Tips:7 Habits of Social Media Manager Highly Effective

Much has been written in recent years about the rise of Social Media and as in this new 7x24x365 connected culture, our digital professions leave behind the classic “8 to 5” work. We know in our own flesh that social media was not viable without people, without the hard work of keeping our digital presence […]
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Much has been written in recent years about the rise of Social Media and as in this new 7x24x365 connected culture, our digital professions leave behind the classic “8 to 5” work. We know in our own flesh that social media was not viable without people, without the hard work of keeping our digital presence alive. And this implies an immense load of hours of work and activities to be carried out.

Reflecting on this, we wanted to share in this article some practices and habits that – in this case – a Social Media Manager could adopt so as not to fall in front of the computer victim of karoshi and continue enjoying the exciting world of social channels more effectively.

The social networks gain ground year over year on other media when implementing marketing campaigns, or loyalty to customers and users. Achieving great results represents a challenge for the social media manager, which must bring to reality everything that a company wants to achieve in the networks.

This is what it takes to be a successful social media manager throughout this year:

– Focus on building a community, not just an audience

As a first habit for social media managers, it is to understand that social networks are not only about treating people’s attention and growing the audience, more important than all this is building a community.

All brands and companies with a presence in the different social networks should be given the task of identifying the people they want in their respective communities, people who really want to hear about the brand.

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  1. Listen carefully to what people in your brand say.

You probably already do it – and that’s good – because this activity is undoubtedly the most important thing you need to know every day, every minute. This gives you a clear direction, it helps you decide what you need to do to transform social mentions into a positive conversation about the brand. The monitoring tools will help you carry out the digital analysis and clearly keep on the strategic board all the elements to make decisions in your communication or marketing deployment.

  1. Know the metrics in detail.

Numbers, numbers, numbers, this is also the day to day of a Social Media Manager, it is what is hidden behind the success of a campaign. Be aware of the metrics you need to achieve, know the engagement metrics (engagement), the new followers, the CTR of your site, the return on advertising investment, and how social media plays a key role. Add the individual analysis of each social network with all the monitoring tools you have, to find the most detailed and widest possible picture of what happens through the channels.

  1. Observe the neighborhood.

True, it consumes us every day and it is often difficult to take our eyes off our own channels and see what others are doing. But monitoring and analysing your competition is an important activity within all the “all-do” that a Social Media team has. Perhaps these practices (in English) to make an analysis of your competence can help you put order and clarity. It is also very relevant to keep track of the latest in your industry and make fun of this from your social channels.

  1. Connect with new people.

The Social Media Manager can be seduced by the dark side and forget to continue expanding the community. It is time to stop the maelstrom a little and see not only the forest, stop at the service and approach. Identify those who influence social channels and reach them. Understand what is not working in the business for people and find the solution. Knowing what day, a fan of your brand celebrates or a recent achievement on his LinkedIn profile, are valuable data that can be used to connect with people and to whom you already have access. Simply thanking, will make the difference so that your followers feel special, eventually everything will be returned in the much-desired digital word of mouth.

  1. Share the satisfaction of the people in your community.

Daily tell the story of someone who is happy with the service or product on your social channels. And this should be an important part of your content calendar. A photograph, a post on your blog, a video that collects the history of the loyal customer and highlights it. By labeling the client, you check with the public the authenticity of the story you are sharing. In the end you will be increasing the visibility of your brand.

  1. Follow what happens in customer service.

If your brand has a customer service team through social networks, such as Social Media Manager you should be aware of what is happening in that area. This is hard work, but strategic for the business. There can always be a complaint, they are inevitable. What we can avoid is that they become an online crisis. If you see that there is no response from the team within one hour to a possible query or complaint, you must intervene to help resolve. The priority is to keep customers or members of your community happy and offer solutions.

  1. Plan your content.

You are a Social Media Manager – not a firefighter. Stop putting out fires and build a solid content strategy that you can use in future publications. It is advisable to always have at least one week of advanced content. Do not let the day-to-day surpass the quality of work, this requires discipline, structure and a constant search for excellence. We call it “digital methodological rigor.”

Do you know any other habits that can be used in the daily life of a Social Media Manager? If so, please leave us a comment and tell us.

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