10 tricks so that your strapless bra never comes down

Although the bra, brassiere, bra or bra is one of the basic pieces of women’s underwear, it is known that about 80% do not wear it in the wrong size, particularly those with large bust. Some wear it with a very small or large cup for the size of their breasts and others with a […]
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Although the bra, brassiere, bra or bra is one of the basic pieces of women’s underwear, it is known that about 80% do not wear it in the wrong size, particularly those with large bust.

Some wear it with a very small or large cup for the size of their breasts and others with a band that is too wide or too tight for the diameter of their thorax. The size of the bra changes from time to time after the development process, as well as the ups and downs of weight, pregnancies, the use of contraceptive pills, the intake of medications and foods with hormones, and age. Given this, the bras must be replaced as physical changes occur, or the part is deformed or worn by use.

The strapless bra solves us many things when it comes to wearing some dresses and some types of blouse and shirts that simply don’t look good wearing a bra with straps on. It is super annoying when it becomes a loose bra or goes down shortly after wearing it.

Today we bring you some infallible tricks so that your strapless bra does not come down. 10 tricks so that your strapless bra does not go down again.

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  1. Measure the size of the band first and not the cup size

When buying a bra, we usually look at the size of the cup instead of the back. If you are going to buy a strapless bra these changes, it is usually one size smaller and it is important that you make sure that the band fits perfectly and closes on the first clasp. This is so that as it loosens you can go to the second and the third in the last case. Bra without straps

  1. Try it before you buy it

Not all the bra without straps are the same, the bands can be of different material and by trying it you can know more or less if the band is going to loosen faster or not. Also, the design of the cups changes and some will fit you better than others depending on the shape and size of your breasts.

  1. Use the braces otherwise

If your blouse is one shoulder discovered, do not rule out the possibility of putting on one of the straps. Although your strapless bra fits perfectly without straps, if you wear one, you will not wear away its elasticity and you will feel more secure. There are many ways to put them on!

  1. Clean your skin well before use

With a little alcohol from a pharmacy or a cleaning wipe that does not contain oils, clean the area of ​​your skin where the band of your bra goes very well. In this way you eliminate the oils or the greasy that is adhering to your skin and this will not slip when using it.

  1. Prefer those that bring silicone

There are some bras that in the band bring a little silicone on the edges so that just no slip strapless bra

  1. If you don’t find those who bring reinforcement, do it yourself

Do It Yourself Time! With cold silicone mark the inner contour of your bra, both the cups and the elastic band.

  1. Play with the bracelets

You must remove the front strap of your bra and pass it around your body to hook it on the back. Do the same with the other strap.

  1. Look at the width of the band

Sometimes the band on the back of your bra makes a difference when it comes to doing its job. This should be wide so that in addition to giving you good support, it will not come down or that the cups loosen from the front.

  1. Pick well your top garments

Not all the work of your outfit is wearing a bra. If you wear tops or dresses that are tighter on the top and then loose, this will make it easier to fall off. Better prefer those garments that fit snugly on the torso.

  1. Take care

Do not put it in the washing machine with other clothes, wash it by hand. After washing, smooth out any dents in the cups by hand and lay them out so that the cups are facing up. Good care will help you retain its shape and elasticity for a longer time.

Bras, bras, bras or bras are more than necessary for women. They are not only essential to maintain our comfort but also for our beauty, as they allow our forehead to appear more erect and sensual.

There are several models of bras. Push up, with straps or handles, cotton, lycra, lace, sports, silicone … And a long etcetera.

Before buying a strapless style bra, check that it fits perfectly to your front. Since they do not have handles, if they are not the size they tend to fall. And nothing more uncomfortable than spending all the time getting comfortable, right?

When you try it on, walk with it, jump and move from one side to the other. If the bra is perfect in place, that is the right size for you. When in doubt, it is always better to go for a smaller size number than a larger one.

Another option that you can consider are the adhesive silicone bras. The advantage of these is that they will not come out in any way. Also, most stick to the brims on the front so they are perfect to wear with a low-cut back dress. And for women with little breasts, nothing better than push-up strapless bras to lift.

So, the next time you go shopping for your underwear, go for a strapless bra: a wild garment to wear with tops, tank tops, muscle and dresses.

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