Identifying if your house needs roof restoration

It is to make a change to a space, which can include its structure or just the decoration or interior design. And what is a restoration? It is modifying the structure of something to improve it, a moldy floor or a ceiling with unsafe trusses requires restoration, and a room that will become a dining […]

It is to make a change to a space, which can include its structure or just the decoration or interior design.

And what is a restoration?

It is modifying the structure of something to improve it, a moldy floor or a ceiling with unsafe trusses requires restoration, and a room that will become a dining room and needs more light requires a remodel. As you can see, there is a difference between architectural remodeling and restoration.

Easy, right? Sure, it’s easy for the experts: architects who specialize in remodeling and restorations based on their experience. What is not easy is to find those who handle this type of architectural solutions. There are architecture firms that are solely dedicated to architectural projects from scratch, others that only focus on construction, but taking an already built space and molding it to new housing needs is something else! The expectations are very clear, but the risk of encountering greater problems than those posed by the project itself is quite great.

Today we will talk a little about remodeling and restoration of houses and buildings, as well as the differences between them, so that you can distinguish if what you need at home is a restoration, a remodel or another house definitely!

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What is the architectural remodeling project?

A project is the guide to follow, which includes the client’s needs, the current conditions of the place to be modified and the premises to follow.

The remodeling project also defines dates and stages of work, as well as materials and characteristics of its installation, finishes and coatings, all down to the last touch.

The process is the following:

Once the place to intervene is known, the project must be worked on:

  • Preferably trace and include the previous points in a series of plans.
  • Identify in each plan the point to modify in the original construction, the materials and the exact measurements.
  • Deliver a budget of the work to be done with a percentage of slack in case of changes.
  • Stick with this project once work starts on it, and arrange for customer approval if it needs to be changed.

How to identify when it is necessary to remodel a house?

When it is no longer functional. When we look for alternatives to carry out our daily activities and avoid using the space as designed as possible.

Examples that your house needs to be remodeled:

If to take a proper bath we need to hold the shower with a wire, if we have to cross the kitchen to go from the hall to the living room or if the bathroom door collides with the door of a bedroom, it is necessary to modify those details: change doors, open a wall , close another, relocate the living room, dining room or kitchen, among others.

Remember: When a space or the entire house is no longer functional, it is necessary to intervene and modify it.

What is restoration and how do we know if we should restore the house?

A restoration means fixing, rehabilitating or adapting some space or an element of the space to reuse it or to extend the time and quality of life.

Examples of home restoration:

  • An abandoned terrace, for example, is a place with a lot of potential to be used again, but if the pergola has not received maintenance in several years and the floor is no longer functional or the dimensions are not sufficient, that terrace must be restored:
  • The quality of the structure will have to be reviewed, in this case of the pergola: if structurally it has suffered damage, if it can continue to load and protect the place or does it need any reinforcement, change a column or replace a truss or truss
  • Give proper maintenance depending on the material: cure the wood, seal it, fumigate it or replace some parts.
  • Seal the work, in the case of the pergola, integrate new limits by means of columns or walls in the case of the extension, and raise the floor or clean it to work on its restoration, either by sealing it or covering it.

Remodeling or restoring your home has some benefits:

Value of the house: you increase the value of the house, since each integrated element, each arrangement and each structure in good condition means an investment for the building, and a benefit for greater habitability, which will be reflected in a higher cost result of a commercial appraisal.

Security: you provide security for your family, because maintaining it, restoring some place, structure or part of the land is part of keeping the house in good condition, maintaining a reliable, safe and protected place for you and yours.

Quality: in case of selling it, you will have the security of offering a quality product, in good condition, thus ensuring an honest and convenient sale to obtain a greater income.

Aesthetics: You make sure you always have a nice, modern house, with the best in materials, finishes, technology, you can keep it up to date with the latest in fashion and architectural trends.

What is required to do a home remodel?

  1. If it is an architectural intervention, that is, you have to demolish, build or modify a structure, it is necessary to obtain a construction license.
  2. You must identify the dimensions of the remodeling: if they are less than 60 square meters, the license is simple or smaller, and you do not require an executive project, just a sketch and basic data such as materials to use and construction system.
  3. If it is a construction larger than 60 square meters, you will need to prepare an executive project and have the signatures of the designer and the person in charge of the work, in order to proceed, in addition to the fact that in both cases you must cover the cost of the authorization.

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