8 Unforgivable Mistakes About False Eyelashes

We are going to list some mistakes about false eyelashes that many times we make when we start in this world … and even when we already have some experience, ahem. If you don’t want your friend to die laughing and say how are you going to do that like that?  discover these 8 unforgivable […]
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We are going to list some mistakes about false eyelashes that many times we make when we start in this world … and even when we already have some experience, ahem. If you don’t want your friend to die laughing and say how are you going to do that like that?  discover these 8 unforgivable mistakes.

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  1. Cut tabs from the start

You always have to adjust the size of the false eyelashes to our natural eye, since the eyelashes have a standard size, but our eye possibly not. They should never be cut from the part closest to the tear, but always from the part that faces the outer end of the eye. This is so because the length of the eyelash hairs must be very short on the inside of the eye, and if we cut it from this end, we will have terribly long eyelashes in the tear duct. Nothing natural and very uncomfortable to wear!

  1. Cut the ends

That is something that can only happen to beginners, but we could not ignore it. Cutting the tips of the eyelashes because they look too long will only make you have to throw them away. The tips of the eyelashes, like natural hair, finish smooth and fine. If we cut them, they will be totally unnatural. Choose a shorter model if you want a natural effect.

  1. Applying too much glue

You have to get the point of the right amount of glue that the eyelashes need. If we fall short it will not stick well and possibly end up peeling off. If we overdo it, the lash line will be smudged and globs of glue will show, plus you will fill the natural lashes with glue and it will be difficult to remove it later.

  1. Reuse eyelashes without cleaning them

Even if the base of the eyelash looks clean, there will always be glue residue if you haven’t cleaned it after use. Before putting them back on, clean them thoroughly and make sure they are completely free of glue. If not, they will not stick properly and the lash line will not be well concealed.

  1. Don’t wait for the glue to dry

Usually you have to wait about 30 seconds, but many times you will need to wait longer. Nothing happens, wait what you have to wait, but do not try to place the eyelash before the glue has taken consistency. If not, the lash will move instantly and it will be impossible for it to stick, and you will fill the eyelid with glue, possibly spoiling the makeup you have done. This is one of the tips on false eyelashes that you should take more into account.

  1. Choose plastic-looking lashes

“Plastic” looking lashes are very unnatural. When you look down and blink, the shine of the plastic will be perfectly noticeable, and this is not pretty! Not all eyelashes are natural hair, there are many synthetic hair false eyelashes that are very natural, you just have to choose the right model.

  1. Choosing too big false eyelashes

Using lashes that do not adapt to the size of your eye is totally counterproductive, unless we are talking about a photo session or fantasy makeup. Instead of improving our look they can worsen it, since being too big they will grab all the attention and even eye makeup will not be appreciated. Choose lashes that make your eye bigger, but not huge!

  1. Applying too much mascara on false eyelashes

In the article on how to apply false eyelashes, we told you that it is good to apply mascara after placing false eyelashes, so that the natural eyelashes integrate better with them. However, a small amount is enough, nothing to apply 3 layers. This will cause the already thick false eyelashes to become too thick and clumpy. We will also be reducing the useful life of false eyelashes.

We hope that knowing all these errors will help you improve, and you can become an expert in false eyelashes. If you know more basic errors about false eyelashes, share it with us by writing a comment and that is how we all help.

Types of glue

You will see that there are two types of glue for false eyelashes: black and transparent. Without a doubt, transparent is more appropriate if we do not have much experience, because with it we will avoid staining the eyelid during the placement of the eyelashes.

However, once we have started to place these hairpieces, we will verify that the black glue is perfectly camouflaged between the shadows and the black outlines, which is very useful to achieve a natural finish.

How to apply false eyelashes step by step

Step 1: we calculate the measurement of the eyelash line to adapt the hairpiece and trim it if it is longer than necessary. To do this, we will place the strip on our eyelashes and we will accommodate it as best as possible. In case we have to cut it, we will do it at the outer ends.

It should be remembered that the beginning of the strip in complete false eyelashes must be accommodated beyond the tear (where the natural eyelashes begin to grow), never on this, so that it is not uncomfortable.

Step 2: we will give a rounded shape to the eyelashes to facilitate their adaptation to the eye. To do this, just hold them by the ends and raise alternating one and the other. In addition, we can shape the false eyelashes with the curler if we consider that they are not enough.

Step 3: we apply the glue on the base band of the hairpiece, covering from end to end. We will have to let it dry for a few seconds.

Step 4: with the help of tweezers, we bring the strip close to the base of the eyelashes (without touching them) and rest the center of the strip in the middle of the eye, always on the skin, never on the natural eyelashes (although it is closer possible). Once the strip of the hairpiece is supported, we will accommodate the ends until it is well adjusted.

An effective trick to apply eyelashes yourself is to place the mirror below your gaze.

Step 5: let the glue dry completely for a few minutes so that the hairpiece is fixed well. We apply mascara under the natural ones so that they rise and melt with the false ones. To do this, we will affect the base of the natural eyelashes with the typical zigzag movement and we will go over the rest of the eyelash lightly to dye them.

You can achieve the look you always wanted and have peace of mind knowing you are not contributing with an industry that tests its products on animals. Vegan eyelashes such as the one provided by Tigress Beauty will become your favourite option to complement any elegant outlook you choose. Contact us today!