Picking the wrong bra not only affects breasts shape

Although the bra, brassiere, bra or bra is one of the basic pieces of women’s underwear, it is known that about 80% do not wear it in the wrong size, particularly those with large breasts. Some wear it with a very small or large cup for the size of their breasts and others with a […]

Although the bra, brassiere, bra or bra is one of the basic pieces of women’s underwear, it is known that about 80% do not wear it in the wrong size, particularly those with large breasts.

Some wear it with a very small or large cup for the size of their breasts and others with a band that is too wide or too tight for the diameter of their thorax.

Wearing a good bra, that is, with the correct size, style and material, is important to have a firm and healthy bust. That is why you always have to buy a good bra, despite the fact that it costs and it is necessary to change it in a short time because the bust has changed in size, shape and firmness.

The size of the bra changes from time to time after the development process, as well as the ups and downs of weight, pregnancies, the use of contraceptive pills, the intake of medications and foods with hormones, and age. Given this, the bras must be replaced as physical changes occur, or the part is deformed or worn by use.

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The problems of having a bad bra

Selecting the right bra among so many styles and brands makes “the big difference” in the healthy breasts of young, mature or athletic women.

Very often we see prominent breasts in doctors’ offices with problems with back pain or with a condition of the nerves in the arms known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome [TOS], which includes numbness and tingling in the arms or hands; pain in the neck, shoulders and hands or weakness of the muscles of the hand .

The symptoms of TOS result from the pressure made by the thin straps of the bra in the shoulder area, where the nerves and blood vessels exit to the upper arms.

Several studies also point out that if the bra is tightened too much it can cause acne and pain in the sword, as well as create a disordered appearance by taking out (under pressure) some well-known tires in the upper area of ​​the band that faces the armpits and the lower part of it that faces the stomach and back.

They also say that if the bra is loose, both cup and band, it will make the breasts sag due to the blow of gravity. So, you should always wear a bra with the correct size.

Daily use of the same bra, which is not washed frequently, can cause a rash or fungus. This is due to sweat bacteria that accumulate in the bra tissue, explain the doctors.

A bra should not be worn more than two days in a row, particularly if you live in a hot and humid climate area, or if the daily activities that are carried out require a physical effort that makes you sweat.

The correct size

Today, most of the stores that sell this intimate garment have specialized personnel to take the measurements that determine the number of the band and the letter of the client’s cup. Experts advise taking advantage of this free service.

The ideal bra

  • The correct bra is one that fits well and does not fit on shoulders, bust or back.
  • Depending on the model, the cup should cover a large part of the breast and hold it firmly, but without pressure.
  • The bra band should be at the same height both behind and in front.
  • The straps should be aligned with the nipples and the bust should be at the level of the middle of the arm, between the shoulder and the elbow.
  • From being a half cup bra, which lifts the bust to make it look sexy, you must hold the breast without allowing it to come out of the cup before any strong movement of the body.

Selecting the sports bra

  1. The bra must be made with a firm, but minimal tension material, particularly in the cups, straps and band.
  2. Choose a sports bra with the two cups designed separately, rather than those that come with a single flat panel at the front. The one with two separate cups controls and holds each chest in position.
  3. Sports bras designed with more coverage — such as with a high neckline, wide straps and a wide bottom band — provide better control and protection to breast tissue.

How to extend the life of the bra?

The recommended thing is to have about five or six bras and take turns during the days of the week and wash them as they are used. This helps maintain good health of the bust and lengthens the life of the bra.

Important institutions maintain that washing is the key to making a bra last and perform optimally, as well as not wearing it for more than two continuous days. The latter allows the elastic fabric of the bra to return to its original shape.

Overlapping the bra can damage the elasticity of the fabric, which is essential in providing adequate support to the bust.

To prevent the bra textile from deforming or losing elasticity during washing, it is recommended to do it by hand, with a mild soap and simply allow it to dry with the ambient air.

From washing the bra in an automatic washing machine, it should be placed inside a bra washing bag available in many stores that protects it from damage. The selection of the washing cycle should be of delicate clothes. And, obviously, you never have to dry it in the automatic dryer.

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