Truck companies need professional drivers

  There are many problems that exist in the field of professional drivers. Truck companies do not stop needing workers, although the conditions are not suitable for truckers who have to spend most of their time on the road. The working hours of professional drivers tend to be longer and tougher than usual. This is […]


There are many problems that exist in the field of professional drivers. Truck companies do not stop needing workers, although the conditions are not suitable for truckers who have to spend most of their time on the road.

The working hours of professional drivers tend to be longer and tougher than usual. This is a real problem that is becoming more and more echoed.

Therefore, many transport companies have a shorter staff than they should have.

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These factors that influence the need for professional drivers are:

Work schedules

This is one of the main problems that freight transport companies have when hiring a person on staff. The normal thing is that the truckers leave one day and do not return home until days later or even weeks after hours on the road.

We see this situation as something natural, although the reality is that it is not beneficial for either the workers or the companies.

Professional drivers lower performance after several consecutive work days.

For companies, lower productivity is the worst situation that can occur.

Small details, such as weather, also affect truck drivers who do not work in the same way in summer as in winter. During the hot season, professional drivers do not want to spend a lot of time inside the truck.

However, in winter with the cold it is more bearable to be in the cabin of the truck at a higher temperature.

Little driver work

Maybe those people who do not know the transport sector believe that there are many truck drivers and that there are many trucks.

However, they are not aware of the lack of trained personnel to practice the profession of truck driver.

The physical and mental sacrifice that professional drivers have to make is not suitable for anyone and the long periods on the road without going through the house, it is not a job for everyone.

Professionalism in the truck sector is very important, since the performance of people who know the profession and who are used to it is completely different. The growth of the sector is expected in the next 5 years.

Demand for employment in the truck sector

At present it is difficult to retain workers who are not comfortable at work. And it is important to highlight the great offer of employment that exists among professional drivers.

However, it is not demanded as much as years ago. There are many young people who do not see a work life compatible with personal life. Problem that departs from the hours and conditions of employment that are currently offered by transport companies.

Carcharts for trucks

  • Trying to park a car in a city is obviously much simpler than a truck. The lack of parking when you arrive at the destination makes the trucks have to continue long looking for a place to stop.
  • This leads to the truck driver ending up more tired, another negative point for the efficiency of the professional’s work.
  • That the driver does not find an easy place to park, since there are no zones enabled for heavy vehicles, it takes him to do more hours of work, to look for longer journeys and to finish exhausted of suffering always the same setbacks.
  • This has caused many truckers who have left the company they are working to find a more comfortable job.

Driver safety and health

  • When we talk about the safety of the truck driver, we do not just refer to road safety. The health of drivers is important and that starts with having a healthier life.
  • It is logical that with so many hours sitting at the wheel of the truck the exercise passes a second plane and there are real problems such as obesity, problems in the lumbar and renal.
  • It is also important to have a good diet, since most of the time the truck driver sits without moving.
  • These are some of the reasons why companies need more professional drivers. To grow the business, improve the trucker’s experience in his day to day work.

The best American truck brands

When we talk about the best truck brands, we can divide them into two: American truck brands and European trucks. Each of them has very different characteristics and strengths.

Before entering to evaluate the different North American trucks we will make an analysis on each of the truck models.

The trucks of the North of the United States if they are prepared to send in the highway, the size is much greater than the Europeans, the biggest tubes and the dormitories are done to conscience.


As for the colours, the American trucks are more personalized, mainly chrome. In this way, every vehicle that is on the road is aware that there is a truck on the asphalt.

Best American Brands


The Kenworth brand was founded in 1912 in Kirkland, in the State of Washington, under the name of Gerlinger Motor Car Works. It was not until 1923 that he got the name of Kenworth Motor Truck Company.

Kenworth was the first manufacturer in the United States to offer a diesel engine. The success after World War II made it continue to grow thanks to reliability and durability. At the end of the 60s they expand to Australia, nowadays there are several countries that have the Kenworth firm.

Kenworth W900 is the classic of the classics in the truck world. If the image of a truck appears in your mind, surely the Kenworth W900 is the first one you think about.


The Freightliner brand was born in the 1930s under the name of Consolidated Freightways. Until 1942 that began with the current name in Portland, Oregon.

The most sold and popular truck was the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution in 2013, a much more efficient version equipped with the latest technology of the moment. This semi-trailer is the flagship product of Freightliner.

In addition, in 2021 they are scheduled to release the e-Cascadia, a variant of the all-electric truck to compete with Tesla.

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