Tutorial: What motorcycle should you buy first?

Although many of us would like to, bikers are not born with a motorcycle between their legs. If you have just taken the A2 motorcycle license or if you dream of having a motorcycle but do not know where to start, we will try to give you all kinds of options so that you can […]

Although many of us would like to, bikers are not born with a motorcycle between their legs. If you have just taken the A2 motorcycle license or if you dream of having a motorcycle but do not know where to start, we will try to give you all kinds of options so that you can get ideas and choose appropriately.

Motorcycles compose an entire new world and you have to start the house at the foundations, so here we leave you a selection of what options you have as good first motorcycles for beginners in all the segments.

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Scooter: the logical start

One of the logical steps when taking an interest in motorcycles as a means of transport, especially if there is no previous experience in the world of two wheels, is to look for that practical element in scooters that helps us move from one place to another. another one without major difficulty than accelerating and braking, perfect for the city.

Without gears, scooters represent one of the segments that keep the two-wheel market afloat, precisely because they are easy to carry and those motorcycles with which many of us have learned to move.

Kymco Ak 550 Test 009

But there is life beyond small 125cc scooters, and much more. With the A2 card in hand you can choose a constellation that goes from the most basic and practical to more radical postulates. The Vespa GTS 300 (5,379 dollars, and also in an electric version) are as popular as they are satisfactory when it comes to driving in the city, but you can also look for the distinguished touch of a high wheel like the well-known Honda SH300i (5,739 dollars).

Yamaha Tmax 025

The daring extreme is given by those large and powerful scooters with representatives such as the renewed Suzuki Burgman 400 (7,799 dollars) or the unleashed contest between sports maxiscooters such as the Kymco AK 550 (9,949 dollars) and the Yamaha TMax (from 12,299 dollars)

Custom: Maximum style

Honda Rebel 500

Do you dream of a Harley-Davidson? Would you love to pose on an Indian with your tattoos hidden under a patched leather jacket? Well, to get to that level first you have to start with less heavy bikes, because even if your seat is very low you have to learn to move a bike that weighs less during our first steps on a motorcycle.

Both in terms of dimensions and stability, ease of use and the invaluable confidence that comes with being able to get well with both feet on the ground, the small custom are great motorcycles to start in the world of two wheels with great style.

Honda Rebel 500 007

Although for the last few years the small displacement custom models are in the doldrums, Honda has recovered this segment by bringing back the small Rebels. Maintaining the philosophy that made them the most popular motorcycles long ago, the Honda CBX500 Rebel now introduce a more modern style ready to win over young audiences.

With a 471 cubic centimeter, 45 hp parallel twin-cylinder engine perfect for the A2 license, it is one of the most reasonable (and reliable) options on the market for new motorcycles at a list price of 6,100 dollars.

Retro: Lots of style (too) with a sophisticated twist

If the classic roll suits you but the custom is not your thing, there are other options that share with the Rebels many of their characteristics that make them good motorcycles to start on motorcycles. Comfortable, intuitively driven and highly capable, classic-style bikes can be great companions without giving up their cool posture touch.

Here we have more options to choose from, because the retro motorcycle segment has been hit hard by fashion and manufacturers have struggled to offer highly diversified ranges. Triumph, for example, offers the Street family, with the basic Street Twin, café racer-style Street Cup and more down-to-earth Street Scrambler starting at 9,100 dollars, somewhat more expensive but with a more generous 55 hp engine.

Sport: Adrenaline free bar

Ktm Rc 390

Strong emotions and adrenaline are perhaps the main reasons why we love motorcycles. Within this extensive market for motorcycles of all kinds, there is also room for a popular segment like few others: that of sports.

Virtually all brands have taken scale models of their large aspirational bikes without having to get on bikes with more than 100 hp, because to have fun sometimes less is more and users of the A2 card also need an injection of fun in its purest form. Light, effective and with an aggressive aesthetic, the small trainers form one of the most nourished segments.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

Yamaha has the YZF-R3 (5,699 dollars), Kawasaki the powerful Ninja 400 (still without official price), Suzuki the affordable GSX-R250 (5,340 dollars), KTM the RC 390 possibly with the best chassis and part cycle of the category (5,499 dollars) and Honda the CBR500R (6,350 dollars). Many of them are candidates for the Supersport 300 World Championship title, but they are all exciting but at the same time a perfect school to start on R bikes.

Off-road: Not even close to getting dirty

Honda Crf250 Rally

And if you are one of those who wants adventure without compromise, don’t worry, there are also options for you. Possibly one of the best picks at the end of the registered off-road bikes could be the Honda CRF250 Rally, a bike that takes Honda’s field experience and spreads it in a Dakar style for 6,000 dollars.

Considering that the objective of your trips is the journey itself, no matter how complicated it is without caring the least about the destination, Royal Enfield has a good option that also belongs to the card available for the A2 card.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan has many ballots to sell well, and it does not give up anything you may need when it comes to throwing miles. Robust like few others, with an authentic image of a classic adventure bike and with a single cylinder 410 cc engine, the 4,395 dollars are a great letter of introduction.

Both are light, reliable, with a contained size, capable off-road and with a good dose of “throw all the mud you want on me that doesn’t matter to me”.

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