Vegan Lashes That Are Cruelty-Free: PETA Approved Beauty

Whether we have tiny, thin and sparse eyebrows or naturally gifted bushy, luscious and thick ones, we always put in an effort to augment our appearance. One crucial thing that comes in handy is the false lashes. Whether we talk about false eyelashes we glue on to our eyes or eyelash extensions, the list of […]
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Whether we have tiny, thin and sparse eyebrows or naturally gifted bushy, luscious and thick ones, we always put in an effort to augment our appearance. One crucial thing that comes in handy is the false lashes. Whether we talk about false eyelashes we glue on to our eyes or eyelash extensions, the list of eyelash enhancing tools are endless.

Surely you must have heard of mink fur eyelashes and eyebrows. The furs of these poor animals are used to help achieve longer, thicker and more realistic looking lashes and brows. Many also buy lashes made with mink fur because they are very shiny, light and fluffy.  These mink fur lashes boast themselves off as “cruelty-free” products. They profess to be the best natural looking false eyelashes, but in reality, they have a sinister side to them. There are brands that market these mink fur lashes. They claim that the fur taken for the production of these tools is either taken after softly brushing them or by taking already fallen fur. However, the truth cannot be any further. You are probably a victim of deception!

Everything You Need to Know About Animal Cruelty

The fur from a wild animal called mink is used to produce eyelash extensions, brow fillers, and false lashes. These perfect feathery lashes are very flexible and can be used and reused a lot of times. These lashes are even considered “high-end” and “luxurious” but what in fact is luxury born out of misery and torture? These small animals are solitary and come together only for the purpose of breeding. There are only two species of minks – the American and European! A shocking fact is that the European mink is listed as critically endangered. They are naturally very aggressive and are autonomous. That is why the claim that minks are bred in a free-range environment is practically nonsense! The reports about these poor animals bred in fur farms are downright horrific. They are kept in tiny cages with inadequate access to water and other basic needs. Items that are sourced from animals naturally run the risk of being associated with animal cruelty. There are a lot of controversies when it comes to mink fur products.

According to the companies who market and support mink fur products, they are cruelty-free. They do not kill the animal but farm-breed it and brush it to obtain fur from these animals. Nevertheless, according to PETA, minks are kept in poor conditions. They suffer a lot before ultimately dying on the farms for these vanity products. Hence, they strongly disapprove of it and encourage customers not to use products such as these to support the suffering of poor animals. Instead, go for products that do not contribute to the suffering of animals. Animals in mink farms endure great physical and psychological hardships. They are scared, stressed and confused and are definitely not at home in these farms. Don’t hurt animals just to buy lashes that only serve your vanity.

Go Cruelty-Free!

Despite having the knowledge about these poor minks, some of you would still like to have artificial, long, luscious lashes. In that case, what should you do? Well, you need not worry; there are a lot of alternatives for you in the market. You need not support suffering for your vanity. There are fake lashes online that are vegan and cruelty-free and give you the same results that a downright immoral pair of “cruel lashes” would give you. Buy lashes that make you look good and feel good inside out. Buy cruelty-free vegan lashes like our very own! We provide the best natural looking false eyelashes, and you do not have to think twice about the condition of any animal.

Why Use Cruelty-Free Vegan Lashes?

Synthetic lashes are better than animal lashes in many ways. The first being you do not harm any animals in the making. No animals stay cooped up in a tiny cage. Therefore you are not supporting terrible industries. Secondly, synthetic lashes have come a long way since they were first made and are now finer and better than mink fur lashes. Do not get taken into the “all natural” tag of these mink fur lashes. Synthetic lashes are more hygienic compared to mink lashes. Brushes harbour a lot of bacteria and germs because of their structure. Hairs and fur trap oil and dead skin and is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. To save yourself from such unhygienic circumstances, it is advisable to buy lashes that are synthetic and go vegan and cruelty-free!

What Can You Do?

Be a little more conscientious and do a little more research before buying makeup and makeup tools. Before purchasing, take some time out to know about the brand and what they support. Check PETA’s list of approved brands of make-up accessories and use them. Obviously, we cannot always go free of animal by-products, but as educated people, we can be a little more conscious about what our money goes into. You can also sign online petitions and write to the authority.

Why Should You Choose Tigress Beauty?

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