Is “The White House” actually safe for president?

It may or may not be true but the president of the United States is usually regarded as the most powerful man in the world. Although this statement may be false, something that cannot be denied I that the my who occupies this position is surely someone really important and needs to be at a […]
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It may or may not be true but the president of the United States is usually regarded as the most powerful man in the world. Although this statement may be false, something that cannot be denied I that the my who occupies this position is surely someone really important and needs to be at a place where his safety can be guaranteed.

While there are some countries, especially European countries, where presidents tend to walk among people, use public transportation and even hold conversations during their walks, this does not happen with the president of the United States. Being in that position means to have a lot of enemies and being the target of many different organisations at global scale.

While comparing the safety measures needed at the White House with the ones people require when living in a close circuit is kind of exaggerating a bit, it is also important to take care of oneself and apply some measures that will help us ensure we and our loved ones will be able to sleep safe throughout the entire night. Along with the increased level of safety these measures can offer, it is also important to highlight how practical can daily life become when innovation is used correctly. Here at MDI you will be able to find top quality equipment that provides you with security and the comfort of opening and closing gates and doors by clicking only one button. One of the leading providers of Australian-made technologically advanced solutions that ensure all your needs will be satisfied.

However, talking about safety measures at the White House can be an interesting topic as well, it is important to note that if these safety measures are used at a presidential place then they must be extremely important.

For that reason, these are the nine most surprising security measures of “The White House” to protect the president.

The security of a president is always a priority for any state agency in any country. But without a doubt, the United States has the best protection measures for one of the most popular presidents worldwide

The White House is the official residence and main workplace of the President of the United States. This house was designed by George Washington and built in 1790 under the direction of the Irish architect James Hoban. The building was inaugurated in 1800 by John Adams and was considered Presidential Palace until President Theodore Roosevelt in 1902 proposed to the Congress to officially adopt the name of The White House.

This house is famous around the world for being precisely the residence of the president of the United States, so it is logical to think that being the home of the president and his family, have a high security system and proof of everything, with security measures even exaggerated but that keep all those who inhabit it or work within it safe. You cannot imagine all the extreme security measures that are hidden in every corner of the house to ensure the well-being of those who are inside.

  1. Air defense

To ensure the safety of the president and those inside the White House there is a 15-mile radius in which no airship can fly over. They also have defence against missiles and other air attacks.

  1. Infrared

The entire surface of the White House is under infrared technology so if an intruder enters, they can quickly realise and give notice to the secret service.

  1. Bulletproof windows

It would be very simple for the attackers to shoot at distance against the windows, so after an incident in 2011, all the windows were changed for bulletproof glass.

  1. Bunker

There is a bunker under the White House that would serve as protection for the presidential family, even if it is proof of a nuclear catastrophe.

  1. Concrete barriers

The barriers and fences in front of the White House have evolved and have been made of iron covered with concrete to be resistant to any attack, even trucks at full speed that crash against them.

  1. Secret service

Every president of the United States has the secret service at his disposal and the White House is always guarded by them at all times.

  1. Food protection

Poisoned food is also a great danger to the president and his family, so there are food tasters who try it before the president is served to avoid a tragedy.

  1. Protection against drones

Attacks on the White House could also come from drones, so there is also now a protection technique against them and that they fly near the White House.

  1. Pressure sensors

If someone is not allowed inside the White House, the security will be noticed quickly thanks to the pressure sensors that are scattered throughout the garden.

It is one of the best-known houses in the world and those who live there have a very stressful job, so they need to relax.

The White House, home of the presidents of the United States and also their place of work, has a series of amenities that anyone would like, today we tell you about 5 of them as well as one of fear. Being President is a tiring job, so being able to relax is important. The first American leaders can play a game of bowling on a track located in the White House subway.

It has a bowling court was built during the presidency of Richard Nixon and has more than one track, automatic system to collect ball and balls and, of course, a computer that takes the scores. It does not matter that the day is cold, American presidents can enjoy the outdoors in a hot tub with a capacity of 1900 litters of water and 25 jets for massages that can be adjusted to taste.

There is also an “outdoor spa” was built during Bill Clinton’s presidency and is located next to the large swimming pool that is located there, ideal for cloudy days.