Wooden decks: 5 ideas for your deck to know

Given the many possibilities that the market presents us today, it is difficult to choose the perfect material for your e deck. That’s why we bring you 5 ideas to choose the perfect material. For outside we recommend the latter, since in most cases they are in constant contact with the water and the sun, […]
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Given the many possibilities that the market presents us today, it is difficult to choose the perfect material for your e deck. That’s why we bring you 5 ideas to choose the perfect material.

For outside we recommend the latter, since in most cases they are in constant contact with the water and the sun, and do not deteriorate over time. The most used and fashionable is the lapacho for its durability and colour.

Currently, the market offers multiple products linked to the maintenance of the Deck, among which it is necessary to use the following: a solvent-based impregnator, dilatable with mineral turpentine, drying between 4 to 6 hours, which allows it to be released into transit in a day.

The decks begin to show alternatives in terms of their format. Thus, appeared the tiles, pieces of wood of 35 × 35 cm or 50 × 50 cm that for their versatility are chosen to form paths or skirt pools. In addition, to come in different colours until it is possible to create floors in checkerboard, with shades of brown.

5 tips to design and build

  1. The deck must be not less than 15 cm above the natural floor or subfloor, supported by slats.
  2. Drain slopes must be respected.
  3. For protection, a specially designed product that supports abrasion must be chosen.
  4. All the pieces (slats of support, of nailed and in sight) have to be preserved and protected before the armed.
  5. Assemble the deck in parts, so that they can be removed for maintenance.

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Paints to improve the way your façade looks


A list of paints and coatings to paint facades, exterior walls of homes or buildings, which must be waterproof and resistant for adequate protection. Keeping the facade and all the exterior parts of a house painted is important, not only for an aesthetic issue, but also to prolong the good condition of the base surface.

That the walls remain for years without a coating that protects their components will favour their deterioration, causing cracks, dampness and landslides. Maintaining the exterior surface in conditions will save deeper restoration work in the future.

It is not convenient to apply an interior exterior paint, it does not have the necessary components to provide good protection, and the durability will be much less. The products that can be applied to maintain the good condition of the surface are very varied. The existing diversity depends on the components used, the desired protection, and the money we are willing to pay. Let’s see some of the most common.

Plastic and acrylic paints, acrylic coatings

Basically, plastic and acrylic paints are very similar, and in many cases, they are often confused with each other, used for the same purpose. The small difference is the resin with which they are formulated, which puts acrylic paints for exterior surfaces at an advantage because of their greater weather resistance although at a slightly higher cost.

Plastic paints may be a cheaper option, but not a bad choice. Currently manufacturers use additives that improve their performance, making them a good material to protect the walls outdoors.

Elastomeric coating, elastic paint

The term elastomer refers to polymers with elastic properties that are an essential component of this type of paints. Therefore, when you need to waterproof and cover a support with small cracks, elastic paint is one of the best options.

Depending on the manufacturer, these coatings may have greater or lesser elastic properties, but generally cover porosities, cracks of up to 1mm, and also take care of rainwater from the house. The paint is suitable for application on plaster, concrete, brick and plaster.

Silicone resin paint, silicone coatings

The highest quality of silicone resin-based paints is to form a microporous film, which prevents the absorption of rainwater from the outside. But this also allows the elimination of moisture contained inside the wall, which is repelled in the form of water vapor through the film.

The paint can be opaque and of various colours, or be transparent coatings. The latter are widely used in the protection of exposed brick, stone and concrete walls. The application of this material prevents the formation of fungus spots, soot and excessive adhesion of dust. Many of the coatings called transparent water repellent are nothing more than silicone resin paints.

Silicate paints, silicate coatings

Silicate paints are special for facades and exteriors thanks to their durability, their resistance to weathering and humidity. It is a mineral paint whose binder is potassium silicate, which adheres to surfaces of mineral origin such as bricks, concrete and plasters by chemical reaction. They are suitable for application on walls with residual moisture since they do not form film, and are permeable to water vapor allowing perspiration to the painted surface.

Although they are not suitable for application on wood, plastics or resin-based paints, lately manufacturers have developed silicate paints that do adhere on other plastics and synthetics.

Synthetic rubber coatings or paints

These types of paintings are composed of a special resin called synthetic rubber, originally developed by the American company Goodyear. Synthetic rubber gives paint great properties to protect exterior surfaces. They are currently manufactured in solvent and water based, although not available in all countries.

What stands out for synthetic rubber paints is a very good penetration in the support and excellent adhesion. They form a microporous film that allows perspiration. It has a perfect resistance to water, sun, and weather, which gives it durability even in extreme conditions.

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