Why you should hire funny clowns for a party?

No matter how old you are, if you have a party to celebrate anything, you want it to always be the most fun and knowing how to hire clowns at home will always be an advantage. In the case of the smallest of the house, events such as baptisms, communions or birthdays are parties in […]
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No matter how old you are, if you have a party to celebrate anything, you want it to always be the most fun and knowing how to hire clowns at home will always be an advantage. In the case of the smallest of the house, events such as baptisms, communions or birthdays are parties in which the children have a great time, but if we also want to bring that fun and joy to the top, the alternative

Comedy Clowns can be a great option. There is the possibility of hiring these services both if you need clowns in Melbourne. You only need to contact one of the companies that manage their services and choose those that you like most according to your preferences.

It is possible that the fun at children’s parties ceases to be a real headache and we spend our lives thinking if the party we have in mind can succeed or will bore all the children attending, inviting the little ones to love leave the party as soon as possible and leaving the protagonists of the party absolutely disappointed … Do not think about it and hire clowns!

It is a bet that never fails: to incorporate into any children’s party someone who animates the event, tells them stories, does magic tricks or invents games with which to spend the afternoon is something that any child loves. Therefore, many times the best option to animate a children’s party at home or in a room rented for this purpose is to know how to hire clowns at home, since in this way the children are very entertaining and parents can talk with the rest of adults with the assurance that their children are having a good time and are controlled.

Advantages of hiring clowns at home for your children’s party

We are going to list the advantages of having the services of a clown at a children’s party:

  1. The classic clowns, essential in any celebration that bets for fun, will delight children and adults, having fun with their games and parodies. Without a doubt, choosing a clown for a party is always a success.
  2. The shows that include magic are among the most demanded by children, as they make them think and imagine how the wizard is true. Many clowns include in their repertoire of activities some magic tricks, always seasoned with their unmistakable touch of humor.
  3. The organisation of theme parties for certain times of the year or according to the tastes of the honoree can be focused on Halloween with a terrifying theme, with a more spring-like appearance, a party about children’s animation characters or, why not, a very party Christmas with Santa Claus included. In all these celebrations the figure of a clown fits perfectly, adapting his show to the theme of each party.
  4. A party based on the favorite movie of the protagonist of the day can only be a success. If a clown entertains her and parodies her funniest moments, it will be unforgettable.
  5. If you thought the storytellers had gone out of style you are very wrong. This activity encourages the little ones to get involved in the story’s script and to participate as if they were the true protagonists of the story, in which the clown often acts as a discarding narrator.

In addition, you can combine these activities with balloon rains, bouncy castles, catering and event decoration. In this way, the only thing you will have to worry about is inviting all the friends of your children and that everyone enjoys the most remembered party during the next few years. After the party of your little ones, everyone will also want to know how to hire home clowns for theirs!

6 things to take into account if you are going to organise a party at home:

If you want to have this party at home, then there are some aspects that are essential to ensure your success in the planning process:

  1. The space

It is not the same to gather 10 people than 20. Adults or children. Your house has a capacity so think well. You may have a terrace or garden, so celebrating in summer is much easier. Even so, you can always clear the space, stick the table to the wall and prepare the snack as a buffet.

  1. The decoration

It is not necessary to make excesses but to take care of the details. In addition to flowers, you should think of details that highlight that we are partying! Adapt the motifs to the theme or occasion. And don’t forget that you can jump into do it yourself if you are tricky.

  1. The food

Calculate according to who you are. The menu will vary if it is in the morning, snack or dinner. If you’re not going to sit at a table, think of recipes that are easy to eat in one bite.

  1. Drink

It is what you cannot miss. And besides, it must be cold. If the party is outdoors, you can place ice cream and keep the drink cold there, without having to visit the refrigerator often.

  1. Music

There is no party worth its salt without music. Prepare a list on your mobile or player to liven up the evening depending on the type of event you want. Quiet music to chat at first and something livelier at the end of the night. You can also ask your guests to bring music or to send you their favorite songs. You will make them participants and make sure that none of those pieces that many memories bring you is missing.

  1. Seek help

Some friend or relative that you know can help you out and has time. That way you won’t be overwhelmed with the preparations and, above all, it will help you organise the whole day of the party, keeping your secret.

We are Comedy Clowns, the ones in charge of taking entertainment to your party, do not hesitate to contact us.