What do I do before the appearance of pests in my home?

  Household pests are one of the most common domestic problems, and they vary depending on the weather conditions that exist. Now that summer is approaching with high temperatures, it is important to have homemade tricks to avoid them and the contact of a professional in case you cannot control them by yourself. Flies, cockroaches, […]


Household pests are one of the most common domestic problems, and they vary depending on the weather conditions that exist. Now that summer is approaching with high temperatures, it is important to have homemade tricks to avoid them and the contact of a professional in case you cannot control them by yourself.

Flies, cockroaches, ants or moths are some of the most common household pests in Spanish homes, which even with a home insurance to protect themselves, tend to be a consequence of high temperatures and the lack of preventive measures. Before calling a professional or taking home fumigation measures, it is important to take into account some specific recommendations for their eradication.

First it is necessary to know that pests are prone to appear in rustic areas or surrounded by gardens, as well as in the old buildings that are usually in the urban centers of large cities. As already mentioned, the high temperatures stimulate its spread: German cockroaches and rodents increase their reproductivity in places with more than 20 degrees, a detail that cannot be overlooked, as both species put our health and our material goods at risk: A plague of mice inside the house can put our electrical circuit at risk and cause short circuits that can turn into fires.

Here at Able Building Inspection you will find specialized professionals that can tell you if you have pests in your building and how to keep them under control.

How to know if we have a plague?

The first indicator is the frequency with which you see these little animals hanging around your house. A single cockroach or a couple of ants around a piece of food on the floor are not enough to declare the plague, but if killing a couple does not solve the problem you can consider a complete fumigation. Another sign is the remains of excrement that leave or nests that you can easily see (like the ants, which have the appearance of small piles of earth), they indicate that they are making life in your house and that you must take more drastic measures for its elimination.

Is a complete fumigation necessary?

The complete fumigation depends on the magnitude of the problem. There are easy-to-apply treatments that can last from 30 minutes to days and even weeks, but which can eradicate the problem and offer alternatives for containment. However, if the plague affects the entire building, the problem is not solved by eradicating only the one from your home, which makes it necessary to completely fumigate the property that involves, in the case of rodents and cockroaches, up to six services at year.

Usually the specialized companies make an initial diagnosis and based on this, the type of fumigation that will be carried out is agreed, the pertinent recommendations and other details to be taken into account. It may be necessary to evacuate the home and even spend a couple of days away, depending on how complex it is. At the end of the process, the company must deliver to the community a certificate of pest control, which in the case of commercial establishments, is necessary to accredit the fumigation treatment before the sanitary authorities.

Later methods of pest control

Once the fumigation has been completed, it is essential to take extreme measures of hygiene and cleanliness so as not to suffer a regrowth of the pest. It is also important to reinforce the fumigated space with insecticides to eliminate any invasion attempts, such as gels to kill cockroaches or the implementation of thermonebulizers of pests in the case of mosquitoes and other flying species.

As for home methods to scare away rats and insects, we can use a spray of apple cider vinegar with water and sprinkle it all over the house; This mixture is very effective to scare mosquitoes and prevent them from making life in your house. We can also resort to laurel, very effective to scare away cockroaches because they cannot stand their smell; in that case, we can put one or more leaves in corners where they can nest and we will be able to frighten them away.

How to act

The professionals of the sector of the disinfection of houses maintain that to obtain the effectiveness in the control of a plague it is necessary to consider three aspects:

  • A diagnosis of the area affected by the pest must be made to identify and classify the species to be combated.
  • You have to identify the factors conducive to their development and inspect the critical control points.
  • It is necessary to establish some necessary correction measures:
  • Physical measures: to prevent the entry of insects and rodents and an optimal level of cleanliness to avoid the proliferation of the pest.
  • Biological measures: use biological products that ensure control of the pest.
  • Chemical measures: use different compounds that are chosen according to the characteristics of the surface in question, the pest to be treated, the temperature and humidity conditions, etc.

2 fundamental actions

Disinfection It is a sanitation technique to destroy pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) by spraying and spraying chemicals. It is about maintaining the levels of microbial contamination within the limits considered acceptable, from the sanitary point of view. The disinfection of homes is often done with chemical agents, which are toxic to microorganisms, but have minimal impact on human beings and the environment. Using a micro-diffuser, the disinfectant is emitted fragmented into very small drops that are distributed evenly throughout the house. The main advantages of this environmental disinfection are:

  • Makes a homogeneous distribution of the disinfectant to reach all surfaces of the house.
  • Eliminates all microorganisms, even the most resistant ones.
  • A wide variety of highly effective and versatile products are used, which are not harmful to man.

Fumigation is a more aggressive disinfection technique that is applied to control pests in homes and crops. The method of fumigation in homes or closed environments is based on the application of a gas (such as methyl bromide) that is very harmful to health. Therefore, after the fumigation process has been carried out, the degree of toxicity in the environment must be measured to check if the house can be inhabited again. High temperatures and humidity favor the development of microorganisms. For this reason, the disinfection of the filters and grids of the air conditioners helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause legionellosis, a disease that has affected a large number of people in recent years.

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