Wedding rings, their meaning and 15 things you didn’t know about them

Oh, the rings … So romantic, so significant and so, but so expected! And is that a ring not only serves as an ornament but represents something. And in this post, we will talk about the romantic and loving meanings of these emblematic pieces. Here at My Ideal Wedding we provide you with everything you […]
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Oh, the rings … So romantic, so significant and so, but so expected! And is that a ring not only serves as an ornament but represents something. And in this post, we will talk about the romantic and loving meanings of these emblematic pieces.

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Showing commitment

This ring is the king of surprises! After your boyfriend asks you “Do you want to marry me?” And you say yes so full of joy, he should put on your ring finger of his left hand a gold or silver ring with a precious stone, which It is usually a diamond. It is put on this finger because in the past it was believed that there is a vein in it, the vein amoris, which goes directly to the heart and thus it was given to understand that this symbol represents a formal commitment of marriage.

During the wedding there is a moment in which your boyfriend and you will exchange matrimonial rings to celebrate the wedding bond that will unite them forever. These rings are made of gold or silver because these metals symbolise the beauty and durability of marriage. Also, each one usually carries the name of the couple recorded inside to link them. After the wedding it is tradition to use them on the ring finger together with the engagement ring. It is also common to hang them from a necklace when you want to avoid damaging them during any physical activity.

There are other rings that are also given depending on the occasion, for example, when a husband gives his wife this ring, it is because he knows that his marriage symbolises a love that has no end. The ring is usually made of gold or platinum with three stones, each representing the time they have shared together: the past, the present and the future. This ring is given away after 10 years of marriage and replaces the engagement ring. It is a symbol of renewal of love, commitment and dedication for all eternity.

15 Things you did not know about the engagement ring

Most women at some point have dreamed of finding the perfect man and walking to the altar with his hand, right? Have a wedding like in fairy tales and live happily ever after. But to have that happy ending, first commitment is necessary and that’s where another thing that women dream of all their lives comes up with: the ring!

There are infinite forms, prices, sizes and materials, everything depends on the taste of each person. The interesting thing is that everyone has a story behind it. These are some curious facts that you did not know about engagement rings.

  1. Vena amoris

A lot of time ago, it was believed that on the third finger of the left hand there was a vein called vena amoris, the vein of love that ran directly to the heart, so the ring was originally placed on that finger.

  1. Beginning of the tradition

The tradition was initiated as such by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477, when he handed Maria Burgundy a gold ring with a diamond set as a token of her love.

Although if we inquire a little more in the history, from the time of the Romans the women carried rings that were given to them by their husbands.

  1. Form

Although there are now many forms of rings, the commitment will always be round, due to what it means: “has no beginning or end,” as expected to be love.

  1. Why the diamond

Engagement rings usually carry a diamond, but why? Giving a ring is a sign of trust, commitment and eternity. Diamonds are practically indestructible, durable, invincible.

In 1947 Frances Gerety created the most famous slogan of the twentieth century, for the firm De Beers: ‘A diamond is forever’ (A diamond is forever). Gerety wrote all the advertising for the company for 25 years.

  1. Cuts

There are different cuts of diamonds, but the most popular is the circular, followed by the ‘princess cut’.

  1. Placement

In countries like England, the United States, France, Mexico and Canada the ring is placed on the left hand, while in Germany, Russia and India it is on the right hand.

  1. Material

The most popular metal for making a ring was yellow gold or white gold. More recently, platinum, but due to its high price, palladium is the new option. This is also considered a precious metal, only much cheaper.

  1. Commitment month

Although many may believe that February is the most common month to commit because it is the month of love and everyone is romantic at that time, it is not to propose marriage. Actually, the month in which the most committed couples is in December.

  1. The most expensive ring

The most expensive engagement ring in the world is the De Beers Platinum, weighs 9 carats and costs around 2 million dollars.

  1. Weight

The diamond of an average ring weighs approximately 0.37 carats.

  1. Antiquity of diamonds

The most recent natural diamonds are at least 900 million years old, although some scientists claim that they can create synthetic diamonds of 2.5 carats in just 4 days.

  1. The ring and the groom

An average boyfriend spends about 3 months looking for the perfect ring. Visit approximately 4 different stores and see around 27 rings.

  1. Price

The protocol established that an engagement ring must cost at least three months of man’s salary, however, the most important thing is the promise of love.

  1. Proposal

43% of the bride and groom plan the moment in detail. 46% had little idea how they would do it, and 10% let the time just come, like that, without any plan.

  1. Answer

It is assumed that in response to the engagement ring, the bride should traditionally give a watch to the groom.

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