Step It Up: Shoe Care Tips And Essentials

  All of us have a stylish and elegant shoe collection as per put budget. However, just owning a beautiful and stylish pair of shoes is not enough. If you have bought a pair of shoes that you love, you are going to have to take good care of them to make them last longer. […]
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All of us have a stylish and elegant shoe collection as per put budget. However, just owning a beautiful and stylish pair of shoes is not enough. If you have bought a pair of shoes that you love, you are going to have to take good care of them to make them last longer. And, it isn’t a very big of a task to make your shoe pair stay elegant and rich-looking and last longer. Just a few shoe care tips to be kept in mind and a handful of shoe care essentials, and you are all set. Buy your favourite pair of women’s shoes online Australia and take good care of them with the help of a few quick tips shared below. Have a look!

Shoe trees are a necessity

For those of you not aware of what shoe trees exactly are, they are a shoe accessory designed to keep your shoes in proper shape. They even help in masking the shoe odour and absorbing the excess moisture that the shoe might contain.

This keeps the footwear in place, looking new as ever and odourless. When you buy women’s shoes online Australia, buy yourself a pair of shoe trees for the footwear too. This will prevent your footwear from getting flattened and will keep it fresh at all times.

Set a shoe polishing routine for yourself

Yes, polishing the shoes once in a while is essential. Using a shoe polish isn’t the only solution for your leather shoes out there. You can instead opt for good shoe wax. Generally, shoe wax is used to protect the leather from damage. However, it works well in keeping the shoes shiny and moisturised too.

Using a good quality wax of your women’s shoes online Australia is important to prevent your favourite pair from looking damaged and dry. Keep their colour intact and glowing with a shoe wax. If you don’t own one already, it is time you buy one today!

Have the right shoe brushes

Shoe brushes play a very crucial role in keeping your nicest pair of shoes intact and elegant. There are a variety of shoe brushes available in the market. However, the one fit for the shoe depends on the shoe’s material. Brushing your shoes helps in getting rid of the dust and dirt from the shoes. This, in turn, extends your shoe life.

Buy your women’s shoes online Australia and buy a few essential brushes for them as well. You could keep a horsehair brush handy to clean off the main creases of the shoes. For more delicate, intricate and harder to reach places, use a shoe dauber to remove all the dirt properly.

A quick shoe cleaning guide

Every shoe material requires a different cleaning process. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Leather women’s shoes online Australia can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. You could probably use a clean toothbrush with a little water to remove the dirt.
  • Trainers, walking shoes or canvas shoes can be cleaned by simply running them through a normal washing machine. You could also scrub them using a clean sponge and some soapy water.
  • It is a good idea to sprinkle some baking powder over your bought women’s shoes online Australia to deodorise them and keep them fresh.

Dry your shoes right!

There might be times when your shoes get a little damp/ wet due to some reason. In such cases, it is important that you dry them well in the right way and not end up damaging your beautiful women’s shoes online Australia. The ideal choice would be to dry them up naturally only, leaving them in the open air.

Though, you can speed up the drying process too. To fasten the drying process of your women’s shoes online Australia, you can stuff the shoe pair with a few tissues or newspapers. They will absorb the extra water or moisture relatively quickly. Keep a check on the shoes, and you could change the tissues or newspapers hourly, replacing them with fresher ones.

Storing your shoes aptly plays an important role too

Firstly, the best idea is to clean the shoes before you store them. This would prevent the dust from settling over the shoes and leaving dirty marks over your nice women’s shoes online Australia.

Next, it is a must that you store your shoes in a place that is cool and dry. This will prevent them from absorbing unnecessary moisture. Also, keep your footwear in dust bags if possible. This is the smartest and easiest way to keep them clean and shiny for long.

Here’s a quick tip for storing them in your shoe rack- Keep them as per the season or occasion. For example, when it is the winter season, keep your winter shoes in the front, that is, in a more accessible place. And, the summer shoes can take a seat back.

Or, you could keep the daily wear women’s shoes online Australia that you have bought in an easily accessible place. And, the party footwear that we use only occasionally can be kept a little behind too.

Re-heel your shoes and replace the soles

Over the course of time, the shoes may lose their comfort and good looks. However, don’t give them away too quickly. If you love your women’s shoes online Australia and wish to use them for a little longer, get them repaired properly.

Shoe soles can experience wear and tear over time. Hence, you could get the shoe soles changed for your favourite pairs without much hassle. Re-heeling your stilettoes is also possible! Sounds comforting, isn’t it? Yes, you can get the heels replaced and give your shoes a newer look. You could even put on new shoelaces and zips for certain footwear.

These were a few shoe care tips and essential that one must keep in mind to have the best pair of shoes and treat them right! As discussed, care and maintenance of women’s shoes online Australia is much more than just wiping them with a tissue once in a while. Care for them properly and know the difference in their lifespan for yourself! For the best quality women’s shoes online Australia at affordable prices, visit Music Room Shoes and buy yourself the perfect shoes and shoe care accessories online!