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  Where is our audience? The majority is in social networks. This means that we cannot leave social ads out of our advertising investment strategy. Remember, Google and Facebook are the two major advertising platforms today in the digital environment. Advertising on Facebook. It is the queen of social networks and many companies will not […]
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Where is our audience? The majority is in social networks. This means that we cannot leave social ads out of our advertising investment strategy. Remember, Google and Facebook are the two major advertising platforms today in the digital environment.

Advertising on Facebook. It is the queen of social networks and many companies will not be able to leave Facebook Ads aside. The possibilities of campaigns, types of objectives and formats, the variety of audience segmentations and many other parameters allow us to impact our target right at the right time.

Advertising on Twitter. Twitter Ads is one of the most interesting current platforms for advertising. With a stable audience and very focused on the news. The first place where you will find what is happening in the world is on Twitter. Although it is true that the growth of users has stagnated, the community of this social media is very active. A medium-high target, well trained and concerned about the here and now. You will find that Twitter followers are very valuable to your company.

Advertising on LinkedIn. The professional network par excellence on an international level. Most managers and employees have posted their CVs on this network and use it to conduct networking. With LinkedIn Ads you will find a target very well segmented and predisposed to listen to your message, yes, the media costs are a little higher than in other social networks, but with an excellent ROI.

Instagram advertising. The most fashionable social network at the moment. The millennial generation is very present in Instagram and is very active. In addition, the growth of users does not stop growing. The ideal advertising platform for any company with a target between 18 and 35 years. Do not leave Instagram Ads aside.

Online Advertising Agency. Do not know what agency to choose? You want to better understand how companies in the digital advertising sector work. So, keep this concept in mind and discover more about the subject.

Advertising campaign. Texts, copy, images, videos, segmentation, advertising channels, etc. These are concepts very associated with an advertising campaign. It is understood as a group of creations and ideas that are made with the aim of selling a product or service.

Online advertising or Digital Advertising. Advertising in the digital environment or on the internet is called online advertising or digital advertising. Discover the differences between traditional advertising and that focused on the network.

Types of advertising. There are many types of advertising or advertising actions, but yes, they should be used at the right time within the user’s conversion funnel, because each advertising format is more effective in one phase or another (in the TOFU, MOFU or BOFU). To discover the types of advertising for the internet and when they should be used, it is best to discover how the Funnel Advertising methodology works.

The advertising strategy

The design phase of the campaign, or advertising strategy consists of different processes that we analyse below. Although businesses that are not from the marketing sector do not give much importance to this aspect, without a good initial approach it will be very difficult to achieve the results expected by advertising.

  • Copy strategy: in this process the main idea of ​​the campaign is defined. It must include the objectives of the brand to be sent to the creative team that will transform that initial proposal into a final advertising content.
  • Creative strategy: once the product is obtained in the previous phase, it is analysed by the creative department in two phases. The first one is the content. That is the responsibility of the “copies”, betting on creating messages and arguments that convince the end user. The second is coding. In this process the message of the copy is transformed into a final art that can include images, videos, infographics or specific typographies. It is all the part of the visual design carried out by the advertising creatives.
  • Media strategy: defined the two previous steps is to specify in what media the campaign already designed will be published. Everything will depend on the objectives of scope and segmentation that the company needs. The ideal is to analyse all the options until you find the perfect planning.

The language of advertising

When a brand is clear that it wants to invest in advertising, it is not enough to be clear about the message to communicate in a specific strategy. Within the creative strategy, important coding processes are carried out that transform business proposals into stories with content to communicate. The advertising language is very important to achieve connect with the public. Nobody would dream of launching an ad that says, “Buy me please.” Although this is the corporate goal. You have to transform that proposal before launching it into the market.

Differences between online and offline advertising

With the advent of the Internet, a series of advertising formats appeared that are grouped into the concept of online advertising. Precisely one of the most important differences between advertising typologies is that. If the medium or support used in a campaign is on the network, then we talk about online advertising. Otherwise, those campaigns are referred to as offline advertising actions.

A good advertising campaign can count on both types to achieve its objectives. However, for a series of reasons that we specify below, investment in online media and supports has been increasing in recent years. Every time companies are asked about their budgets for advertising, it is almost always verified that, year after year, a greater investment in the network is considered.

The cost. It is clear that with all the different types of offline and online advertising, you cannot generalise. There are more and less expensive actions. But, on a regular basis, the Internet can achieve high effectiveness at a much more reasonable price than in conventional advertising campaigns.

Direct conversion vs. hint. One of the most important differences between the paid communication that is broadcast in traditional media with respect to Internet advertising is in the type of conversion. In the network, the user is exposed to a campaign with which he can interact immediately. For example: see an ad, click on it, go to the store and buy. This cannot be achieved with the other advertising typology.

Metrics and contracting methods. The statistics of digital advertising are extremely accurate and can be easily obtained. All data, of all users, are accessible to the advertiser. In offline campaigns it is not possible to obtain them. In fact, companies must comply with a representative sample of users’ reach, as is the case, for example, with TV ratings. In addition, online advertising can be contracted almost immediately. In traditional media you have to have more time for publication.

Real-time adjustments Another advantage of the digital world is focused on the adjustments of advertising campaigns over time. With the specific analysis through metrics, a company can change its investment strategy in a matter of minutes if it has opted for paid communication online.

Scope of the target. The discussion about the scope between online and offline advertising is still on the table. It is true that for digital ads to reach the public, they must have Internet. And that can be a barrier. However, it is no less true that the network allows a broad segmentation with which to reach those segments of the population considered specific target. The opposite occurs in offline media. They are capable of reaching large masses of the population, but without concrete filters.

Advertising is a necessity for businesses. It is necessary to design strategies specifically designed for your products in order to make them known and create a good reputation for them in the target market. As you have seen, it is not such a simple process. That is why we recommend you entrust this task to professionals specialised in the sector that offer you the best results. Professionals like the ones you will find here at Website Connection.