How to create a website to sell?

Everything you are looking for is on the internet. This phrase may not always be true, but in the age in which we live it is the most natural. We are surrounded by devices, mostly connected to the network. A few weeks ago, we explained that any business worth its salt needs a corporate website. […]

Everything you are looking for is on the internet. This phrase may not always be true, but in the age in which we live it is the most natural. We are surrounded by devices, mostly connected to the network. A few weeks ago, we explained that any business worth its salt needs a corporate website. Now we want to dig a little deeper and tell you the reasons why your company should think about creating a website to sell.

E-commerce is currently gaining ground to physical stores. It is more convenient to buy from a computer or mobile and receive the acquisition at home, than having to move. Online commerce has many advantages and we will talk about them later.

We would like to advise you on how to create a website to sell. We are experts in developing custom websites, so we can make your idea come true. For it to work it is necessary to follow a series of steps.

Here at Website Connection we can make sure you have a website that represents your brands and help you sell more.

Steps to create a website to sell

Whether you have a business or not, you can decide to create a website to sell. The start-up will be different in each case. You may wonder, how much does it cost to make a website like the one you need?

Creating a web page to sell is always cheaper than having a physical sales space. Online sales have their good things, but before launching into this type of business, you should think about whether it somehow suits your needs or preferences.

You must define the objectives of your business

It is essential before creating a website to sell. You must consider what you want to achieve with the web, the sales you intend to make, the audience you are going to and how far you want to go.

In addition, when creating the brand, think that it will be essential for your business. The name and domain of your online store should be clear, descriptive and easy to remember. Internet opens many possibilities and you can even sell products or services anywhere in the world.

Create quality content and make sure there is good web development

It is necessary to be clear how you want your website to be. To do this, create a sketch and look for an expert in web page development or web design. He will capture your idea step by step and make it happen in the best possible way.

Think of an accommodation

Hosting is important, as it will be hosting your website. Choose a good web hots. The better the server, your website will have a better response time for your customers.

You will need a good CMS.

The Content Management System (CMS) will facilitate many things. We will have to see which one best suits what you are looking for, but if you plan to work in SEO to improve your sales, WordPress is the most recommended.

Run it on any device.

When creating a website to sell, it is essential to think about making it responsive. It must be adapted to all possible devices: computer, mobile, tablet, smart TV … Purchases are made from anywhere and the web must be prepared for it.

You have to simplify the payment processes.

Subsequently and once you have created your website to sell, we must think about saving the user waiting time. The purchase must be made in a few steps. That will make us have a much more attractive business.

In addition, you have to think about the payment system. The ideal is to offer all possible methods and there are three essentials:

  • Wire transfer.
  • Credit and Debit Card.

Advertising and Social Networks

It is necessary to create profiles within the different social networks to expand the business and create traffic to the web. Word of mouth in most cases has great power, so people’s opinions will be essential.

In addition, surround yourself with professionals who are dedicated to online marketing. Advertising campaigns will be necessary. Also search engine optimisation. The Internet offers a large number of free tools and when you create a website to sell, you are obliged to take advantage of them.

Own website or specialised sales page

There are two options to sell online. One through its own website that serves to sell our products without any intermediary involved. In that case, we must follow the steps that we have previously explained for its development.

Another option is to sell our products from different specialised pages in exchange for a commission. It may be more complicated to start the road alone. Appear on platforms such as Amazon or Ebay, can be a help to grow your business little by little. Be aware that both options can be interesting and effective. Subsequently, decide what is best for your business.

Advantages of selling online

Sales from the network skyrocket daily. The e-commerce according to studies multiplies nonstop in recent years. Regarding the data, each person makes an average of more than 20 purchases per year through the internet. Some figures that continue to increase. What advantages do we find when selling on a website?


  • It is not necessary for the client to move to a physical place to acquire what they are looking for. From our devices and with just a few clicks we can sell or buy whatever we want. We will send it to a postal address and the convenience will be much greater.
  • That means our client will save time and money. Sales are faster, we will offer what people are looking for, without having to make too many detours. If people do not have to travel, the purchase will be cheaper.
  • We can sell what we want and reach anywhere in the world. It is one of the main advantages of selling online.
  • The number of buyers will be greater. As we have explained, all people have devices in their homes. If you create a website to sell online, it is rare to have no reach. When you work to make your business known and invest in it, the impact will be positive and you will reach the goal you are looking for.

At Website Connection we truly believe that nowadays it is essential to have excellent digital marketing strategies. We will work towards helping you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. Contact us today! Boost your sales consistently!