmentation, it is possible to place extremely specific actions on the air, making only the public of interest of your company be reached and, from there, generate more results. In addition, Digital Marketing channels are more accessible, allowing companies of all sizes and segments to achieve good campaigns and investments, even with more limited resources.

Big Data

As we said, we need to use the information in our favour. Take advantage of the possibilities that the digital world gives you and get more information about your customers.

Invest in Big Data to concentrate this information and develop more strategic actions for each of them, making the experience of your potential customers with your company something really memorable. You will have the opportunity not only to sell a product, but also to understand how your company can help your clients in the best way.

That is why a digital strategy must include all the relevant spaces where the target interacts, seeking to influence opinions and opinions, improve the results of the search engines, and analysing the information that these means provide to optimize the performance of the actions taken. Digital marketing is the set of design, creativity, profitability and analysis always looking for an ROI. If you want to create your online store or website and need more information, contact us here.