Why Are Inspections Necessary Before Moving?

Moving in is a delightful process, but something that has a lot of crucial aspects to look after. As you purchase a home, you look forward to the moving in process, looking forward to decorating and settling in your new home. However, there is an essential step that, if missed, can make cause regrets for […]

Moving in is a delightful process, but something that has a lot of crucial aspects to look after. As you purchase a home, you look forward to the moving in process, looking forward to decorating and settling in your new home. However, there is an essential step that, if missed, can make cause regrets for a long time. That step is having a professional inspection conducted.

Most new homeowners make this mistake of overlooking this critical step because they already feel burdened with the money they have spent. So thinking that this step is not necessary is a common mistake. Read on to find out what a professional handover inspection Brisbane entails so that it is easy for you to decide whether to go for one or not?


What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough evaluation of the existing home structure, foundation, systems, appliances, etc. At the end of the handover inspection Brisbane, a report is provided based on the checks and observations which can be fixed by you or the seller. During a home inspection, the buyer can understand the flaws or defects that a home might have. There are primarily two reasons why it can be financially beneficial to the new owner. First, you can deal with the issues beforehand as they are revealed, or at least have cognisance of these issues. Secondly, you can negotiate on the offer price by the seller, citing these contingencies, which either the seller can get fixed or can compensate through cutting on the deal price.


What does a home inspection cover?

The details and thoroughness of each professional home inspector vary greatly. A proper handover inspection Brisbane consists of examining the home and producing a report. The evaluation process typically about two to three hours. After the examination, you can ask questions and relieve yourself from doubts regarding the home you will move into. It is always advisable to be present in person while the examination happens. This will allow you to interact and observe, along with the inspector, to understand the issues better.

If you are a first time home buyer, consider a handover inspection Brisbane indispensable. Here is a list for you to know the aspects of a home that are covered under home inspection-


#1 Exterior walls

At the exterior, the handover inspection Brisbane will look for siding, cracks, soil contact with the house, presence of pests or insects. The inspector can give you an insight into the issues that require serious action and the ones that need temporary fixtures.


#2 Foundation

For any home, the foundation is a critical component. In case the foundation is not directly accessible, the handover inspection Brisbane would check for secondary signs and issues like cracks, levelling, etc.


#3 Grading

The handover inspection Brisbane also informs about the level and slope of the floor of the house. This is a crucial component to depict whether water could get inside the house and also whether it would additionally spell drainage problems.


#4 Garage

The inspector checks for a garage door for opening and closing, framing, ventilation, heating, etc. Handover inspection Brisbane also reveals other features to ensure safety is also explored like gas fumes, carbon monoxide collection, accumulation of other combustible gases, etc.


#5 Roof

The inspector will check for the integrity of the roof, installation, condition of the gutters, etc.


#6 Plumbing

All the water fittings are checked for proper installation and to ensure they are in working condition. Faucets and showers are checked for leaks, and the water pressure is tested. In case the fixing is old, a secondary inspection may be recommended.


#7 Electrical

The inspector determines the kind of wiring, testing of outlets, and to ensure ground circuit safety feature is in place. This is an essential part of the handover inspection Brisbane safety aspect to ensure there is no possibility of fire or electric hazards.


#8 Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

If the house that you are buying comes with all or any of these, the inspector will check the age and efficiency for all of these features. Leaks can also be identified for early repair to ensure you save on your energy bills. The inspector is well versed to give you an estimation of how many years these features would continue to run.


#9 Fire safety

The house should have a proper fire rating along with exit points in case of any unfortunate incidences. The efficiency of the smoke detectors will also be tested.


Is home inspection a worthy investment?

Here is how a handover inspection Brisbane report would help you –

  • In case you find that the issues are too major or would require a hefty amount, you can choose to walk away from the deal well in time.
  • You can negotiate with your seller for critical issues that require fixing or compensating for the amount that you would spend in the repairs.
  • In case both of these options are not viable for you, you can get an estimate to fix these problems and repair them by prioritising the concerns by their importance and their affordability.

If safety is an important aspect for you, then handover inspection Brisbane is a way to give you a hazard free property. It is important to remember that although inspection is not the sole determinant for buying a home, it certainly is an important one. With every inspection, issues are bound to emerge as even newly constructed homes will have them. An inspection gives you an awareness of the issues that are present. You can choose how and when you wish to act on the present issues of the home.  Get your home inspection done by Able Building Inspections to get a reliable inspection done. Consider it a timely investment that can help you save on tons of effort and money in the later stages. Make sure you are purchasing a property that will not be a burden on you in the future. Consult Able Building Inspections to get a free quote today!