What type of underwear to wear with each garment?

What type of underwear to use with each garment? The first thing we look for in underwear when buying it, is that it is comfortable and makes us feel safe, but you must also take into account what type of garments go with each of the multiple designs that exist. Underwear designs also have a […]
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What type of underwear to use with each garment? The first thing we look for in underwear when buying it, is that it is comfortable and makes us feel safe, but you must also take into account what type of garments go with each of the multiple designs that exist.

Underwear designs also have a reason: avoid those marks on jeans, those rashers on fitted garments and those contrasting colors under your garments that are only covered with bottoms. Here we tell you what type of underwear to wear to look perfect every garment you have in your closet.

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  1. If you wear jeans, don’t just wear the most comfortable underwear you have. Thanks to the fact that the denim is very thick, it is much more difficult for your underwear to be marked when using your tightest jeans, however, if you want to avoid at all costs that the texture is marked a little, try to wear lace garments on the back so that the seams are not marked. Another option is the hot pants, they are very comfortable and perfectly cover the lateral part of your legs, in addition to making you see the smallest booties.
  2. For white pants, it is essential to wear dental floss or flesh-colored underwear, but you can also wear lace clothing of any color, as it is a semi-transparent fabric, you will feel more comfortable and the color of the fabric will not be seen. Avoid brightly colored underwear including dental floss, white jeans.
  3. If you wear a skirt or a loose and short dress, try to cover your underwear perfectly to avoid accidents. Avoid thongs at all costs and focus more on how you can move freely and comfortably.
  4. If you are wearing draped and fitted dresses, try to wear lace underwear so that the seams are not marked on your clothes, you can also wear shorts in a girdle so you can move calmly and your body looks more streamlined. If your dress is dark color, do not limit yourself in the color range that you wear under it,
  5. If you wear long dresses and a smooth fabric without drapes or textures, there are specific types of underwear for you to look perfectly. One of them is the bodysuits, they help your body to look stylized and without any type of marks that make your dress and your body do not look properly.
  6. If you are going to exercise, use cotton clothes so that it absorbs sweat and does not cause any infection, it also avoids the dental floss since they will only make you feel more uncomfortable and are very unhygienic. Find comfortable clothes that allow you to make any movement.

5 garments that will help lift your buttocks naturally

Today we tell you how you can increase your bubbles even if you do not have, these are the garments that will help highlight your buttocks! Exercise is not the only thing we can do to make our buttocks look better, there are some pieces of clothing that help your Booties look round Mary’s Secret Boutique we tell you what these types of garments are and how you can wear them.

Soft skirts

These types of skirts are an excellent option to make your pomp look bigger, you can wear it for a party or even for work You can combine it with an elegant blouse or for a look more casual a t-shirt

Baggy Jeans

The skinny jeans have come to help those who do not have many curves but a good trick to make them stand out even more, is that your jeans have bags on the back.

High-waisted jeans

This garment is one of my favorites to show off a rounder buttock, it also serves to further relate your curves and makes you look taller. So, throw the ones that come up to your waist and run to buy yourself some high-waisted.

Maxi dresses

Perfect for all seasons of the year, long skirts or maxi dresses can look good with everything and on every occasion, they will make you look buttocks even if you do not have it. And the best thing of all is that there is a great variety so that you can find the best one according to your style.


Heels is one of the best tricks to lift the buttocks, as they shape our legs and make our buttocks rounder and very lifted.

5 Extra tips to lift your glutes with your clothes

  1. Mark your waist so your glutes look bigger.

Straight dresses are your worst enemies because they minimize the size of your waist, the size of your butt and hips. The smaller your waist looks, the rounder and more striking the shape of your buttocks will be, so look for pants, skirts and dresses that perfectly fit your natural waist, and combine them with short blouses. Even though you don’t have much.

  1. Choose the right jeans.

Jeans with buttock bags will automatically make your buttocks look bigger, just like skinny jeans. Heels can highlight buttocks even if you don’t have them. Heels stylize your figure, but we recommend you only wear them when necessary.

  1. Wear pleated skirts.

Pleated skirts can do a lot for you, not only accentuating your waist, but flare helps visually boost your glutes.

  1. Tricks with skirts.

Long skirts will cut your body, and short skirts will streamline your legs while keeping your buttocks from looking flat. Avoid vertical lines and opt for horizontal lines.

The vertical lines will make your butt look flat; the horizontal ones will lift it automatically, especially in color blocking.

  1. Avoid leggings.

Leggings are dangerous territory, so be very careful. In the sunlight, thin fabrics look transparent, even in the most sensitive part. They also look better in a dimly lit room than they do in the daytime, where they can surprise you (and everyone around you) with their transparency.

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