Woods for pergolas. Which ones are the best?

You have already decided to install a pergola in your garden and now you are wondering which the best woods for pergolas are. Of course, not all are the same. There are several aspects to take into account, among them, the most important, the climatic conditions of the place. In order to make the decision […]

You have already decided to install a pergola in your garden and now you are wondering which the best woods for pergolas are. Of course, not all are the same. There are several aspects to take into account, among them, the most important, the climatic conditions of the place.

In order to make the decision it is convenient to know a little the types of wood appropriate for this purpose. Here at ASC Building Supplies you will find an unmatched option for deluxe luxury vinyl flooring that will be an excellent choice for any type of flat floor.

Types of wood for pergolas

The European ones:

Within the group of European, which seem to be most appropriate in the first instance, we have the Swedish Pine, Swedish Fir, Oak, Linden, Natural Beech, Ash, Sycamore and Chestnut.

The Americans:

American woods, for obvious reasons can have higher costs. However, it is important to mention them, since there are some forests that have migrated from the new continent to European lands. They are: The American Oak, The Cherry, The Red Cedar, The Oregon Pine, The Maple and the Walnut.

What can be the best woods for pergolas?

Since the offer is so extensive, we must consider some aspects. As we have already mentioned, resistance to climatic factors is a very important one. However, colour and texture are also.

The hardness of the wood.

There are hardwoods and other softwoods. Of course, the woods for ideal pergolas must be hard. If we consider this factor, definitely conifers, such as Pine, offer the best guarantees. The hardness of the woods, is given by the age of the tree. Hardwoods correspond to trees that take many more years to reach adulthood, than those of softwoods. This makes them more expensive.

Dry or new woods?

Dry wood is appropriate, and it is even more so if it has been immunised and waterproofed, which are two conditions that wood for pergolas must have. The “green” wood still contains large amounts of moisture that, in bad weather conditions, will make it less durable. If installed in summer, the wood will dry but change its size and the structure will weaken.

Wood pergola: types and characteristics

The wooden pergolas are built in patios and gardens to create a space for shading and sheltering from the rain. They also manage to enhance a space and generate an outdoor environment where it is usually the most common material to build pergolas, although nowadays it is aluminium, iron, brick and even concrete. But wood remains the preferred element origins.

The word pergola comes from the Italian and shares the tradition of the “green tunnels” of the they functioned as an element of passage, and it was the arbour – with similar structure. Although the pergola today can fulfil both functions, it is generally an item that comes the tradition of using climbing plants to provide a green roof to the pergola.

Softwoods such as pine or eucalyptus are easier to work with but resist hard as quebracho, lapacho, or curupay are more difficult to work but offer Sun. If the pergola will be built on the ground, it is advisable to fill the longer life, especially for softwood columns. It is also commonly used of pergola.


The wooden pergolas are formed with columns that mark out a rectangular space.

The columns are made with wooden beams equal in size to the wider thickness to ensure that the structure is solid. The beams length they support an open lattice that is placed perpendicular to the beams.

Various types of roof according to the style of pergola:

  • Pergolas of wood and polycarbonate: They are conformed by plates of wooden lattice. The alveoli run in the direction of the roof slope contains UV protection is the one that is placed up.
  • Cane pergolas: These can have the cane roof and the structure made of cane. In this case, the construction uses hemp or jute ropes to tie the clubs.

It should always be treated with an impregnating paint. A canvas awning or other fabric can be combined with a pergola giving a space.

The construction of a wooden pergola depends on where it will be located

If the pergola was raised against the outer wall of a house – in the patio or in the start by screwing a beam against the outer wall. This beam will be the support for the perpendicular beams that will join this beam with another.

The second step is to place and jar the columns, ensuring they are of the correct height flat or with slope. The columns – also wooden beams of a suitable thickness bolted to the floor. It must be ensured that they remain as vertical as possible.

The next step is to place the longitudinal beam that joins the two columns. Now you can place brackets that join the beam bolted to the wall with the beam what between 50 and 60 cm.

The roof can be made with a treillage, with wooden braces placed perpendicular option is a cloth awning. When the pergola is raised in the garden, you start with the four columns.

These will be buried at a depth of at least 15 cm. It is preferable to fill beams that function as columns and to stabilise the structure. Two longitudinal beams are placed on the columns, pulling them together.

Types of Pergolas

Choosing a pergola model depends on the style you want for your garden or patio. following models:

The classic pergola is the most common model with an open roof for a garden, in a patio, or on a terrace. It combines with almost every type of house.

The romantic pergola uses round shapes with arabesques, volutes, and motifs. Common elements that accentuate the romantic. It is ideal for rustic houses and houses a gazebo for the garden.

The rustic pergola uses wide columns of carved wood, it combines well with country houses. The modern pergola uses a simple, simplistic form with different materials although you can build with wood too.

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