Three ways to move your motorcycle with all of the law

  The motorcycles are for the summer, and also for the vacations. You don’t have to go on the road to enjoy your machine during your days off. Even if you go to the beach with the family, you can take advantage to enjoy the road and some getaway during that period. Of course, in […]


The motorcycles are for the summer, and also for the vacations. You don’t have to go on the road to enjoy your machine during your days off. Even if you go to the beach with the family, you can take advantage to enjoy the road and some getaway during that period.

Of course, in order to use your motorcycle on vacation you will first have to take it to your resting place. These are the options you have. If you want to know more about premium galvanised trailers in Australia, visit our website.

Make the trip on your own

No matter the destination, there will always be a way to reach it. If you want to enjoy the motorcycle on your vacation, why not do it directly in a big way with the whole trip?

Take the motorcycle on vacation

If you have a partner it may be the opportunity to take a different trip and share a motorcycle or go each one on the back of your machine. If you have a family you can always make an agreement for the other party to drive, go by train, bus or plane while you devour miles of asphalt. Surely you will find arguments in favor or some way to compensate later.

And if you have children of an age to withstand the rigors of the road and motorcycles, it is the ideal opportunity to spend time with them exclusively and even to introduce them to motorcycle trips. In this case, choose an easy route that has some interesting stops and that you can follow at a reasonable pace so as not to have the rest of the family waiting for a long time at the destination.

The advantage of being the one who drives the motorcycle is twofold. On the one hand, you get the basics: enjoying your motorcycle passion on vacation, and on the other, you save yourself from looking for alternative ways to move it that involve more expense. Here we leave you the keys to prepare your trip.

Of course, before hitting the road with your motorcycle on vacation, make sure your machine meets the minimum requirements for the journey. We do not want to see you with your scooter on a highway or with your motocross motorcycle devouring kilometers of road when it is designed for other things.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to check your insurance to see what roadside assistance coverage you have.

Tow the motorcycle

It is the first alternative: buying a trailer to carry the motorcycle. If you practice motocross you will be used to having to move your machine to the circuit either with a trailer or with a van, but the latter alternative is not the most comfortable for the holidays depending on what your destination is (if it is a camping it may be the ideal one, for example).

There are all types of motorcycle trailers, from covered to uncovered and their prices range from 500 euros to more than 1,500 dollars depending on the model. In addition, there are also folding models.

It is the cheapest formula to move your motorcycle and the best if your machine is motocross or is not adapted for long road trips.

Towing the trailer will make you have to take extreme precautions on the road, but it will be worth it if you can enjoy your motorcycle during the holidays afterwards. Of course, there are several types of cranes.

Tow cranes

Thus, the first thing to consider is that the cranes intended for the transfer of motor vehicles (cars, vans, motorcycles, etc.) are called trailers. Within these there are different ones depending on the weight they can carry and the way they transport it. Specifically, there are stretcher, hanger, fork or fork, plate and heavy vehicle cranes.

Among the five types mentioned, the last one, obviously, is not suitable for motorcycles, while the second, third and fourth are more appropriate for cars or vans, since these are attached only to the front wheels, leaving the rear wheels to turn. on the asphalt in the transfer.

In case of peremptory need, these four types of cranes can be used to transport motorcycles by doing a ‘fix’, but it is not advisable to do so, since the integrity of the motorcycle could be in danger.

Stretcher cranes, the best for motorcycles

This means that the most common and safest for moving motorcycles are the so-called stretcher cranes. If you do not want to have problems with your motorcycle, you must take it into account.

Cranes with or without rail

Knowing that stretcher-type towing cranes are the most appropriate for transporting motorcycles, it must also be taken into account that some of them have a built-in rail for two-wheeled vehicles and others do not.

If you have it, the ideal is that the transfer be done with the motorcycle standing up, well secured with the straps. If you do not have the aforementioned rail, it is safer for the motorcycle to lie on the stretcher, also fixed with the strips.

Although it is desirable to never need your motorcycle to be carried on a crane, it is clear that it is a possibility that may arise. If it happens, we recommend that you do not forget the advice we have given you.

Lastly, even if it is common sense, remember that you must travel in the cabin with the tow truck carrier, and not in the back next to the motorcycle or behind the driver’s compartment.

Does the van work?

This is the million-dollar question for many riders who want to take their motorcycle on vacation or who simply want to enjoy it on the track for a weekend. Can the motorcycle be transported in a van? The answer is it depends. For everything to be 100% legal, it must be a transport vehicle, that is, not just any van will work. To begin with, the cabin must be separated from the cargo area and to continue you must have the appropriate license.

In other words, you can’t use your friend the baker’s van to carry the motorcycle, because it is equipped to carry bread.

Send the motorcycle to your destination

This is the last alternative, the most comfortable in a sense. There are companies specialised in the transfer of motorcycles and mopeds that will take care of taking your machine to its destination.

When it comes to shipping your motorcycle, most will let you choose the transport system, which can be in an open or closed trailer and if they or you will be in charge of mounting the machine and anchoring it.

In the end, it will not matter which alternative you choose if you manage to take your motorcycle to your vacation spot and enjoy it during your days off. Do it, you will appreciate it.

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