What type of website does your business need?

If you are also one of those who wonder the usefulness of this very powerful tool to attract customers, this is your article, because today we are going to explain what a website is for. Surely you will have heard this, but a web page is not only a business card. It is not something […]
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If you are also one of those who wonder the usefulness of this very powerful tool to attract customers, this is your article, because today we are going to explain what a website is for.

Surely you will have heard this, but a web page is not only a business card. It is not something that never changes. It is not something static. It is not something aesthetic only.

And we say that you will surely have heard it, but it is very possible that many times when you commission a website from a professional (or in the worst case, in the face of web positioning (SEO), you decide to do it yourself or an acquaintance) they will pass The important bases of any website designed for SEO, due to aesthetics, or usability concept.

The website must be the center of any online strategy. It serves to make itself known among all those who do not know your brand, company or SME, or the products or services you offer.

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A web page is the center of the SEO Positioning strategy

That’s right, with a good positioning strategy, content… You’ll get little by little (with time, patience and investment) scaling results in Google searches for the keywords designated and worked.

A web page serves as a system for generating trust through content, articles, photographs. They must direct the publications of Facebook, the profiles in social networks like Instagram, and of the rest of social networks… The campaigns promoted in social networks.

The web, as we said, has to be the center of the strategy, because without it, the strategy makes no sense.

  1. Usefulness of a web page: Contacts

Web pages must provide contacts to companies. A web page serves as a traffic converter in Leads, in contacts, because if a web does not convert, if it does not generate new customers, new business opportunities, new sales … It is not a web that serves to generate business.

And that should be the goal of a web page within any company, generate new business opportunities, new customers, and serve as a growth tool for your company.

  1. Usefulness of a web page: Aesthetics

Business websites must be aesthetic, but the main objective is not that. Does this mean that a website doesn’t have to be pretty? Or aesthetic? Or be easily usable (and adapt) from any platform, computer or mobile?

DO NOT. We are not saying that. What we argue from Your Web Positioning is that you have to find the right balance between usability, aesthetics, SEO and Conversion.

Very often, as SEO and Web Design professionals specialised in converting and attracting new customers for your company, we find SMEs that have made a significant investment in the Web Design of their page, and they commission us the SEO positioning of it. And unfortunately, we have to tell you (with your heart in your hand) that your website, as it has been designed, cannot position correctly, cannot build trust, new customers … It can hardly be used as the central point of a strategy on-line.

Therefore, when trusting Web Design and the presence of your company, your SME on the Internet, you have to do it with an expert company in this type of design, positioning, content strategies, social networks, Google Adwords, etc.

  1. Usefulness of a web page: Summary

Your company’s website is much more important than the Facebook page, for example

Only then, your website will serve something really important for you and any company: Build brand image, build trust, and generate new contacts / customers. Those are the objectives to pursue so that a web page is useful.

To give a clear example, it is not the same to have a Facebook page of your company (which in most cases it is convenient to have it), than to have your website. You should never replace your company website with a page within another platform, because your company will not have control but the platform (in the case of the example: Facebook).

With your website you will have the power to stand out in the largest search engine used by people when they search for your products or services, as long as the web positioning work is done by SEO experts.

Hot trends that can help your website look better!

Simplicity, less is more

This is the general tonic of the new designs. As we said, everything is focused on the mobile, its size, its capacity, its resolution. A “simple” website loads much faster on a mobile, that is already enough reason to get away from websites reloaded with many sections, colors, fonts, photos, buttons.

White background

Having a background of striking colors attracts more attention, but then you have to fight with the color of the typography so that the content can be easily read.

This does not happen with a white background and the black letter. The contrast is higher and this makes reading easier. Simplicity, cleanliness… facilitating the consumption of content from the mobile phone is the star trend of web design.

And in this sense, as you can also read in several of the latest marketing and digital entrepreneurship books recently published, everything is tending to resemble the type of reading of traditional books: white background (or substitute) and black texts (or any of dark gray variants).


Another very clear trend for 2019. The images will now occupy the full screen, only when you slide the screen will the menus, buttons and different sections appear.

But this tendency to gigantism also touches typography. It is logical, the larger the letter the more easily it can be read from a mobile phone.

It is not about putting a size so large that it prevents its reading. It is about using a font size large enough so that each line has no more than 5 words, if you read it from a mobile.

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