The clothing for soccer teams: What are the players wearing and why?

Know all the secrets that there are around the uniforms of the soccer teams in the world. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. For millions of people, soccer is part of their social activity, meeting with friends at home or at the bar to watch their team play is an […]

Know all the secrets that there are around the uniforms of the soccer teams in the world.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. For millions of people, soccer is part of their social activity, meeting with friends at home or at the bar to watch their team play is an everyday thing. With millions of eyes on the screen pending on this sport, there is one detail that plays an important role in attracting the attention of the public: the clothes that the players wear. For a soccer team, their uniform is a very important element, since it is not only part of what they will use for the game, but it also becomes a hallmark. Garments are designed with great care and large teams invest in research to identify the optimal materials. In this article, we explore the keys to the uniforms that soccer players wear, a factor to be taken into account by all teams, regardless of size or recognition.


This is undoubtedly the garment that stands out the most because it takes up more space, so it has the leading role. The weight of the team’s identity rests on it, so it has to be designed properly and professionally. At Embroidered Clubwear we have experience making jerseys, and we know that in this case it is not only important that the jersey reflects the team’s colors, but that the fabric has to be comfortable and of quality. In fact, if you ever want to know if a shirt is really professional or not, take a look at the fabric. This must be light and not very absorbent, so that it does not bother the players during the game. It also has to be elastic, to prevent breakage from pulling. With these characteristics, it is guaranteed that the kit favors the maximum performance of the players. The best bet for T-shirts is polyester, since this synthetic material has great elasticity and minimal absorption, as well as being very light. The most common is that the official shirts are short-sleeved and that the players wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath if they are cold, as long as the color of the sleeves is the same; but official long sleeve shirts can also be made if desired. To identify each player, his number is printed on the back of the jersey and, in the case of the goalkeeper, tradition dictates that his jersey must be of a different color from the rest of the team.


The most chosen material for pants is also polyester. Pants must be short, except for the goalkeeper, who can wear long pants with extra protections. At the waist, they must be provided with an elastic band. The player’s number can also be printed on this garment, although this is not always done.


For obvious reasons, shoes are the most important element of a player’s clothing, even if they are not as visible as jerseys. To optimise the game and avoid injuries, the materials of the shoes must be resistant, light and provide good support to the ankle. Soccer is a very resourceful sport, and a great deal of time and money has gone into research to determine which combination of materials is most suitable for players. A strong shoe is needed that can cope with the demands of such a competitive sport, minimizing the possibility of damage to the foot and assisting the effect of movement of the players’ legs. The challenge is that the boots, in addition to being strong, have to be comfortable and breathe properly. Keeping all these requirements in mind, synthetic materials have been developed based on different combinations of polymers that deform on impact, but then return to their original shape, are lightweight and offer strategic reinforcement in critical areas when shooting. Foam insoles are added to the inside to prevent foot fatigue or pain and there are different types of sole, depending on the type of terrain. To facilitate grip, these soles often incorporate studs that can be made of metal or other materials, always complying with the applicable safety regulations.


As it could not be otherwise, another of the objectives of research in football materials to optimize performance are the goalkeeper’s gloves. While it is important that the footwear assist the kick, it is no less important that the gloves help the goalkeeper to intercept the goal, in order to avoid a possible advantage of the opposing team. In the case of gloves, contrary to what happened with shirts and sneakers, they are intended to be quite absorbent. The reason is that the liquid acts as an insulator, and thus prevents the goalkeeper’s hand muscles from cooling down, which would make his task more difficult, because mobility is reduced. Combinations of polymers specifically designed for this purpose are also used in the creation of these gloves. The surface texture is rough, made with rubbers and designed so that the goalkeeper can handle the ball between his hands in an ideal way.

Along with the goalkeeper’s gloves, compression socks and stockings make up the rest of the protection material. Professional soccer players socks and stockings are specifically designed to reduce leg exhaustion so that players can reduce exertion. Currently, first division footballers use gradual compression sports socks, that is, in which the pressure level varies progressively from the foot to the leg. This technology has been shown to promote blood return and muscle recovery. Depending on the level of compression, two types of technical socks are made: some that are intended for training, to reduce effort and others for recovery, to facilitate blood circulation after the game. Thanks to these innovative fabrics, teams can maintain high standards during training routines and expedite reinstatement.

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