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Light is taken for granted. Not everyone thinks twice when it comes to light. But when you really think about it, light is everywhere. In your house, on the streets, in your car, at the shopping centre and anywhere else you can think of. We all know that light gives us the ability to see […]

Light is taken for granted. Not everyone thinks twice when it comes to light. But when you really think about it, light is everywhere. In your house, on the streets, in your car, at the shopping centre and anywhere else you can think of. We all know that light gives us the ability to see when it is dark. Light is essential in our everyday lives. We rely on light. In this day and age, there are a variety of different lights to choose from. Many types of lights have been created for a number of uses, whether it is for the indoors or the outdoors. Floor lamps, garden lights, spotlights, deck lighting are just a few of the types of lights on the market. Since garden lights are exposed to the ever changing weather, durable and long lasting lighting solutions are needed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Homes with decks are in need of quality deck lighting to provide safety when the sun goes down. Then there are the elegant chandeliers and crystal lamps we see in upper class homes and buildings that usually have an expensive price tag attached. Depending on our preferences and taste, we choose lights that will complement the style of our house, room and space. You can create an endless amount of looks and styles with different types of lights for both decorative and functional purposes.

At Select Lighting, we have a vast selection of second to none lights to cater to the different preferences and styles of our valued customers. We offer deck lighting Australia, to crystal table lamp Australia, to floor lamps Australia. Whatever your lighting needs are, we have the solution for you. As technology advances, we see the improvements in lighting and the development of different types of lights that are more efficient and less energy consuming than others. When we choose lighting in our home or office, we want affordable and cost effective lighting without having to compromise quality. Opting for high quality lighting will ensure long lasting and durable products, saving us the hassle of having to regularly replace the lights. Replacing lights not only uses up our time, but costs us more money in the long run as well. However, sometimes certain lighting can be out of our budget, which is why we choose cheaper alternatives. Choosing cheaper lights can compromise quality. Therefore, Select Lighting is the ideal solution for superior yet affordable lighting. We are always introducing fresh, contemporary and modern lighting to suit the various demands of our Australia wide customers with outstanding designs and quality manufacturing.

Through the evolution of light, energy efficient lights have been created that not only use less energy, but are environmentally friendly. With more and more people and businesses becoming environmentally cautious, choosing eco-friendly products influences our purchasing decision. If you are in need of new lighting, we have got you covered. Some lights you may be familiar with are fluorescent and LED (light emitting diode) lights. At Select Lighting, we provide both excellent fluorescent and LED lights at great prices. Some of you may be unaware of the differences between the two types of lighting. Fluorescent lights in the form of tubes are one of the most commonly known types of lighting. You have most likely come across this type of lighting. They have been a popular choice in homes and offices over the many years. They provide affordable lighting for the majority of commercial areas such as hallways, offices, and warehouses. Fluorescent lighting has actually been around since the 1930’s and was originally developed for commercial use. Since then it is used widely in both houses and commercial buildings. The idea of a fluorescent light had been around since the 1880’s, however it took a while to create a working commercially viable light. Fluorescent lights are made of a low pressure mercury-vapour that uses fluorescence to produce visible light. LED lamps on the other hand are popular due to its efficiency and many believe it is a ‘new’ technology. However, LED has surprisingly been around for more than 50 years, and it continues to improve. LEDs create light by electroluminescence in a semiconductor material. Originally, LED produced very dim light, but as research and the development continued, new colours and brighter LED lights were created.

If you are considering new lighting, switching to LED lights has its advantages. It will not only significantly lower your electricity bills, but will also decrease your carbon footprint. LED lights have been replacing fluorescent bulbs in homes and businesses due to their cost efficiency. Fluorescent lights are still an inexpensive option, but it has its drawbacks. There are many differences between fluorescent and LED lights. When comparing the two, lifespan, energy consumption, lighting quality, and light efficiency are main elements to consider.

When choosing the best lighting option, not only do you have to consider the wattage, but also the price, longevity, efficiency and environmental friendliness. LED lights have been greatly improved and have been a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy. LED lighting has been replacing fluorescent light bulbs for many years now due to many reasons. First of all, fluorescent lights have a much shorter lifespan than LED lights. The lifespan of the fluorescent light is shortened every time the light switch is turned on and off. Short lifespans eventually lead to regular replacements. In comparison, LED lights do not have this limitation and produces a much brighter light than fluorescent lights ever could. LED uses a significantly less amount of power than fluorescent lighting by reducing the amount of heat needed to produce the light. With a more efficient use of energy, this dramatically reduces electricity costs. LED lighting works in any temperature unlike fluorescent lights. Fluorescent light works best in mild room temperatures and if the temperature fluctuates, it affects the efficiency of the bulb and the quality of light produced.

Despite LEDs proving to be a more cost efficient option, Select Lighting offer fluorescent lights to suit the various needs of our customers. One of the fluorescent lights we provide is our excellent Damiano Glass Fluorescent Oyster which has a beautiful satin chrome finish and is 50 cm in diameter. Our Damiano Glass Fluorescent Oyster uses a T8 fluorescent circular tube that provides a clean and crisp light. Unlike typical fluorescent tubes, our fluorescent lights are manufactured to the highest standards for durability. Our fluorescent lights will brighten up any space in your home. Apart from fluorescent lights, we have a huge range of LED lights that range from LED modern styled crystal pendants, aluminium oyster lights and chandeliers. Our Sita LED Oyster Light could be an option of lighting you choose over the fluorescent light, which is also a great product. It uses a 4000K 18 Watt globe, which will guarantee longevity. With aluminium surround and a poly cover, 30 cm in diameter, this light is suitable for your living room, office and many other areas. With the comparison between LED and fluorescent lights, our LED lights are energy efficient as well as affordable. Choosing the most suitable LED light for your home has never been this easy. On the other hand, if you are after something more luxurious, we have a range of crystal chandeliers and crystal pendant lights that will elegantly light up your space. Our crystal chandeliers will elevate your decor without the expensive price tag attached. Our Ivan LED Real Crystal flush Chandelier is one of our premium chandeliers offered in both small and large size to suit your budget and space. This particular chandelier has remote controlled g4 halogen globes with high and low, LED and on and off settings for your convenience, so you can change the settings as you please! This chandelier will definitely make a bold statement and enhance the atmosphere of the room. Here at Select Lighting, pride ourselves for delivering superior products at great prices so you do not have to compromise your budget. Where quality meets affordability, you can’t go wrong with our selection.

With our range of fluorescent and LED lights at Select Lighting, you are guaranteed to find a light that will not only brighten your space, but will add style and sophistication. We have more than 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, providing beautiful and reliable lighting fixtures for your home and office. We are your number one choice for lighting in Australia. Don’t waste your time and money on second rate products when we have what you need. We are equipped with a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience at your disposal. With our online store, you can browse our selection of lights that is suitable to your requirements. Alternatively, you can visit us at one of our stores and benefit from our knowledgeable lighting experts who are more than happy to assist with all your lighting needs. We will help you decide on a particular lighting design that will best suit your interior or exterior of your home. Set your decor apart from the rest when you choose from our incredible range of lights. What are you waiting for? Check out what we have got to offer. Our lights will transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary!