7 reasons why your company should have a blog as a tool for Digital Marketing

Today, there are 50 million blogs in the world because one of the biggest sources of information is the internet. Discover the benefits of why you have to start implementing it in your company. If you are not in the network, it is as if you did not exist. Therefore, if you want to be […]

Today, there are 50 million blogs in the world because one of the biggest sources of information is the internet. Discover the benefits of why you have to start implementing it in your company.

If you are not in the network, it is as if you did not exist. Therefore, if you want to be a company, enhance and satisfy the needs of your customers as well as attract new ones, it will be better to pay attention to your presence on the Internet.

Today all successful companies are concerned about having presence on the Internet and social networks but not enough to be alone. In addition, their communication through these means must be effective. Let’s review what a business website does or should have to achieve its purpose:

  1. Design is one of the key aspects. It happens that when a client enters a site the idea is to stay there for a considerable time and for this the design should be clear, attractive, friendly, spacious and the contents clearly identifiable.

Hire a graphic designer and ask him strongly not to accumulate content, that the texts are clear and concise. On the internet, people do not usually stop to read documents that are too long. Here at Website Connection we can help you have the type of website your company deserves.

  1. Content. Users may not be interested in entering one and a thousand times a page whose contents are always the same. Ideally, try to read different things.

It is advisable that you publish texts periodically on various topics in the form of news or have a blog where anyone who enters the site can be aware of the news of the company. Static sections with text blocks are not the best option.

  1. Contact with people. As in a company usually attends an employee, on the website it would be beneficial if the client could meet the staff. Having a special section where information about the human team of the company is provided is ideal.

If you finally decide to incorporate a blog to your web, it will be good if you can express as many employees as possible to give your opinion about the products or services they provide.

  1. Presence in social networks. Having a web page is not enough to be 100% successful. To be, it will be better to complement the web with a certain presence in social networks. On the site it will be valued that customers can make queries or comments on Facebook or Twitter. In these cases, the company must respond to these concerns quickly to be transparent.
  2. Compatibility. The website must be compatible with the most used browsers on computers or other mobile devices with access to the network. A responsive design can be used to adapt to any screen size and open standards such as HTML and CSS.

In this blog, we explain a bit of our experience and list the main reasons for your company to have a blog as a Digital Marketing tool.

  1. Establish leadership

When you write about an issue, you are constantly putting your knowledge to the test. If you do not know about the subject, you will certainly be criticised in social networks and blog comments.

However, if you have a top-quality blog that is successful and is commented enough, you pass to an authority in the matter. Potential customers see you as someone who knows what they are talking about and they come to trust your brand more.

  1. It helps you to be found for free on Google

Publishing content frequently means that your company has much more pages indexed in Google than a common website. In addition to that, it increases the likelihood of other sites placing links to your site, which helps you to position yourself better in Google to receive more visits organically.

  1. It is interactive

Most blogs have spaces for comments. Encouraging that communication is a new way to create a relationship with your customers.

Besides that, you can take advantage of this space for different ideas for new publications, learn new things from other people’s experience and receive opinions for your blog, your company and your products or services.

  1. It is dynamic

A common website usually has fixed content. With a blog, it’s just the opposite: constant updates, new content. That makes people visit the blog recurrently.

  1. It facilitates the sale process

The blog helps a lot in cases in which the client is not yet in the ideal moment of purchase. Thus, by attracting it to your site, the customer can continue in continuous contact with your company even if you have not purchased your product or service.

In this way, you are gradually establishing trust and the client will already have your brand in mind when it finally decides that it is time to buy.

  1. Permanent results

Unlike a TV advertisement, a banner on a third-party site or a flyer that is delivered at a traffic light, a blog is a permanent asset.

If you stop investing in propaganda, you will not have more presence in those channels. If you stop writing in the blog, however, the indication links and the authority of your pages remain in Google, so your company continues to receive traffic for your site for free.

  1. Visitors must learn something

This is a point that is not very valued, but it is very important. Writing a blog is a responsibility that forces you to always be attentive with what is happening in the industry.

Besides that, the fact that having to write does, that you already studied and experimented enough and makes you have different opinions and arguments in the head, organise this knowledge well and absorb what is most important.

Contact us to have a highly responsive website that is up to your customers’ expectations and improve your presence on the internet.