A couple of tips you should know about fake eyelashes

Before putting on fake eyelashes, we must ask ourselves the following question: are they worth it? Next, we tell you how long they last and if it pays to pay the high price they cost. Stop cruelty in the makeup industry by resorting to vegan eyelashes such as the one provided by Tigress Beauty. With […]

Before putting on fake eyelashes, we must ask ourselves the following question: are they worth it? Next, we tell you how long they last and if it pays to pay the high price they cost.

Stop cruelty in the makeup industry by resorting to vegan eyelashes such as the one provided by Tigress Beauty. With our eyelashes you can easily emulate the look of natural eyelashes with extra volume that will help you achieve a beautiful doll-eyed look.

Fake eyelashes are usually the perfect alternative to have longer eyelashes instead of struggling with false eyelashes and their removal and putting on every day. But they are not cheap… For anyone considering breaking into this cosmetic practice, knowing how long fake eyelashes are going to last is an important factor. Specially to decide if it is really worth investing in them.

Making your fake lashes last longer than expected

For your fake tabs to last, the most important thing to consider is how to take care of them once they are on. So, what kind of maintenance do we need to keep fake eyelashes remain intact for as long as possible? Avoid applying oil-based products around the eyes, including sunscreen and contour. With our fake lashes you can rest assured your

These products can decompose the adhesive of the fake lashes and cause the loss of eyelashes. Not that we need it, but in case someone has thought about it, experts say that you can’t use mascara either.

In addition to changing the products of our usual beauty routine, there are some other things we can do to extend the life of the eyelashes. Experts suggest avoiding excessive sweating, direct hot water in the shower, and sleeping on your back, if possible.

Beautiful ideas to have longer eyelashes

Keeping the fake lashes clean is equally important. The professional also says that it is best to use a mild lash shampoo and a clean lash comb to brush them daily to keep the hairs straight and look their best. The good news is that if you follow these tips, you will have long, full lashes for four to six weeks.

However, even if you follow these rules of care with Spartan discipline, the reality is that fake lashes require replacements every two to three weeks, and these in-between touch-ups are generally not included in the starting price of the set.

Just like natural lashes are renewed every few months, so they grow, grow and fall naturally, false eyelashes follow a similar cycle that requires regular replacements, no matter how well you take care of them.

What exactly are fake lashes?

They are natural or synthetic cosmetic accessories designed to make your eyelashes look longer and curved. They adhere to the real ones, one by one, or in small clusters, depending on the desired effect. To do this, a more natural hypoallergenic glue is used than the one used for false eyelashes.

Fake eyelash tabs generally last three months and need maintenance every two to three weeks. They can be purchased in small boxes that include a variety of curl lengths and types to try and mix. If you already know what kind of fake tabs suits you best, you can choose only one type per package.

How to define if a fake eyelash is good or bad

It’s Monday and the alarm clock is ringing. It gets late and you run to the shower, but first you run into the mirror. By the couple of hours of sleep you missed, you prepare for the worst. But, surprise! In the reflection you see a pair of beautiful eyes, surrounded by thick and perfectly curled eyelashes. Your look captures all your attention without having a drop of makeup.

If this scene sounds like something out of a fairy tale, you have never tried fake eyelashes. Unlike false eyelashes, they are semi-permanent and look as natural or dramatic as you like. The key is to choose the right ones and, fortunately, we have prepared this shopping guide to take you by the hand.

The most important

Fake lashes are cosmetic accessories that attach to your real eyelashes to make them look long and curly. They should be applied one by one with a latex and formaldehyde free glue in order to avoid infection. Lashes of different lengths can be attached to achieve a more natural effect.

There are three main varieties of fake eyelashes on the market. The best sellers are made of synthetic fiber, they are cheap and shiny. There are also silk ones and they are thinner and more flexible than the previous ones. Lastly, there is a common practise among beauty options to use mink fur which can be considered direct cruelty against animals. With our fake lashes you do not have to worry as we only use synthetic material to ensure they will last long and provide you with an excellent look.

When buying, in addition to looking at the material, you should consider the length of the eyelashes. For smaller eyes an intermediate size is recommended and larger eyes can be allowed a greater length. The thickness, the type of curl and whether they come individually or in clusters must also be taken into account.

What you should know about fake eyelashes before buying

Not all of us do well with three-dimensional eyelashes in the Kim Kardashian style. Fake eyelashes come in different types of thickness, length, materials, and even bonding systems. Before you run to buy any set of fake eyelash tabs, keep reading this guide and solve your concerns.

It is important to follow the process of applying the fake lashes carefully, preferably with the help of a professional.

When you choose Tigress Beauty as your leading provider of vegan lashes, you can be sure you are using beautiful eyelashes that do not contain any animal-derived components. Contact us today for more information about our vegan eyelashes and other products that can benefit you.