Tutorial: Wedding receptions Tasks

One of the most important moments of your life comes and you want to celebrate it as you dreamed. Although the halls usually offer several services that “solve your life”, in this note we tell you that it is possible to plan an outdoor wedding with everything you need to have a party as you […]

One of the most important moments of your life comes and you want to celebrate it as you dreamed. Although the halls usually offer several services that “solve your life”, in this note we tell you that it is possible to plan an outdoor wedding with everything you need to have a party as you imagined it.

The protocol is very important in marriage, both at the ceremony and at the party. So that you do not miss any details, we review all the moments that must be taken into account.

While there is a protocol and a way of doing things on wedding day, each couple is free to choose how to organise the timing of their party. Therefore, here we show you step by step the protocol for a spectacular party. Take note and tell us how you would do it!

When we set a date and time on the invitation, we contemplate a time of tolerance for the guests to arrive at the party. Whether for personal, traffic or organisational reasons, there are always people who are late in arriving at the classroom. That is why it is important to keep this time in mind and offer a welcome drink to make your guests’ arrival pleasant.

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Once they have had their drink, chatted for a while and took pictures, it is time to invite them to come to the reception. There the famous canapés, sandwiches, various snacks and a little more drinks and snacks await you. Ideally, they can go tasting more elaborate and small snacks and then arrive at dinner hungry.

While waiting at the reception, it is a good plan to provide the signature book, record the messages for the bride and groom and have the group and individual photos taken. That is when photographers begin to do their magic.

Guide to locate

Closer to the moment of the grand entrance is a good time to invite all diners to take a seat. The organisation of the tables must be done a few weeks before by the couple and after the confirmation of attendance of the guests. If anyone fails to go, they will have to reorganise and relocate the guests. Generally, people of the same social circle sit together. Cousins, high school friends, English friends, work people and so on respectively. On the main table the bride and groom will take place together with whom they have chosen. It can be your parents, bridesmaids and / or witnesses.

Wedding Entrance

Once all are located in their places, the lights go down, the music plays and the bride and groom enter through the front door. It’s time for the flashes, the tears and the hugs, all gathered around the couple.


It is one of the most awaited moments by the guests, who anxiously wait to see what dishes they have chosen to invite them. Usually a small starter is served first, then the main course and then the dessert. In many marriages they usually offer also leg of ham or ham, which are cut so that the guests go tasting. In addition to the aforementioned food there is a table service, bread and, of course, drinks with and without alcohol.

The bridal cake

The wedding cake is one of the most important elements of the party. It is also one of the most anticipated moments for everyone because it is usually the throw of ribbons where one of the friends will take out the ring. The cake presents the arrival of the sweet table, the loss of many. Among coffee, tea and assorted drinks, cakes are served to all the guests who gather around them.

The first dance

The waltz everyone already knows begins to sound and that’s when the couple dance for the first time. Once they finish, the bride dances with her family’s men, followed by her friends. The boyfriend does the same with women.

Dance and bouquet throw

It is a tradition that the bride throws her bouquet in the air. Who grabs it will be the next lucky one to get married? In the case of men, a bottle of some alcoholic beverage – champagne or whiskey – is often thrown away to symbolise the same.

The carioca carnival is a classic and cannot be missed. Arrive halfway through the end of the party to cheer up the already tired grandparents, to uncontrol the young people and invite the aunts to the track. It is a very fun moment, since it includes very funny music (the classics of when the boyfriends were teenagers), hats, bugles, whistles, rattles, masks and wigs. All those party accessories are the quintessential souvenirs.

 “The fifth meal”

After dancing all night, guests need to replenish energy. That is why many marriages surprise with the arrival of snacks, hot dogs, pizza and other quick dishes for the last hour of celebration.


Already in the final minutes, running makeup, bare feet and loose ties begin to turn around. That’s when the couple say goodbye to the guests by giving them a pleasant memory of their party and their union. It really is a time to remember and go to sleep with a smile.

Hopefully these party protocols serve them a lot and they can enjoy each one of them. Some are almost sacred, others can be skipped, but the most important thing is to enjoy each and every one of them.

Think about it for a moment. When you are in love, nothing else matters but that. You want the person, and, although you want your wedding in Orchards at Springvale Farm to be unforgettable for you and your guests, if you had to change plans, you wouldn’t mind too much. Contact us today if you want to receive more detailed information about our services and the benefits of selecting Orchards as your reception venue.