Trending Trailer Types In Australia For 2019

  You cannot use a single kind of trailer to serve all the purposes. Different types of trailer suit different types of cargo load. You should know the capabilities of the types of trailers in precision to select the trailer that serves your purpose. Some of the trailers are box trailers, motorbike trailers and cage […]


You cannot use a single kind of trailer to serve all the purposes. Different types of trailer suit different types of cargo load. You should know the capabilities of the types of trailers in precision to select the trailer that serves your purpose. Some of the trailers are box trailers, motorbike trailers and cage trailer for sale. The proper trailer can reduce the driver’s time and also warrants the rendering of safe transportation of the cargo. Let us look into the various types of trailers which are in trend in Australia.

Box Trailers

Box trailers are one of the most common types of trailers used by the truckers. Box trailers are also called as enclosed trailers. Box trailers provide additional safety to the load. They provide complete shielding to the cargo-load from the tough natural conditions. The loading process is also effortless and simple through the sides. The capacity of the box trailer is restricted by closed nature. Box trailers for sale Melbourne are manufactured and supplied with great precision by various agencies. Box trailers are a long-lasting solution for carrying around the heavy materials that you need to transport. They house safe structural design which is in accordance with the demanding standards and principles. Some of the trending Box trailer types are

  • 6×4 TIPPER, NO CAGE TRAILERS which contain various features like tilt facility, locking pins for safety. They have light truck tires and can transport goods at ease. They also have a step-up platform on top of the wheel guards to load and unload the materials. Tipper trailers are best for human-operated load transportation.
  • 7×5 SINGLE AXLE, NO CAGE Trailers are special box trailers that have a bigger area to transport the goods. This type of trailer has all the facilities mentioned above offering better and more space to occupy.


Motorbike transporting is a simple yet delicate work that requires various scales of specialized implementation techniques in the trailers which ensure a safe journey and keeps the motorbikes safe and protected and fixed throughout the entire travel. The holes should be strategically positioned around the structure to keep the bikes fixed to the trailers. These custom trailers are built by custom trailer builders Melbourne who works very well with the transportation of motorcycles. Some of the commonly used motorbike trailers are 8×5 Motorbike Trailers, 10 x 5 Dual Axle Tandem, and much more.

Open or Flatbed Trailers

Open or Flat-bed trailers carry a large load of cargo products. The main advantage of the open trailers is the flexibility and versatility that it facilitates in carrying the weight and in transporting the load. Flatbed trailers provide no support to the external components and restrict the type of cargo. These are unlike cage trailers for sale and house open space in the top. There are different types of flatbed trailers. Step deck trailer is one of the types which comes with two cargo- holding positions with a neck that lowers the height of the trailer to a lower level behind the tractor. The extended flatbed trailer is apt for carrying long cargo.

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers are enclosed trailers that have a special feature of a temperature control system. These are mainly available for housing perishable and consumable goods which become rancid within a short span of time. Temperature sensitive goods can be carried using refrigerated trailers. These trailers are provided with the best quality by custom trailer builders Melbourne.

Double Drop trailers with Extension

Long cargo cannot be carried using normal trailers. They have to be hauled in the specialized trailer such as the extended double drop trailer. They can support great length and load capacity. These are mostly used in freight containers and construction equipment.

Tank Trailers

Tank trailers contain a special enclosed area that is used to transport water, grains, chemicals both organic and inorganic, sands, gravels, and much more. They safeguard the tricky cargo materials. Proper cleaning is necessary for the tank trailers once the goods have been transported. These are like specially made box trailer for sale with specific purposes involving care. Sometimes permit is necessary to avail transportation before loading and unloading. They are similar to the cage trailer for sale but contain a completely enclosed area.

Removable Goose Neck Trailers

RGN trailers are apt for hauling goods that are driven onto the trailer. Most companies combine the trailers with forklifts and cranes. The gooseneck can attach and detach according to the necessity. With this facility, the load can be driven in and out according to the requirement. Stretch RGN trailers are special RGN which hauls loads that are extremely long for regular RGNs. These trailers can withstand loads of extreme height and weight.

Dry Vans

Dry vans, also known as enclosed trailers, find their most popular usage in freight transportation. Dry vans are similar to the flatbed type of trailers also containing the features of box type trailers for housing an enclosure around them. They maintain the dry environment for her cargo which requires protection from moisture. Transportation of electronics, clothes, slow oxidizing foods, and electrical equipment are carried out using Dry Vans. They have several designs provided by various custom trailer builders Melbourne.

Special Trailers

Special trailers contain the normal design pattern of regular trailers with specialized aspects and properties.  The side kit trailer is an enclosed type, which is sheltered and protected with plywood or fibre. These find a way for encasing goods that cannot be packaged. Another special type is the Lowboy trailer which has a steep drop deck and carries weights whose height overtakes its own. These can have various designs with the basic cage trailer for sale and much other basic design.

Where can you get various Trailers Online?

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