Which one is the best small SUV right now?

We face them to analyse SUV characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, a trio of aces of the segment that sells breadth, off-road style and low consumption. But which of them is the best? All three models have a common denominator: attractiveness. It seems that customers demand sturdy and off-road-looking cars, although not because of good capacities […]

We face them to analyse SUV characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, a trio of aces of the segment that sells breadth, off-road style and low consumption. But which of them is the best?

All three models have a common denominator: attractiveness. It seems that customers demand sturdy and off-road-looking cars, although not because of good capacities outside the asphalt. Any of them capture these attributes.

All derive from a utility, and this considerably reduces its size, something that results in a higher city usability. That is why they do not set aside trips, since their larger size allows them to go on the road with guarantees, provided that we have chosen the engine well.

Personalisation, in conjunction with the robust style, is another attraction, but above all they sell habitability. They offer, generally, a greater height to allow a more comfortable access to a cabin that, in turn, has some rear seats with greater dimensions or a trunk of greater capacity. A higher driving position also makes buyers fall in love.

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Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur and Opel Mokka X: their disadvantages

The disadvantages of urban SUVs are shared with any other SUV. For starters, their larger size does not imply that they offer a ground clearance or off-road angles that allow too many freedoms in the field. In any case, it is not the intention of any of them.

Nor do they usually offer, and less in these sizes, a four-wheel drive system, limiting its advantages over any utility. Similarly, its weight rises, its aerodynamics worsens and the inertia increases.

Consequently, there is a higher consumption, a need for more powerful engines and greater wear of the components. Yes, they are broader, but not enough to result in a big difference.

What makes the Renault Captur stand out?

Of the three models we face today each one stands out especially in a section. And we start with the Renault Captur, which aims to make people fall in love with its design. Yes, Renault does not hide it, it is the main reason for purchase, especially with this restyling that has just suffered.

It is attractive and eye-catching, especially if we are going to personalise it, something that we will spend a lot of time taking into account its multiple body colours, its contrasting roof or the many vinyl with which to decorate it.

The interior space is also one of its virtues, attending to a rear bench with longitudinal adjustment that increases the capacity of the trunk, with double bottom, up to 455 litres.

With regard to technology, the recent update has provided it with a presence detector in the blind spot or an LED-type lighting system, something not yet widespread in this segment. Although it is not new, the range has an advanced automatic double-clutch EDC.

How does the Renault Captur fail?

The Renault Captur has received an important update and improvement of qualities in its cabin, although we still think that its finish could be better.

Its capacities outside the asphalt are not significant either, since it does not offer a remarkable ground clearance or total traction. It does have an Extended Grip reinforced motor system but does not reach the values ​​of a true SUV.

What does the 2008 Peugeot stand out?

The Peugeot 2008 has been with us for a few years, although last year it received its mid-cycle update. Peugeot’s face wash has been minimal, but he still likes it since of the three he is probably the one with the most off-road appearance.

The cabin stands out for apparent quality and touch, with a lot of fluffy material surface and a central screen for the multimedia system located at the top. For its part, the habitability in the rear area stands out for height, something to take into account in this segment.

It also has a pleasant driving feel, giving priority to comfort. However, its low weight and direct direction setting allow dynamic driving. Its wide range of engines stands out, above all, for smoothness, to highlight a three-cylinder up to 130 hp with outstanding performance and reduced consumption.

Although off-road capabilities are not strong, it does use an Advanced Grip Control system that avoids mounting a four-wheel drive system. It works frankly well with the right wheels.

How does the 2008 Peugeot fail?

Perhaps one of the biggest hits of the 2008 Peugeot, unlike the Renault Captur, is its trunk. With a size similar to that of the Captur (even more), it offers only 338 liters of capacity.

The driving position i-Cockpit developed by Peugeot is, by far, a nuisance. It is true that you have to adapt the driving position to the position, getting more rest. But some complain about vision problems in the picture.

Some finishing details are improvable, something that stands out negatively when the set is frankly well resolved. Finally, although its design seems to enter a good part of the clientele through the eyes, the absence of that sporty touch that sells so much could subtract some sale.

What makes the Opel Mokka X stand out?

Opel Mokka X 2017 The Opel Mokka X is one of the small SUVs that is working best in our market, and the keys are quite simple. There is a wide selection of engines, up to 152 hp. In addition, it is the only one of the three that has a four-wheel drive system.

Technology is another of its virtues if you look at its LED lighting, road light assistant, keyless opening and starting or a Navi 900 navigator with IntelliLink technology and WiFi on board.

The behaviour of the Opel Mokka X is very correct, a virtue that takes advantage thanks to its ease of driving and a very pleasant road behaviour thanks to its size, which allows you to leave the city with many guarantees.

How does the Opel Mokka X fail?

The Mokka X is, to begin with, the largest of the three, by far, and this is not positive in an urban environment. Not for that reason it is wider, because it does not stand out for habitability or trunk, which is little larger than 2008, of 356 litres.

Its off-road capabilities, despite being the only one of the three to offer a all-wheel drive system, also do not stand out. For two reasons, the first a suspension setting that favors asphalt driving and the second some off-road dimensions and angles that do not allow it to circulate with guarantees outside very simple tracks.

The price is another of its negative points compared to its rivals, a rate that starts at almost $ 20,000, much more expensive than the other two. Of course, the difference in price between the most basic and the most equipped is curiously little bulky.

Which is better?

Obviously each one of them has its virtues and defects, just as each client has their preferences. Even so, if we are daring and find in habitability a highlight, Captur is probably the best option.

If, on the contrary, the interior quality is what calls us the most, both the Peugeot and the Opel beat the other Frenchman. The Opel adds a firmer road behaviour than the Peugeot and Renault, but the habitability is behind the rest. In the same way, it will not be winner by price either.

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