What is the best time of the year to move?

  Planning a move requires a lot of logistics. The transport, the transfer of goods and the installation in the new home or office is not always easy, especially when it must be complemented with other types of responsibilities, such as going to work, taking care of the children or taking them to school. It […]
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Planning a move requires a lot of logistics. The transport, the transfer of goods and the installation in the new home or office is not always easy, especially when it must be complemented with other types of responsibilities, such as going to work, taking care of the children or taking them to school. It can be an exhausting task and that is why many are clear about the best time of the year to make the change.

Pros and cons of making a move in summer

For many it is. In the first place, it is a holiday season, which implies having more time to devote to the task of moving the goods from one place to another. In addition, traffic in many cities decreases because people often go on a trip or to the beach to take advantage of the hottest days of the year.

The flexibility offered by this season allows families to settle in time and leave everything ready for when the post-holiday routine returns. The problem is that everyone has the same idea and that many companies close for vacations, so the summer can be a complicated time to get a quick and smooth move.

Dates are usually reserved well in advance and the availability of moving companies is more limited. Some even make additional charges to guarantee the service on dates that are already reserved.

Why it is better to move in winter

Many people discard the changes in winter because the weather and daily work can complicate logistics. However, all the procedures related to changes of address are usually much lighter and faster in this season of the year.

As the number of people moving during these dates is lower, the administrative paperwork is completed more quickly. On the other hand, moving services tend to have lower demand, especially in large cities. The lack of demand represents a benefit for customers because they have many more dates available to contract the service and can get attractive offers quite competitive.

It is important to know well the company that is hired, the different services offered, the professionalism of its employees and if it meets the requirements. For this the best thing is always to look for references on the internet and consult the opinions of other clients who have contracted their services.

Companies like Adelaide Furniture Removals stand out for making sustainable removals in Australia and surrounding areas with good results. This is a specialized company with demonstrable experience, guarantee seriousness and offer the best customer service to minimize the stress generated by a move, whether from a family home or a company.

When it comes to trusting your own assets to a third party, you have to make sure you choose correctly to avoid possible problems. Non-professional moving services may be cheaper at first, but they also generate more insecurity and offer fewer guarantees throughout the process.

What about moving to another state or country?

Carrying out an international move is a complex task that involves the previous planning of many aspects and in which many procedures to manage come into play. Often, deciding a certain time of the year in which to carry out the transfer of all our belongings can mean a certain cost savings and bring some advantages that will help make the move more bearable.

The winter months are usually the best option for an international move. Basically the advantage of this time of the year is that the volume of removals is not so high, therefore it is possible to find very competitive offers and there is more availability of dates for the transfer.

Another important aspect is the care of our furniture and furnishings. During the summer, there are companies that have the need to hire new staff constantly to meet the high demand for the service. Otherwise it happens in the winter, when the personnel is the most habitual, therefore more experienced and offers more security in the transport of our belongings.

Disadvantages of moving in summer

The holiday periods, which mostly coincide with the summer dates, are the ones that demand more of this type of services, so the prices of the removals tend to increase. In addition, if you do not plan well in advance it is quite complicated to organize a move, because the requests for this type of service is high, although there are exceptional cases in which paying an extra it is possible to make changes outside of the previous planning.

Whether in summer or winter, the important thing is to ensure that the entire transfer procedure proceeds quickly, efficiently and, above all, with the assurance that all the furniture and furnishings move with total guarantee of not suffering damage.

In short, it is about getting time to pay without the need to pay for a service excessively, but without ignoring the quality of it and the necessary guarantees to get a move in the deadlines previously agreed and with all the security of working with expert personnel in the displacement of our belongings.

International economic move

Getting a cheap international moving will depend fundamentally on the destination and the type of shipment. A small move to Europe can come at a good price if you are not in a hurry, as there is the possibility of grouping or combinations of charges to adjust costs. Even to certain destinations in America, Africa or Asia, there is the possibility of obtaining economic prices provided that the means of transport is maritime and with the option of groupage or consolidated transport.

International maritime removals are cheaper, although the transit time is usually longer. In the middle are the international terrestrial changes that fluctuate between 2-5 days if they are exclusive and around 10-15 days if they are combined or in groupage. As for international air removals, they are a good option when they are low volume, they are more expensive but they arrive in 5-7 days to transoceanic destinations. Air shipments are ideal for small removals with the most necessary personal effects and it is urgent that they arrive quickly

There are costs in destination that cannot be known until the shipment arrives at port, for example the thc, fees, etc., these costs depend on the shipping company and the days it takes to carry out the customs clearance, therefore It is very difficult to quote them and know them in advance. Likewise, expenses generated by inspections, inspections, strikes, delays due to lack of documentation, bad access at destination, storage not previously contracted, second deliveries, haulage, transhipments due to bad access, etc. are not included.

Here at Adelaide Furniture Removals you will find a team of experienced people who will surely take good care of your valuable belongings while carefully handling them and transporting them to your new place.