Why is the figure of a tax advisor so important?

One of the most important elements in the economic activity of a business – whether for a self-employed person or for a company – is the figure of the tax advisor. Hiring the services of a tax consultancy is one of the first actions that you must carry out in order to start your entrepreneurial […]

One of the most important elements in the economic activity of a business – whether for a self-employed person or for a company – is the figure of the tax advisor. Hiring the services of a tax consultancy is one of the first actions that you must carry out in order to start your entrepreneurial career on the right foot.

A tax advisor is a professional who is responsible for managing compliance with the tax obligations of individuals or companies before the public administration. This advisor will, therefore, confirm the validity of the company’s accounts and the deductible income and expenses in the declaration of the individuals.

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Advantages of having a tax advice for your company

Your tax advisor will be the one who will update you on all the updated regulations that you must comply with in your business. But also, it can give you information about grants and subsidies that you can request in each case. The information in this regard is very important in any company to avoid incurring any illegality.

The importance of a tax advisory leads us to point out that it will be in charge of advising you on everything related to the payment of wages and IRPF of workers, tax savings, quarterly VAT settlements of companies and freelancers, statements of the Corporation Tax, the elaboration of accounts in front of a fiscal inspection, etc.

As you can imagine, delegating all these actions to a professional as a tax advisor means considerable savings in time and money for your business. It is practically impossible that you can keep up to date all the procedures and the management of your documents without the figure of a tax advice.

But in addition to all this, the tax advisor can also guide you in the strategy of your company. Your advice can be key to develop a better plan of action or strategic for your business. Needless to say, the security and confidence with which you will work under the backing of a good tax advisor is priceless.

Tasks performed by a tax advisor in your company

Some of the main tasks that a tax consultancy can develop for your company are the following:

  • Studying, giving advice and providing tax planning
  • Studying and giving advice in the creation of new companies
  • Preparing the census statements and Tax on Economic Activities
  • Intervening before the Management bodies of the Tax Administration
  • Providing assistance and representation before the services of the Tax Inspection
  • Fiscal defence of the taxpayer, fiscal reviews, resources and claims
  • Administrative, economic-administrative and contentious resources
  • Preparing and presenting all the periodic declarations of fiscal nature of companies and individuals
  • Income Tax on Individuals, Wealth Tax, Corporation Tax and Value Added Tax
  • Fractioning payments and withholdings
  • Providing informative statements
  • Meeting all the requirements and request deferrals
  • Management of powers of attorney

In short, by hiring a tax advice will provide your business with information essential for the development of your company. A tax advisor will provide an individualized treatment for the optimisation of your resources and the complete completion of all your procedures.

But why should you hire a tax advisor?

The figure of the tax advisor plays a fundamental role when it comes to informing and advising companies and freelancers of everything related to the economic activity of their business.

From our experience as expert tax advisors in Madrid, we know the importance of offering the client a professional and quality service, one hundred percent adjusted to the needs of each client and company.

When analysing the advantages of hiring this tax advisory service, we can highlight as main benefits:

  • Inform the company of everything you need to know. That is, to update it of the regulations that it is obliged to comply with, or of the grants and subsidies that it may request, etc. The main objective is that the company is informed of everything necessary to avoid possible illegalities.
  • Advice on tax matters. The figure of the tax advisor will be in charge of advising the company in everything related to the payment of salaries and employee IRPF, tax savings, quarterly liquidations of the VAT of the companies, tax returns of companies, preparation of the accounts of the company in view of a possible fiscal inspection, etc.
  • 100% personalized treatment. The tax advisor will make a detailed study of all possible problems that affect the business, in order to locate the quickest and most effective solutions to them.
  • Save of time and money. By delegating certain functions to the figure of the tax advisor, the company will save work, while also providing an economic benefit, since this expense will not be accounted by the company as a template cost.
  • Keep ll the procedures up to date. A really complicated task for a company is to be able to keep all paperwork and document management up to date. The tax advisor will take care of these steps, so that the documents that the company may need to have are properly archived and managed.
  • Collaborate in the strategy of the company. An advisor is an expert figure in the activity sector of the company, who can also guide it when it comes to detecting new opportunities. In addition, a company specialising in tax advice has an important network of contacts, which will make it easier to prepare an action plan or strategic for the company.

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