Why do we take photographs?

To help memory and break time. To tell stories, our stories. To stop the seconds and never be old. To remind us when we are not, or we are not the same. We take photographs because we want to transcend and live the best moments forever. We want to break the laws of physics, we […]
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To help memory and break time. To tell stories, our stories. To stop the seconds and never be old. To remind us when we are not, or we are not the same. We take photographs because we want to transcend and live the best moments forever. We want to break the laws of physics, we want to increase colour, we want to expand white and black, we want to blur to focus. We want to use filters that deteriorate the image, we want the new to look old and the old look new. We want to share with our family and friends those trips that were not invited, or the photos of the party to which they were invited. We want to upload photos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr. To be the rock stars in our 15 pictures of fame. We want to share with the world what our eyes see.

But in this wonderful process we forget to live in the moment. We are more concerned with the memory that will persist in our computers or social networks, than the memory that will be created in our mind. We do not live what we live, we photograph it. We go to a concert and the first thing we get is the phone, we are the zombies that feed on images that will be downloaded or uploaded, but rarely seen. It is the immediacy of the last photo that lasts in our retinas a few seconds. And this only if we have the minimum organisation to download, view and upload the photo..

RAW, JPG, Canon, Nikon, DSLR, megapixels invade our heads and we believe we are the best photographers in the universe because we have (or want to have) the “best” camera in the world. But what matters is not that we take a photograph, it is the passion and creativity that we put into shooting what counts. It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer. But we go further: if the photographer is good, but he is sick with photolomo-photophilia, he is worthless. Someone who does not live before taking a picture will never be the best photographer in the world.

You have to stop and ask yourself: Why do we take pictures? It’s the beginning, it’s time. You can respond in the comments of this post and start the change. Before drowning in the era of iPhoneography. Then we have to create our Dexter code and stick to it. We have to beat our dark passenger who wants to take 10,000 photos in a week.

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Healthy relationship with photographs

We have to be clear about how many photographs we can order and process per day. If we can do it with 100 photos, that’s the maximum we should take.

  1. You have to decide on a program to manage photos: iPhoto and Picassa go well. You have to define a local storage system, and another on the Internet. Google+, Facebook or Flickr work very well for this.
  2. You have to create a work system: download the photos, open the photo organization program, select the best ones, edit the best ones, place the site where they were taken, upload them to the Internet, send them by mail to the family, print them.
  3. From a trip or special event, you have to select the 10 best photos per day and upload them to the Internet.
  4. You have to select the best 2 photos and upload them to Flickr or destroy them with Instagram.
  5. You have to print 5 photos of each special moment of your life.
  6. You have to send a photo book (iPhoto does it right) every year of your life.
  7. You have to delete the repeated photos, or the bad ones, or the out of focus ones (if you are in the focused stage of your life).
  8. Photos drunk or naked, save them very well. Do not upload them to Facebook. You will regret it later.
  9. Each year select your best photo and send it to photography contests.
  10. Do not take pictures in concerts. Or take 18 photos only. You have to live the music and enjoy being live. Do not take it bad, mediocre videos that you will never see again in your whole life.

When your son comes to the world, take a photo, the first, then give the camera to a cousin sick of the photos, and enjoy the moment. Not every day comes to the world someone who will accompany you until your death.

Buy a camera that does not weigh much. If you are a professional photographer or who thinks you are a professional, buy two cameras, the Canon expensive and heavy, and then another light and without a mirror, and without a Full Frame sensor, but be a good one. There is a whole generation of cameras like this coming into being at the moment (Olympus OMD, Sony NEX-7, Fujifilm X-Pro 1).

Find your best friends, travel with them to a place, take a picture, just one there. Then every year he repeats the same thing, that photography is an excuse for the trip and the experience of sharing with them.

Give a space to photography in your life, but not a space to life in your photography

It is a matter of stopping to reflect a little, to turn off the phones, to live some days as if we were in the cinema. Who takes pictures in the cinema? We must first make the film of our experiences in this world, in our memories, enjoy the marrow of the moments, and then that the moment we live into intoxicates us, to include in that magical enjoyment, that click that sometimes hinders and that with A little intelligence could add a memory or a memorable image.

You have to relax, not everything can be photographed.

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