What are the ‘chokers’ and why are they fashionable again?

  The most famous necklace of the 90s returns to our cabinets to keep company with the ripped jeans, the crop-tops and the platform shoes They say that everything comes back and the mix of denim, velvet and shoes with platforms is living proof of it: the 90s are the comeback that has been causing […]


The most famous necklace of the 90s returns to our cabinets to keep company with the ripped jeans, the crop-tops and the platform shoes

They say that everything comes back and the mix of denim, velvet and shoes with platforms is living proof of it: the 90s are the comeback that has been causing a sensation in recent years (think of all H & M flower prints and crop-tops of Topshop), and, although you still think that this era of rock stars and grunge was something that happened a little more than ten years ago, the truth is that the first fringes and mega cowhide hunters have served a quarter of a century since they became for the first time the official uniform of that decade, loved and hated in equal parts.

Meanwhile revival, there is a word that we do not stop listening everywhere and that has a tendency to reach its climax (in trendy terms) very soon: the choker, a November necklace that swept in those years, and that hit of celeb and streetstyle, is returning to take the top of the trends in accessories for the neck. If we already talked about them a year ago, as a preview of the trends that were to come for 2015, twelve months later it is time to do a retelling: then we predicted that the minimalist choker would be the complement-it of the season, but the reality has exceeded all our expectations, and we have seen a barrage of chokers of all shapes, styles and sizes, garments that incorporate chokers, handkerchiefs in chokers and sleek micro chokers.

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Differences between chokers and other necklaces

What differentiates this type of necklaces from more conventional ones (those that we have been putting all these years without knowing that we renounced a historical tendency, which French women were already carrying in the 18th century), is the way and the way that adjust to the neck, to the point that in the 40s, the stage immediately before the 90s when the choker became fashionable, magazines such as ‘LIFE’ openly called ‘dog collars’. The name did not detract from those necklaces, more elegant and bejewelled than the grunge ones of the 90s, often with coloured stones closed around the neck, or black silk ribbons with an appliqué just below the chin. Both are part of the revival we live today.

It is precisely this variety that has precipitated that in recent months, since summer (although some pieces already served us an advance in last year’s awards season), the choker has come fully and equally to the cupboards of the girls of fashion, celebs and fashion insiders: from the red silk ribbon knotted at the nape of Lily Rose Depp to a Chanel fashion show, to the jewellery choker of Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globe a few days ago, the choker in the purest “bad girl” style of Cara Delevingne, the rigid metallic gold necklace by Nicole Richie or the dozens of designer chokers that we have seen Kim Kardashian, and from which she separates as often as from her clothes. Balmain: that is, never. Even the choker in the form of a tattoo, the most popular among adolescent in love with the vintage style, has had its comeback via celeb and we have caught it to Victoria Justice, Emma Roberts and Kylie Jenner, as well as the youngest of them all, Willow Smith, that was born in the year 2000 and therefore never coincided in space-time with this trend.

The catwalks have also surrendered to the love for the tight choker, and many fashion houses have complemented their looks with this accessory, although it is striking that three of the big maisons took it out at the same time among their proposals for this fall -Winter: Saint Laurent adorned the neck of its female models with chain-shaped necklaces, while Chanel opted for the very tight maxi-collars across the neck. From Dior, the chokers are combined with silk ribbons around the neck, mixed with prints and house brand charms.

The comeback of a trend

Now, as everything in this life comes back, but in the same way nothing dies, but it does transform, the smarter firms have also known how to take advantage of the trend we are dealing with and take it to their land: one of the most successful with this move has been American Apparel, which has in its permanent catalogue of two choker tops, in plain four colours, or with prints, in the form of tight spandex cotton shirt, with long sleeves and cut outs that leave the shoulders entirely uncovered, except for a ribbon that extends to the base of the neck and closes like a choker. The top, in addition, can carry the same in front that backwards.

Short guide to learn how to wear a choker

  • Long, thin necks: Congratulations! You are lucky to be able to wear any type of necklace. But if you want to visually reduce the length of your neck, the ideal for you is a wide choker and adjusted to the central height of the neck.
  • Short and wide collars: It will be better a thin and simple choker; if you do not run the risk of looking like you have a wider neck. Maybe this is not enough and you still do not see well. The trick is to combine the choker with a long chain that passes the neckline or reaches the navel. It will divert attention from the neck and give it greater length.

You will have seen that many girls put the choker in the middle of the neck and others more attached to the clavicle. Depending on your neck it will favour you more or less.

Long and thin necks: In either of the two heights it will fit you. Wear it in the centre if you want to shorten the length of the neck.

Short and wide necks: Take your choker near the clavicle, you will see more skin and will favour your figure more.

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