A Strong Website For A Strong Online Presence

In today’s digital age, whenever we are looking for something in particular, the internet is usually the first place we go. It is easily accessible and when we research on a search engine, it gives us a list of results within seconds. As nearly everything has moved online, almost every business has adapted to this […]

In today’s digital age, whenever we are looking for something in particular, the internet is usually the first place we go. It is easily accessible and when we research on a search engine, it gives us a list of results within seconds. As nearly everything has moved online, almost every business has adapted to this change and has created a website of its own. Not only do businesses have websites, but a lot of individuals also have their own website for their own personal needs. However, it is sad to say that a large number of websites are poorly designed. Not only does it make the website visually unappealing, but it also doesn’t help your business stand out from the thousands of other businesses similar to yours. Having a website is paramount in establishing a strong online presence. For many businesses, a website is one of the most important investments a business owner can make. Some might spend very little on their website, while other may spend a lot. Some businesses may not even know what they’re doing or why. With this said, it is crucial that your business has a good, solid website. A good website design is imperative in today’s highly visual market. The way your website looks determines whether users want to interact or do business with you within seconds. On the other hand, the appearance of your website can in fact make a user click away. Not only does your website depend on the look and design, but also the speed time of your website, as well as other factors we will discuss. As we go further into some of the reasons why good websites matter to your business, it is important to note that your website should work well for your business, and more so, you.

Websites reflect a business and the level of professionalism

If your website has a creative good design, looks professional and is user friendly, your potential clients will think you’re a professional that has invested the time, money and effort into creating a well-designed website. If you website is poorly designed and made, it will most likely influence your users to have a poor impression of your business. As the saying goes, first impressions really do matter. Even though the development of your website may take hours, weeks, or even months, whether users decide to stay or leave your website is decided in an instant. This is something that your business may not be able to risk. A visually appealing design will retain users and influence them to stay on your website for longer. Visuals that attract the most attention the quickest are strong images or illustrations, something unique on the screen or a phrase that is catchy and memorable. When you first jump onto a website, certain elements are often looked at first. The main image on the website, brand or logo, main navigation, large text, and the website footer or contact information are the most often looked at elements of a website. In saying this, you should make sure these aspects are appealing to attract more of your users to remain on your page. Not only does a website’s appearance influence a user’s decision to stay or leave, but the content written. Nothing is worse than having spelling errors on your website. This looks unprofessional and can increase your bounce rate dramatically. Make sure you check all the information on your website to ensure it has no spelling errors and is grammatically sound.

It’s all about branding

Your website portrays your business to the world. Anyone can simply search online and click on a website to learn about a business. Your website creates an image of who you are and what you want the public to know about you, your product or service. Websites are an excellent way to advertise your business and its offerings. Your website should tell your brand’s story in a way that connects with users. You can encourage your visitors to interact and communicate with you with call to actions such as “Click here to find out how you can lose weight!” or “Buy now and get the second half price!” this automatically engages your users. Having your business name at least once on every page of your website will help your visitors remember you. A good website conveys its message in an obvious way. With your website, you control the message. Even though you can’t control every bit of information online, you should make sure your website contains important information that shows users what type of brand you are. The use of images and text should come together in a way that reflects the tone and mood of your business. Whether your business is all about fun and colours, or serious with shades of black and white, your website should align with your brand. This ensures consistency and won’t confuse customers and potential customers.

Your website can result in extra local and global business

As mentioned earlier, having a website showcases your business to the rest of the world. A strong website can attract more people and therefore it can lead to more business. Local customers often search for businesses close to home and your business could be the solution for them. Make sure your website stands out from your competitors by offering something unique. If you have a local physical store, you may experience more visitors walking through your door after having a look on your website. If your business is also mentioned in the media or on review sites, having a website helps people find your business much easier and quicker. If your business is expanding and you want to provide your business offerings to the wider market, your website can mean global business. A strong website instantly makes your business global, which effectively expands your clientele to a much larger audience. Your website is visible in almost every country around the world, which means you have expanded your potential customer base by millions. Even though your business has a specific target market, there is no new users visiting your website and learning about what you do.

Search engine optimisation

You may have a fantastic website, with great visuals, informative and engaging content and a user friendly design, however, your website may not be easily found by search engines. There is really not much point in having a great website if not many people can see it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a crucial characteristic of a successful website. This means that a website is easily found by search engines when people type in a specific phrase. An SEO friendly website consists of specific content, text and code to improve the search engine ranking. When we search for something on a search engine, we typically don’t go past the second page. SEO can help your website rank first page and get the traffic it needs to convert users into customers. At Bevin Creative, we are a leading seo agency in perth and can help your business gain more traffic, which thereby increase your online enquiries (and possibly sales) without the use of paid advertising. We research your industry, perform an audit on your existing website and implement a clear and defined approach to improving your website ranking organically. If you are not happy with your current website or don’t have a website, Bevin Creative can create a beautiful and functional website for your business that has the ability to effectively link your business with your clients in a user-friendly manner. We can cater to all your web needs and requirements by undertaking a collaborative approach.

What makes a good website can be subjective as everyone has different tastes and preferences. However, by using basic design principles and thinking about the functionality of your website and your goals, you can create a website that looks good as well as works well for users. Bevin Creative can help you achieve your website goals and we also a range of other services including marketing, AdWords, social media, and more. Don’t wait for potential customers to click away from your website because of its appearance, give them a reason to stay by designing a functional yet visually appealing website and reap the many benefits a strong website can do for your business.