What types of blinds exist and which is the right one for your home?

  They provide shade and freshness in summer and intimacy in winter. The curtains or blinds are great silent allies of our home to which, as a rule, we pay very little attention. But if you stop for a moment to know their possibilities, the different types that exist and how to use them to […]


They provide shade and freshness in summer and intimacy in winter. The curtains or blinds are great silent allies of our home to which, as a rule, we pay very little attention.

But if you stop for a moment to know their possibilities, the different types that exist and how to use them to get the most out of them, you will find that they are of spectacular utility.

Did you know that, if your floor is small, it is better to opt for lighter materials that let in light?

Another trick is to install automated blinds, which will allow you to decide and schedule at what times of the day you want more or less light.

Are you making the most of the blinds in your home? Why do you have those installed and not others? What advantages and disadvantages do they have compared to other formats?

Nobody conceives a bed without a quilt, right? Well the same goes with the windows. Today we bring you the best ideas of curtains and blinds to give life to your windows.

The windows are one of the most important points of your house: they suppose a vanishing point to the outside and an entrance of light to avoid the darkness and the sensation of claustrophobia. But they are also decisive when it comes to decorating your spaces, giving personality to your home and delimiting your private space.

Because through its covering elements, such as curtains and blinds, you can control the light intensity that enters, the privacy of your home and the style of your habitat. That yes, everything depends on the type of window that you have, its size and disposition, and your objectives.

All external retractable blinds made by Sure Shade are unique in terms of quality, making them stand out from all other building products.

However, we must bear in mind that before choosing other types of blinds we have to ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Do I live in a community of neighbours?: If we live in a building, it is very likely that we do not have the freedom to put any type of blind, however if the blind is only seen from the inside we should not have any problem as it will not affect to the aesthetics of the building.
  • What is my type of window?: It is very important to take into account the type of window we have, that is, whether it is sliding, folding or swing style, since this will undoubtedly determine the type of blind, which will change radically depending on this fact.
  • Do I currently have a blind?: When buying a house, it is important to know if we already have a blind installed, since it depends on the type of blind, it will not be worth changing the mechanism, as it will surely entail realization of work with what will increase the cost substantially.


Take a walk with me and discover what blinds you are interested in having in your flat:

Venetian or horizontal blinds

Did not you know that they were called like that? They are very common in our country and offer us a lot of variety regarding shapes, materials and colours.

They can be adapted to any concept of interior design and are very practical with their system of rotation of slats perfectly adjustable to each moment of intensity and angle of incidence of the solar rays.

Vertical blinds

As its name suggests, the strips of these blinds hang longitudinally, from top to bottom.

They are less common, although their mechanism has a magic touch for how they turn responding to our wrist turn, because we perceive a greater volume of movement with this orientation.

Like horizontal blinds, they can be made of PVC, fabric, wood or more consistent materials, such as aluminium.

Roller blinds

More modern, expensive and practical than the previous ones, these blinds ensure a greater enclosure in front of other people’s eyes and ultraviolet rays.

They are very adaptable, being able to cover windows or doors of great height and give a greater sensation of visual cleaning when they are collected.

Japanese paper blinds

Exoticism is its flag and elegance, the result: minimalist designs but often combine colours in a balanced and harmonious way.

Of course, they look more prominent and original, such as sliding doors, windows and access to outdoor patios or gardens and places with lots of space, otherwise, you can dwarf your space.

They usually work with rails that help us move them laterally.

Pleated blinds

They are very delicate and their handling is not as easy and fast as that of other models. There are two profiles, one upper and one lower, that hold together a soft fabric – usually fabric or paper – that is folded and collects itself in folds when pulling the rope to lift the lower profile.

They are not suitable for the use of children (forget about placing them in their bedrooms or game rooms) because they are easier to break by sudden movements.

However, they can adapt to original forms of windows or arches.

The texture, colour and grammage of the pleated material will mark the transparency and, therefore, the entry of more or less light through them.

Blackout or total darkness blinds

Its mechanism does not let any light pass through. This format is especially useful if the environment where you place them needs to sink into the most absolute darkness, such as a room with a home cinema system, where you enjoy playing your favourite movies, or a meeting room for screenings.

If you are thinking of going around your home and need help, count on our expert professionals to repair or install all types of blinds in your home and remember that you have our protection packs to avoid any scare.

Here at Sure Shade we can offer you top quality external blinds that will help you keep your house cool and comfortable for these hotter days.