What is email marketing, why it is so important for your online business and how to triple your sales thanks to it

  That phrase you just read is what all those who have started to get subscribers tell me. In the end, all knowledge workers have the same problem: the need to scale their business. They need a system that allows them to earn money without depending on selling their time.  Just to create an attractive […]
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That phrase you just read is what all those who have started to get subscribers tell me. In the end, all knowledge workers have the same problem: the need to scale their business.

They need a system that allows them to earn money without depending on selling their time.  Just to create an attractive infoproduct you can already launch to sell while you take a piña colada on a paradisiacal beach.

Have you really believed that false dream sold by the 3 or 4 new saleswomen who have left?

If you really want your online business to be able to sell, you only need one thing: win the trust of your readers.

No matter how good you are or how well you appear in the photos. That is useless. The difference between a blogger that sells and another that is not that the first is credible.

It does not matter if you sell by affiliation or your own products. When he recommends something, his readers listen to him and act accordingly.

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But how to earn the trust of your audience?

With a good email marketing strategy.

Yes, that is your great potential. Email is a special communication channel that allows us to establish a closer relationship with our readers. And this is what will convert your subscribers into customers.

Still have not started to attract subscribers and would like to know how to start? Have you already done it but you do not really know what to do with your list? Or just send newsletters because you think a list is good for that?

What is email marketing and why is it so important for your business?

We have always said and will say that the list of subscribers is the # 1 asset of an online business. A subscriber is a future buyer of your products and services. So far the story is more than clear.

The problem comes later, with what you have to do when you already have your subscribers on the mailing list. The challenge is to convert those readers into customers. And that’s where email marketing comes into play.

If we look at a definition of email marketing (also emailing or e-mailing) standard, like the one you can see in Wikipedia, we do not find any information especially interesting.

Send a commercial message directly using e-mail as a channel


And is it done? That is all? So much talk about email marketing to discover that it only consists in sending emails to your subscribers?

As with almost all definitions, the importance of what is explained is not understood.

The value of email marketing is that it is a tool that allows us to establish a genuine relationship with our subscribers in a simple way.

Think a second. In the morning, what is the first thing you do when you sit in front of your desk?

Although it is not recommended, what you do is look at the inbox (and that if you have not already done anything else).

And when you’re walking through all the issues, you’ll see one that interests you. It’s like a snap that makes you focus all your attention on that email. And while you read it, there is nothing else.

Receiving an email that matters to you is the modern version of receiving a paper letter. Do you remember how special it was? The problem is that an email is not the same because we receive thousands a day.

But the one who manages to pass the screen of the input tray receives all your attention for a few valuable seconds.

What would be a personal definition of email marketing?

Email marketing is the tool that allows you to establish a relationship of trust with your readers by giving them value with the emails that you send

And trust implies having won a client. Or what is the same, recurring sales.

What is NOT email marketing?

As always, there are people who think that in any strategy anything goes. People who think that adding value is trying to endorse their readers all their products. Whether they are good or not, they just want their easy money. They are those affected by the Paypaltia or addiction to purchase transactions.

And do you think that is adding value? Not a joke.

Therefore, do not confuse email marketing with:

SPAM: send commercial emails without rhyme or reason. Here already it does not matter everything. SPAM is trying to sell by heaviness and stalemate. They are the ones who play to obtain sales by luck and by the law of probability. “If I send 10,000 emails, some sale by force will fall.” Absurd.

Something boring for your readers: a person has just subscribed to your blog because your editorial line likes it and wants to know more about you. But you confuse the one who gave you that little freedom with crushing the post office. Result? Reader unsubscribing.

That a reader gives you his email does not imply that you become a robot without a soul. On the contrary, that gesture of trust you have had with you should pay for it by offering even better content. And of course, also vip content: information that only subscribers can access.

That is to add value. That’s email marketing.

For email marketing strategies and everything related to website design, development and search engine optimisation, contact us, here at Website Connection you’ll be able to reach your professional goals sooner than expected. Boost all sales and make sure you’re building loyalty in your customers with effective emails giving the right type of information to spark interest among them.