What are the right clothes for running?

When we start running there is a question common to all newbies, what is the right clothes for running? It is usual that at first, we do not have all the correct clothing, but little by little we are adapting the wardrobe. Fast and flexible solutions if you need sportwear, contact us today here at […]

When we start running there is a question common to all newbies, what is the right clothes for running? It is usual that at first, we do not have all the correct clothing, but little by little we are adapting the wardrobe.

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Tips for choosing sportswear for running

Knowing what is the right clothes for running is indispensable for several reasons. First, for health. Wearing the wrong shoes will cause injuries that will keep you away from the race tracks for a good time. T-shirts or pants that are not made for running also cause uncomfortable chafing.

To run in summer, it is advisable to wear clothes with the smallest possible contact surface, while winter you have to protect yourself very well from the cold.

Second, proper attire will give you better performance. Sportswear is made with lightweight fabrics and designed for the movements you will make during the activity. If you wear the typical cotton shirts, sweat will accumulate more and you will be uncomfortable doing your routine. And if in winter you lack gloves and earmuffs, the feeling of cold will be greater.

You don’t have to look professional the first day you go jogging or start practicing some sport. Having some basic implements is enough and little by little you will realise what you need and what is the most appropriate clothing.

Take the advice of brokers who have more experience than you. At some point they were also newbies and will know what you need. In the specialised stores they will also give you some tips and tell you the clothes you need. There are many brands and models of technical clothing, but you do not need to buy the most expensive in the market. You will find cheap running sportswear that will help you with your routines.

What we do recommend is that from the beginning you invest in a good pair of sneakers. Find ones that fit your type of foot and the terrain where you have chosen to run. It is not the same, riding on asphalt than an irregular terrain, where you will need shoes with greater grip.

In this post we will detail the basic clothing that every runner needs and what you should keep in mind when you choose your clothes.

Running shoes

We start with footwear because it is a basic element when it comes to running. Any sports shoe will not help you to run, you will need appropriate shoes for this purpose. It is best to advise you in a specialised store to buy the most suitable ones.

Choose running shoes that fit your needs. This includes the type of tread you have, your body weight, the type of terrain where you are going to run and the number of kilometres. Make sure they have adequate support and cushioning to avoid injury.

Although at first you will run a few kilometres you have to protect your feet. Have at least two pairs of shoes for you to rotate. If you have a pair of used shoes and want to use them to start, it may not be the most appropriate option. The positive thing is that they are already moulded at your feet, but if you have used them a lot, they may have lost properties and, instead of helping you, they can cause injuries.

Take into account that at a higher weight, you will need more cushioning in the soles. Thinner soles are used competitively.

Technical shirts

The main characteristics of technical shirts are that they are breathable and lightweight. They are synthetic fibre shirts that help you be more comfortable during exercise. The most common materials are polyester and elastane.

There are different types of t-shirt, it will depend on your tastes and the weather in which you are going to run which one is best for you.

You will find them sleeveless, with short or long sleeves. The higher the temperature where you run, it is better to reduce the length of the sleeves. There are also loose and tight shirts. The adjusted ones are more recommended for cold climates.

If you are starting to run and you are not going to do many kilometres yet, you can use that cotton shirt that you like so much. But these accumulate more sweat than synthetic fibres, so it will not be very comfortable. As you better you will realise that it is necessary to change to another material.

Pants and tights

Like t-shirts, pants should be comfortable and facilitate movement of the body while running. You will also need them to be breathable and that the rubbing does not bother or cause skin irritations.

There are short and long ones, the latter are more recommended for cold climates. Another option is the meshes, which you will also find in different lengths. When adjusted, they avoid rubbing.

In this case, the most appropriate pants will also depend on your preferences and the temperature at which you are going to run.

Underwear and socks

Let’s start with the socks that are common to men and women. Buy special running socks, these will protect your feet and prevent rubbing with the shoe causing discomfort.

These socks are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics to keep your feet dry and ventilated. If you are going to use them with mountain shoes, they should be a little thicker.

For women it is important to have a sports bra to hold the chest well and support the back. Of the rest, the characteristics are similar to those of the shirts: they have to be breathable and allow the movement of the body.

Similarly, men should opt for light, comfortable clothes. They also have the possibility of wearing pants that include underwear, it is much more comfortable.

Running underwear should not be the same as you wear every day. You will need to be more comfortable and, in addition, you will avoid the unnecessary wear of the intimate garments.

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