7 online marketing strategies for your business

Times change, and with them the way you do marketing changes. Now, it is crucial that your brand turn to online marketing, but do you know what are the most effective online marketing strategies for your business? Contact Website Connection if you want to have highly responsive website that is up to your customers’ expectations […]
Marketing Strategies

Times change, and with them the way you do marketing changes. Now, it is crucial that your brand turn to online marketing, but do you know what are the most effective online marketing strategies for your business?

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It is not the first time that we tell you: the power lies in online marketing. In the middle of 2016, there is no longer room for doubts about having a website, a blog or social networks: it is essential to have these tools to be visible in this increasingly computerised and brand-packed world. And it is important not only to consider a digital strategy, but how to carry it out, giving it shape with one of the many online marketing strategies that exist and making an effective online marketing plan.

  1. Content Marketing: Creating content does not mean you are making a content marketing strategy. And that’s why this is one of our favourite online marketing strategies: because it requires time and effort, but its results are worthwhile.


Content marketing consists of creating valuable content to attract our target audience, so that we approach our potential customers not in an intrusive or aggressive way but offering them free content that may be useful to them. But it is not a matter of launching to publish irrelevant content: you have to develop a good content marketing strategy based on your business, the sector to which it belongs, your target audience, your goals.


Only then your content marketing strategy will give really remarkable fruits. It is a long-term strategy that can bring us great benefits, because it is capable not only of building customer loyalty, but also of building and positioning our brand in search engines, increasing traffic and generating trust.


  1. Relational Marketing: Of all online marketing strategies, relationship marketing is the one that companies looking to the future are using the most. This strategy is based, as its name suggests, on creating a long-term relationship with users, whether they have consumed products or services from our business or not.


In this strategy, users are the most important part, since we not only base ourselves on creating a product for them, but we also design and customise it for these potential clients. Relationship marketing gives us totally loyal customers that can end up becoming brand ambassadors, creating a relationship that benefits both parties.

  1. Conversational Marketing: With the rise of social networks it is very necessary to resort to one of the most beneficial online marketing strategies for companies within the network. We talk about conversational marketing, a strategy that seeks to establish a bidirectional communication between the brand and the user.


It does not simply consist of having a Facebook or Twitter profile and keeping potential clients informed of what we do, but it can help us establish an emotional bond with them. A task that requires investing time and dedication, in addition to being professional and patient, since in the network we can find everything and we must never lose the forms. After all, it is a corporate identity management and any error could affect our image very negatively.


Therefore, a good conversational marketing strategy will make the brand appear close, publish valuable content and create a community with its users. Thus, they can easily locate the brand and they will obtain from it not only useful information, but also their attention, their concern for what they want and they will be able to express their opinions.


  1. Inbound marketing: See that we inform you, inbound marketing is the future! As we have already told you, inbound marketing consists of offering value in a non-intrusive way so that potential clients do not feel pressured to consume and perceive you as a friendly and respectful business that is there for them when they need us.


This is how the goal of inbound marketing is not to bore the potential customer, but not to overwhelm him, and always offering useful and valuable content. The set of techniques that includes inbound marketing are, above all, blogs, SEO, web analytics, social networks and lead generation.


  1. Permission marketing: We recently told you what this permission marketing is and why it is increasingly on the rise. In a time when users of technology are fed up with the fact that intrusive banners are jumping on every web they visit, this strategy decides to turn everything around and create personalized marketing for the consumer, who will receive publicity about our products and services provided that he has given his prior consent. Being an information expected by the user, it will be personalised and relevant, as it is a content created exclusively for him, so we know he is interested in what we send him.


  1. Retention Marketing: It’s been a long time since we left behind that marketing only served to sell a product and if I’ve seen you, I do not remember. Now marketing aims to retain the customer, keep it faithful to the brand so that it not only buys our products, but also talks about the brand, and speaks well. That’s why it is vital to achieve customer loyalty today.


And precisely to this objective is the retention marketing, with which we will give the user the necessary reasons to stay with us and not go with the others. Retention marketing uses techniques such as offering contests and prizes, sending useful and personalised information in exchange for contact information, etc., all in a close and pleasant way, to offer what you are looking for in such a pleasant experience that you will want to repeat.


  1. Branding: Branding is one of the best-known strategies in the world of marketing. As many of you will know, it consists of creating a brand image, with a fixed personality that allows us to attribute certain characteristics to that brand. This happens with brands such as Coca-Cola or Apple, which over time and thanks to successive marketing campaigns have managed to create a powerful brand image thanks to the messages launched, messages with the attributes that these brands wanted them to be. associated with themselves.


Branding is based not so much on offering the user a product as a service, but on offering an experience, so marketing campaigns under this strategy require time and effort for an attribute to become part of a brand, such as “happiness” is associated with Coca-Cola, for example. Once this is achieved, its benefits are more than obvious, since the consumer comes to your brand faithfully in search of an experience that only you can offer. So, do not hesitate to consider this strategy or, if you already put it into practice, to improve your brand image.

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