What you have to know about flower arrangement design

What you have to know about flower arrangement design The flower arrangement design business is growing very fast due to the increase in events and the increase in weddings, baptisms and communions. If you are attracted to the idea and want to study flower arrangements, do not hesitate to take a look at our Master […]

What you have to know about flower arrangement design

The flower arrangement design business is growing very fast due to the increase in events and the increase in weddings, baptisms and communions. If you are attracted to the idea and want to study flower arrangements, do not hesitate to take a look at our Master in Floral Art and Design.

Floral art has existed in all cultures and traditions for centuries. Each culture has given them a different meaning and over the centuries, traditions have evolved. But even today, flower arrangements continue to accompany us in the most important moments of our life.

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Flowers at weddings, baptisms and communions

During these last years, the trend regarding weddings, baptisms and communions has changed. Wildflowers like daisies, snowdrops, gardenias or paniculata are displacing the flowers that were previously used. Roses and lilies have taken a back seat as rustic and country flair has become fashionable. The centerpieces, the bouquet or the flowers of the ceremony follow this pattern. They are accompanied by wooden boxes, sackcloths, cages, candles, strings and accessories reminiscent of the countryside. The colors that predominate this year are violet, purple, the range of green and different beige tones.

Depending on the concept of the event, there will be one type of decoration or another. The country trend has also reached daytime outdoor events. On the other hand, if it is a cocktail or a conference, the main flowers are still lilies, tulips and roses. Normally neutral colours are used that do not attract much attention. White and pastel shades are the protagonists.

What if you need to send flowers to a funeral?

The most common flowers for funeral flower arrangements and to express respect and condolences are: roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, gladioli and lilies.

Flower arrangement design is an art that needs a lot of right hand and creativity. This profession also has several exits outside of the decoration of events and celebrations. In the interior design sector and the setting of spaces, compound flower arrangements are increasingly used instead of a single type of flower or plant, as in the branch of window dressing.

Buying a funeral flower arrangement when the loss of a loved one occurs is a gesture of solidarity and support for the relatives closest to the deceased. However, knowing how to choose the correct flower arrangement can be a headache for the buyer and that is why we want to help you.

For all this and, in order to help you in the decision, in the following article we will clarify what each type of funeral flower arrangement means, where to buy them and much more.

What is a flower arrangement for the deceased?

A flower arrangement is a set of flowers of a certain type that are placed in one way or another depending on the feelings that the person who gives it wants to express.

Funeral flower arrangements are used to express condolences to the closest relatives of the deceased.

Origin and history of funeral flowers

The death of a friend or family member is a hard, sad and difficult time. Therefore, to cope with this moment, we usually buy flowers that represent our feelings to make this trance more bearable.

Floral ornaments were already used in the Paleolithic, possibly more for a matter of smells than of symbols or ornament.

Be that as it may, funeral flowers have evolved a lot since then. Starting from scented flowers such as sage or mint, the olive branch was used already in Egypt, chrysanthemums in Japan, or white lilies in Catholic populations.

Then came the white and red roses that have reached the present day since it is the flower that best represents love, passion and pain of an event such as the funeral.

Meaning of flowers in mourning and funerals

It is important to be clear about the meaning of floral ornamentation at a funeral before launching into buying the first funeral wreath that they show us.

And, in general, flowers serve to show support in the face of the loss of a loved one and are the physical symbol with which we transfer our feelings to that person closest to the deceased.

In addition, you can use different types of flowers and a wide variety of colours:

Roses The red, pink or white ones are often used and are perfect for expressing condolences. In fact, it is the most widely used flower. The red rose is a symbol of love and respect.

  • Carnations: Also widely used in funeral events. They symbolize respect and admiration for the deceased person.
  • Daisies: They serve as a tribute and symbolize above all loyalty. They are perfect for funerals of friends or colleagues.
  • They are the living sample of affection and we see them very often in funeral wreaths.
  • Elegant flowers to express condolences and, perhaps, much less used than the previous ones.

Types of flower arrangements. Which one to choose?

Bouquets, wreaths, centers, pillows and even personalized … There are as many types of funeral flower arrangements as you want. They all have the same goal: you express condolences. However, it is not easy to choose since each flower and each colour expresses a different meaning and emotions.

Obviously, to choose the best flower arrangement, you also have to take into account the wishes of the relatives, the type of personal relationship that you had with the deceased and what were the beliefs of the deceased person.

Funeral wreaths

They are shaped like a circle to represent eternity and are available in different styles and sizes that are defined by the diameter of the crown.

The floral crown is usually bought by the friends or relatives closest to the deceased.

Flower centres and pillows

They are shaped like a pyramid or an ascending conical shape to represent the change of state: the flight of the soul to heaven. These flower arrangements are also commonly called pillows or palms.

The first one is located on the tables and is usually more vertical (although there are also horizontal ones), while the cushion is flatter and is located at the head or at the foot of the deceased’s coffin.

Funeral bouquets and flower palms

They are the best known symbol to express support and condolences to the family of the deceased person. However, it is the least used of the three because it is difficult to place them during the funeral, since they require a vase.

The flower palm is a large arrangement that is placed on top of the coffin and has a flatter shape, which is why it usually accompanies the deceased during the wake and funeral. Sometimes they are even buried with it.

Where to buy funeral flower arrangements?

Much has evolved the purchase of funeral flowers in recent times. So much so that they can even be purchased online on websites such as Alnor Florist that send them to the corresponding funeral home where the deceased and his relatives are.

It is a very fast and simple option to send flowers to the family