Why is it important to have your nails taken care of?

Why is it important to have your nails taken care of? Our hands are our letter of introduction, one of the parts of our body with which we gesticulate and approach others. They say so much about our personality and the importance we give to our health, and for this reason it is important to […]

Why is it important to have your nails taken care of?

Our hands are our letter of introduction, one of the parts of our body with which we gesticulate and approach others. They say so much about our personality and the importance we give to our health, and for this reason it is important to take care of them. And the manicure and pedicure on the ground consists of painting them with different glazes or decorating them with a beautiful design or nail art accessories. It’s about taking care of our young people and here we give you the clauses

Beautiful, smooth and well cared for, as we have said, speaking a lot of our personality and health, even though we neglect it, we pay as much attention as we should. It’s not something you have to do every day! But to have beautiful hands it is essential to take care of them, to decide, to cut the manicure and the pedicure with frequency and learn to pamper them. Because, contrary to what some people do, the manicure does not consist only of going to a beauty salon and returning home with a permanent enamel or fantastic nail art. It is about moisturising them, taking care of the cuticles and making a healthy and beautiful one to assume. You can all do it at home. People have to take care of the details! Do you want to know how many steps you shouldn’t miss to get a good manicure and pedicure?

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What steps should include a good manicure?

Before starting to do a good essential manicure, know a series of tips that will help you take care of your nails. The first step is fundamental to have hydrated hands. Our hands and our pies are continually exposed to external aggressions: the cold and the temperature changes, the water and the chemical agents, the sun… Everything causes the skin to dry out even if it gets angry and breaks down, that good hydration is paramount to avoid major damage.

The second aspect that we must have is that it is time to take care of our hands and health and the aspect of our hands. We have to clean them daily to eliminate the success and remove the skin and cells that accumulate under it and around it. It is easy to remove all these impurities when we need to moisturise them together.

Finally, we must not forget the cuticles, the protective layer of the skin that prevents infections and other damage. It is possible, even so, that some time you have paid for aesthetic reasons even if you have a manicure in a specialised salon. However, have a good manicure and beautiful hands in the country necessarily because of the cuticle elimination.

Different types of manicure for different types of brothers

Not all people need the same care, since each person’s role has specific needs. So, those who have sensitive skin and broken skin, for example, require special treatment, moisturising and strengthening, which helps to regenerate the natural keratin and prevent their breakage. In these cases, however, any aggressive treatment that uses chemicals should be avoided. This is the case of the manicure of a few women.

On the other hand, there are some yellow color in one. It may be a genetic reason to debunk tobacco smoke, which smoking and smearing cigarettes, impregnates the skin and contaminates. In this case, it is necessary to apply a treatment that bleaches, regenerates and oxygenates the skin to return it to a clearer tone.

Finally, we can find striated ones. This can also be said to have been cut with cuts or bitten, processes that damage the natural keratin layer of our nail. In this case, you will have to resort to a moisturising and nourishing treatment with essential acceptances that will restore vitality and health to your hands.

Acrylic, porcelain and gel nails, what to choose?

In order to know the differences between these types of manicure, it is necessary to compare their benefits and disadvantages. Acrylic nails and porcelain follow the trend, and if we owe it. In beauty salons they are still demanding daring and bold designs of all colors, shapes and sizes. But, do you know what different manicures you could do? Both ones and others have their advantages and disadvantages. Next, we tell you the differences.

Porcelain nails

The type of woman posts bad advice when we have them very broken, fragile, broken or bitten. The greatest inconvenience of this manicure is, precisely, the material of which is broken, the glass fiber, and which cracks much of the natural material.

Acrylic nails

This type of solo manicure is recommended if you have only a few broken ones. The result, however, is quite natural that in the case of porcelain tiles and, in addition, they are less harmful to the natural tile, since they are made with polymer in octopus and a special liquid. However, like the previous ones, they need to be touched up every three weeks approximately.

Gel nails

It is the most advanced technology in the design of one. They are made with oligomers, a material that only hardens with an ultraviolet lamp. It is the least harmful option for your natural health. The greatest inconvenience of gel nails is that they last less time than the previous ones, which can last up to 6 months with the proper care.

The disadvantage with these three types of “artificial” manicure that sell completely natural, so you cannot breathe. For this reason, it is essential to clean and disinfect the nail before leaving the manicure list. When it’s time to put them on, we can go to an aesthetics center and take care of a professional or choose to buy a kit and get some more at home. Usually, these kits include a special tube attachment to catch the two of them with double-face adhesive.

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