Why properties in closed neighbourhoods sell more easily

  It does not matter if what you are looking for is to sell or buy a property. In any case, as much as you can go to professional advice than from neighbourhoods, it is important that you have enough tools to be able to calculate, at least in an estimated way, the value that […]


It does not matter if what you are looking for is to sell or buy a property. In any case, as much as you can go to professional advice than from neighbourhoods, it is important that you have enough tools to be able to calculate, at least in an estimated way, the value that a home actually has.

This has to do, fundamentally, with the fact that the value you can determine of this property will directly affect the value of your assets. At the same time, knowing the value of what belongs to you or what you are going to access is going to offer you a lot of security to carry out the transactions you require.

Caring for the well-being of the family and preserving the tranquillity of the home and neighbourhoods is a task that generates a lot of stress and worry. A good way to relax a little and prevent unpleasant moments is to resort to different technologies that allow us to take better care of ourselves. Living in a closed circuit is an excellent choice if you worry about you and your relatives’ safety.

Nowadays, closed neighbourhoods or countries, urbanizations characterized by conglomerating within a perimeter to a group of houses where people can develop their lives according to the specifications of the neighbourhood in question, are booming. The perimeter allows the neighbourhood to be private, determining the administration and its various maintenance issues within the joint consortium of the homes that comprise it.

These types of urbanizations compose, as any urbanization, a set of advantages and disadvantages for the people who decide to reside in them. We will focus on the advantages and attractions they have, as a way to help decision-making for anyone considering moving to a private neighbourhood.

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Contact with the nature

Perhaps the best-considered attraction is the possibility that private neighbourhoods provide contact with nature at all times, as if living in a small town. The urbanization is located within a city, but the private neighbourhood is arranged so that its inhabitants can enjoy places, parks and recreational areas without concern for their safety, traffic or any other type of negative interruptions that may arise.

This is a key advantage especially for families with small children, since it allows children to play outdoors and enjoy nature within the freedom of the neighbourhood, which is usually large; so that the little ones have plenty of space to function without their parents being constantly worried.

Perimeter security and access security 24 hours

Hand in hand with the previous advantage, also, being a private and perimeter urbanization, we have security as one of its advantages. Residents can enjoy a quiet life without concerns for their safety due to the surveillance systems available in the private urbanizations, as well as their portico systems with guards that control the access to the neighbourhood 24 hours a day.

Security also extends to, for example, neighbourhood transit. In comparison with the city, different traffic regulations are governed within a private neighbourhood. It circulates at low speed, with the intention of avoiding accidents and the typical annoying noise of the city’s traffic. In this way, the quality of life is preserved and benefits all residents of the neighbourhood.

Amenities for comfort and a prominent lifestyle

Within the district property, always coexist along with the houses of the residents of the neighborhood, buildings designed and designed specifically for the common use of the inhabitants, so that certain needs are met for the common good of the neighbourhood. These common spaces are usually called amenities and, within the category, we can find, for example:

  • Fitness area
  • Multipurpose room (SUM)
  • Swimming pool
  • Squares and green spaces
  • Solarium

All these spaces are prorated in the common expenses that the residents of the neighbourhood must pay every month, so it is important to know in advance what the costs of these spaces will be and thus have a picture of the costs of living in the country.

It is interesting to note also that these spaces, in addition to meeting the “social” needs of the inhabitants, are maintained in their entirety by the private neighbourhood consortium. These are the maintenance costs, which are actually paid every month in what we mentioned above. In this way, the amenities cost money, but solve many problems of daily living and raise comfort and quality of life.

Internal stores that save time of transfers and costs

The trend of recent years in the planning and execution of private neighbourhoods increasingly takes into account the inclusion of commercial offices, which in many cases allow the creation of a circuit or market within the perimeter of the neighbourhood. This allows people to buy consumer goods without having to travel to the city, with all this implies: Transport costs, investment of more time, difficulties to find comfortable spaces for parking (in the case of moving by vehicle), etc.


We have established the advantages that living in a private neighbourhood can provide its inhabitants. Advantages more than interesting, especially for families or projects of families with small children, since it will allow to enjoy a quiet and harmonious life.

As a last reflection, it is always advisable to advise according to the latter, the life project that is being planned, making sure to acquire a property that serves the purposes. Another alternative, if the current possibilities to achieve the desired property are not optimal, is to develop a stepped investment strategy, for which it is key to work in conjunction with a real estate advisor registered and knowledgeable in the field.

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