Steps to organise events as a marketing action

  An event is a great strategic communication tool. Not only does it allow you to transmit the values ​​of your brand, but it is also a great opportunity to retain and attract new customers. Have you ever wondered how to start organising an event? What steps should be taken into account? Today we present […]


An event is a great strategic communication tool. Not only does it allow you to transmit the values ​​of your brand, but it is also a great opportunity to retain and attract new customers. Have you ever wondered how to start organising an event? What steps should be taken into account? Today we present guidelines and tips to follow to organise an event successfully.

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What do we want to achieve? Who is the event for?

Like any marketing strategy, the first thing you should set, before you start planning, are the objectives:

  • What is the reason why I want to create the event?
  • What results do I want to achieve with him?
  • What do I want to convey and how am I going to do it?
  • What audience do I want to address?
  • Do I have the necessary resources to organise it?

The events have a great capacity for communication; therefore, you have to define very well the goals you want to achieve together with a good follow-up program to guarantee your success.

Another fundamental decision is to know who your target audience is. The selection of your target will greatly influence the organisation of the contents of the event.

Having clear the target of an event is essential to organise your content

The next step is to choose the right moment of celebration and the appropriate location very well. Here we leave a series of tips to keep in mind when choosing these two aspects:

  • The date set: it is recommended that it does not coincide with festivities. You assure a good number of assistants!
  • The seasonal season: there are studies that confirm that the best months of celebration are usually May and October, followed by June and November.
  • If the assistance requires a trip you will have to take into account the prices of flights and accommodations.
  • The selected space must transmit, communicate and empathise with the values ​​of your brand.
  • The capacity: the dimensions of space and all its possibilities.
  • The lighting and the sound. Visit the location as many times as you need to make sure everything fits your needs!
  • The technical team that offers the space.
  • Accessibility and location: it is important that the area hosting the event is accessible (public transport, good location, parking, etc.) Normally, for events of this theme usually resort to large auditoriums or convention centres. It is recommended that you book the place six months or even a year in advance.

The next thing is to define very well the production team that will support all the phases of the event. The team that forms part of the organisation will be responsible for complying with the set timing and the possible problems that may arise.

Establish a work schedule: Create a follow-up program for before, during and after

It is essential to determine how the team will work and to develop a task schedule with dates for each activity. Establishing a program will be the guide for the development of the entire communication event. The internal program of the event must include the following information:

  • A schedule with the activities that will take place on the day of the event.
  • A plan of how the event will be distributed.
  • Graphic material.
  • List of guests, speakers and media.
  • Establish a needs plan (everything you will need)
  • Estimated budget.
  • A work calendar with its development times and deadlines.

And what do we do with the guests? To them you have to send them a brief program, the days before the event, to collect the agenda visually, with the names of the participants, the location, schedule of talks and other existing activities.

Surprise with your event and make a difference

It is time to think about the staging. To surprise the attendees! Once you have studied the objectives and have an idea of ​​where the event is going to take place, it is time to think about how the staging will be developed in the most creative way possible.

To make a difference you have to create a unique experience with your event and communicate the philosophy of your brand. Not only will they communicate the words, but everything will influence, from the lighting to the invitations, going through the corporate colours, the space, the online diffusion and the landing page. Everything will be part of the communication of your event.

Take advantage of your brand’s strengths and transform them into opportunities. Impact with your event.

You have to think about how to create a link with your audience and get them to interact with your brand during all the phases of the event. As soon as you have closed the venue, be sure to launch an informative website about the details of the event that is as attractive and clear as possible.


Contact the speakers who will be part of the event and … Get sponsors!

Another essential step is to invite the referents from the world of marketing who will be part of this great communication event and decide who will be the speakers and close with them the topics that will be presented.

Once the speakers accept your invitation it is important to take care of them, write them and thank them for their assistance. We recommend that you send them an “action plan” with a personalised discount code for their followers. In this way you will achieve that they spread the event in their social networks and attract more attendees.

It is also important that you get sponsors, as this will not only help you in spreading the event and add more participation activities, but it will also allow you to save certain costs. Here are some key guidelines for attracting sponsors:

  • You have to be brief and convince them with your proposal
  • Briefly present your brand and the characteristics of your event
  • State the reasons why you want your sponsorship
  • The spaces you will have for your “stand” or “presence of your brand”
  • Transmit very clearly the benefits you will get


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