What is a flower bouquet? What is the difference among flower bouquet variations?

Good and interesting question, since on our website we offer both a bouquet and a bouquet of flowers, we can see the image of our online flower catalog and the Bouquet and flower bouquets category is appreciated through photos, but really, do we know what is one and what is another? Today in our blog […]

Good and interesting question, since on our website we offer both a bouquet and a bouquet of flowers, we can see the image of our online flower catalog and the Bouquet and flower bouquets category is appreciated through photos, but really, do we know what is one and what is another?

Today in our blog we will give you a simple and understandable explanation for everyone of this difference, since although it sounds a little strange and weird, we can say “it is the same but… it is not the same”

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Bouquet of flowers

According to the dictionary, a bouquet is a set or fusion of either natural or artificial flowers, leaves and branches, which give rise to a floral arrangement to give a reason for expression on any occasion or circumstance that comes our way in our daily life, either be it for a birth, birthday, funeral, love, asking for forgiveness, hospitals, friendship, anniversaries, thanks etc…

The formation or elaboration of a bouquet of flowers, such as a bouquet of red roses, would be to take a set of red roses, which are long-stemmed, that is (the rose that is over 50 is considered long-stemmed), and its union between all the roses combined with natural greens would constitute what would be a bouquet. This means that when you receive your bouquet of flowers, upon receiving these loose flowers, yourself following some instructions for their care and maintenance, you can, for example, buy a vase and mount in your image and likeness, design and decorate your own vase with the flowers that you have received in your bouquet, that is, you can make another bouquet from that bouquet, or design your own flower arrangement to your personal taste

The word Bouquet comes from the French, thus being its meaning as flowers obtained from the forest. In this case, it would also be a set of flowers with their natural greens, etc…, but with the difference that it is a bouquet of flowers already made, elaborated and designed by a professional florist who makes it to his own taste, being a floral art. In this case, when you receive a bouquet you do not have to do anything with it, simply enjoy it, an example of this art can be quickly identified with the bridal bouquets, whose designs are impressive, beautiful and beautiful to suit the consumer.

Types of bouquets

We already know clearly the difference, now when you order your floral detail you will know what to stick to and go a little deeper in choosing your flower bouquets.

But continuing with the bouquet, as in all design and art there are different types of decorations, maybe it is a bit complicated since it is prepared for professionals who dedicate their entire lives and time to making these fantastic flower arrangements, but… Who knows and you do it?

Among different types we are going to tell you about 3, which would be of different shapes and sizes, made for weddings or other interesting events that come your way: round, growing and forearm.

  • Round: This type is the most common, its flower formation is under concentric circles that intertwined with each other and tightly tied give rise to its round or ball shape.

In this type it can be given to another subtype that would be cascade, lilies cascade where once the stems are tied, they drop their flowers making an elegant effect when these flowers fall like waterfalls over the hands of those who enjoy it.

  • Growing: The word crescent sounds a lot to us when referring to the shape of the moon and in this case the flowers fall in a curve where the left and right area float while its central part is well supported and robust.
  • Forearm: This bouquet has the main characteristic that it is formed under long stems joined by ribbons. It is widely used for contests or presentation events.

Anyway, you will never go to bed without knowing something, and we hope that in this blog you have become a little more professional about flowers if you like this wonderful world. We just hope that you will dare and design your own bouquet when you have received a beautiful and pretty bouquet of flowers.

5 benefits of always having flowers

Have you ever walked into a room with a bouquet of flowers and suddenly felt better? Well, it is not by chance. Flowers, in addition to having a tremendous aesthetic presence and sometimes even overwhelming how beautiful they are, are also beneficial for health.

There are already many studies from prestigious universities (such as Harvard) that support this theory, and many scientists who openly declare that yes, it is true: having flowers and plant arrangements nearby has benefits that are worth taking advantage of.

1- In addition to transmitting emotions and feelings with its own language full of symbolism, the striking colors and shapes of the flowers are stimulating and perfect for raising energy levels. People who surround themselves with flowers feel fuller of vitality and energy than those who do not.

2- Flowers help relaxation and elimination of stress. As we told you in our post about the 5 most beneficial plants to have in the office, surrounding yourself with life is always good when it comes to reducing stress levels, and that also includes flowers. They are perfect for decorating work spaces or decorating rooms where there is a high level of energy. Also, the hall or the entrance of the house is a perfect place to place a bouquet as it helps you to leave the stress of work outside the home (and it is also a wonderful way to welcome you)

3- Flowers stimulate creativity and productivity (and it is not surprising). Not only are you happier and more energetic when you have flowers nearby but, as a result, you also work better. The relationship between your mood and your productivity is direct, and flowers are one of those things that have the power to always make you happy. What’s better than being happy and comfortable at work?

4- We cannot forget that in addition to being beautiful, flowers also smell, and very well. One of the great benefits of flowers is that they bring natural fragrances to your home and office, infinitely healthier than air fresheners.

5- Like plants, flowers help to purify the air and provide humidity to the environment (very important to eliminate dust and residues in the air). In addition, they help to eliminate toxins emitted by office supplies such as computers, printers, telephones, etc., which generate a harmful electricity field.

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