What to serve next to a Chocolate Fountain?

  Chocolate Fountains have become very popular today in the best parties, both children and non-children. They are a good attraction and their cost is not high; but its use can get us green hair if we do not pay attention to the small details about what we can serve in a Chocolate Fountain. Do […]


Chocolate Fountains have become very popular today in the best parties, both children and non-children. They are a good attraction and their cost is not high; but its use can get us green hair if we do not pay attention to the small details about what we can serve in a Chocolate Fountain. Do not worry in today we bring you some tips on what appetizers are ideal to immerse them in your Chocolate Fountain.

Remember that your Chocolate Fountain should be the centre of attraction for the candy table. Place it at a distance of at least 20 cm from the front edge of the table to reduce the possibility of it falling and having an accident. Stretch the fruit plates, crackers and candies around the sides of the platter. Place plates, forks and napkins at each end of the table, so that they are accessible from either side.

Learning to use a chocolate fountain for hire in Sydney is simple, since you only have to choose the source model wisely, assemble it well and serve great sandwiches next to the melted chocolate. You can rent a top chocolate fountain for hire in Adelaide today here at Snow Flow. Contact us today and we will ready to assist you and make sure your chocolate fountain for hire in Melbourne is working properly and you are using an appropriate type of chocolate for the fountain.


Fruits are the first option to immerse yourself in Chocolate. The fruits that we recommend are: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Pineapples, Apples, Grapes, Kiwis and even banana bites can work out. You must keep them refrigerated until the moment of serving. It is also important to mention that you can place a tall paper cup or some other support for the skewer sticks on the side of the fruit plate. Remember not to use toothpicks because they are very thin and the weight of fruits and chocolate is too much for them to support.

This is an excellent option for summer since fruits are very refreshing and will surely make your guests feel better when temperatures are so high.

Salty appetizers

Pretzels are a favourite choice to dip in the chocolate fountain. We recommend using whole pretzels or thick pretzel sticks. Avoid short and thin Pretzel Sticks, as they can be difficult to handle after immersion. Ritz cookies or any other cookie with a large surface area can also be included. French fries are not recommended because they are usually very thin and will moisten and discard. The mix of flavours will be memorable and will keep your guests coming back for more.


The cookies, biscuits and marshmallows are delicious sweets that complement the chocolate without dominating it. With these sweets, your guests can enjoy their imagination to enjoy their creations. This saves you having to prepare additional desserts besides giving you variety to use your Chocolate Fountain.

Do You Know How to Use a Chocolate Fountain?

  1. With the arrival of winter temperatures drop and in many occasions there is no better plan than to have a hot chocolate at home. A good option is to have small appliances that facilitate this task. The sources of chocolate are a wise decision, but after your choice we can have doubts, such as, will I know how to use a chocolate fountain? What is the best source of chocolate? If you want to enjoy chocolate in an original way or surprise your guests, do not hesitate to continue reading about this fashionable accessory in terms of creative cuisine.
  2. The ideal in the use of a chocolate fountain is to do it inside the house, since it is easier to maintain a correct and constant temperature of the chocolate. However, there are models that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You will find some of them here at Snow Flow.
  3. Knowing how to use a chocolate fountain is no mystery. All have a similar management, but we can always resort to the instruction manual. The preparation of chocolate for some chocolate sources requires melting the chocolate previously in the microwave or in the water bath and then adding it to the machine. We will regulate the temperature of the chocolate fountain to keep it at the correct temperature and therefore with the proper texture.
  4. Therefore, it is essential to know what chocolate to use for a chocolate fountain. In principle you can use any type of chocolate, but the result will vary enough to use one type of chocolate or another. The best type of chocolate for a chocolate source is the chocolate coating that contains at least 39% cocoa butter. If not, we should add a small amount of vegetable oil or canola oil, although this will undoubtedly affect the taste of the chocolate. You can use pure cocoa, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. With the latter we can achieve spectacular effects if we mix it with food dyes.

Cleaning the chocolate fountain

How to clean a chocolate fountain is not too complicated. The first thing to do is to empty the chocolate remains. In this regard it is important to know that this chocolate should not be reused for later use. Then we can remove the remains of chocolate with paper napkins or with a soft and clean cloth. After consulting the instruction book we can introduce certain pieces in the dishwasher or else it is indicated the use of the dishwasher for cleaning, we will wash each piece with soap and water.

Here at Snow Flow we offer you an excellent chocolate fountain in Melbourne that you can rent or buy today, along with that you will also find many different types of equipment you can use if you want to plan a different party or event. Because every excuse is good to celebrate. Increasingly, we realise that a chocolate fountain to hire in Melbourne is becoming more than popular.