How many types of braces are there? Which ones are the best?

When a patient goes to a dental clinic with the intention of undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is usual for them to arrive asking a question, what types of braces are there? And which are the best? There is no answer that is absolutely true. And that’s the first thing patients should know. For each of […]

When a patient goes to a dental clinic with the intention of undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is usual for them to arrive asking a question, what types of braces are there? And which are the best? There is no answer that is absolutely true. And that’s the first thing patients should know. For each of them it will be better to use one or another type of braces according to different criteria.

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Types of braces: advantages and disadvantages

What type of braces to offer your patients? What advantages and disadvantages do they have?

Professionals recommend that you have all types of braces to meet the needs and tastes of your patients. Each patient is a world. It is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of offering various braces options.

In this way you can always offer the right one to each of them. You can also let him or her choose freely, always making clear your recommendation in this regard and informing them of what you are based on. For many patients, being able to make the final decision gives them confidence. Still, the vast majority will follow your advice.

The function of metal braces and aesthetic braces in an orthodontic is the same; serve as a support for the dental pieces to reach their ideal position. In this ideal position the dental pieces achieve a perfect occlusion both on a functional and aesthetic level.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of braces

Both aesthetic and metal braces offer advantages and disadvantages for the patient. Therefore, it is important that you know all of them and can determine which are the most relevant for each individual.

Metal braces

Its great advantage is that they are very economical compared to the rest and offer great durability, functionality and adhesion capacity. Their main disadvantage is that aesthetically they are the least graceful. Although in the case of children and adolescents, the use of colored garters can be an improvement in this aspect, showing a more fun smile.

Sapphire braces

Its main advantages are its aesthetic appearance, its durability and its functionality, which show great superiority over other options. It is the preferred option for many patients who know them as invisible braces. On the contrary, its clearly higher price than other alternatives, is a great disadvantage since it is not suitable for all budgets.

Ceramic braces

They are very durable and effective. They also have the great advantage of being aesthetically very interesting. All this with an affordable price range although higher than the metallic ones. These aspects make them an increasingly used option.

Resin, polycarbonate and plastic braces

They have more drawbacks than advantages. In principle they show good aesthetics but it is lost with the months of use. And they break easily with the inconvenience that this entails. But economically they are interesting for many people.

Which are the best types of braces?

Each patient values ​​various aspects of this type of treatment to a greater or lesser extent. According to each of them it is advisable to use different types of braces. Get to know them and you can offer each patient the most interesting type of braces for their orthodontics and get them a perfect smile.

The best braces from an aesthetic point of view

Without a doubt, considering only aesthetics, the best braces are transparent sapphire braces. They do not stain with food and their transparency favors the aesthetics of the smile. Similarly, ceramic braces do not stain with food and are visibly very appropriate.

In a second place are the composite braces, the polycarbonate and the plastic ones. After a few months of use they change their hue due to food. Although its appearance decays over time it can be a good aesthetic option if it is also important to take into account the price.

From an aesthetic point of view, metal braces are the least suitable regardless of their size in any type of orthodontia.

The most suitable braces considering their durability

Both metallic, sapphire and transparent braces have similar durability, only slightly higher in the case of the former. They are the ones that offer greater durability, a clear advantage over other braces.

In contrast, the resin and plastic braces have a clearly shorter durability. It is common for them to fracture having to be replaced during orthodontia. Thus, it generates a great inconvenience in the form of discomfort, discomfort and a waste of time both for the patient and for you or the professional who treats you.

The best braces in terms of their adhesion capacity

Considering this aspect, metal braces are the best. They resist the force exerted during chewing much better than ceramic braces. Sometimes it is advisable to place metal braces on the lower premolars combined with ceramic braces on the remaining teeth to avoid wear of the upper pieces during chewing.

The most recommended braces in hygienic terms

For daily basic dental hygiene, the best braces are metallic ones. They require simple hygienic care that anyone can carry out every day with great ease.

In the case of ceramic and sapphire braces, to the basic hygienic care must be added the intense cleaning of the bands that join them to the arch. Since these are transparent, they require careful cleaning after each meal. It is not complicated, but it does involve the acquisition of hygienic habits that must be carried out with the necessary frequency.

The most interesting braces in terms of price

Orthodontic braces with metal braces are clearly cheaper than with ceramic or sapphire braces. It is important in any case that you take into account the quality of the metal braces, within which there are important differences.

One of the main questions you should look at is the origin of the braces; forget about Asian solutions of very low price and very low quality. These hardly meet the minimum quality standards. They usually generate serial problems that make them very expensive in the end and are a continuous nuisance for the patient.

Ceramic braces are priced somewhat higher than metal but are still affordable. Meanwhile, sapphire braces are the least interesting if we stick to their price. But they supplement this disadvantage with the clear advantages that they offer in other aspects, as we have already seen.

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