Treating Your Feet:tips to know

I have been meaning to take a day off to relax and to be pampered. I wanted to especially give my feet the love and care it deserves. Working five times a day, looking after the kids, cleaning the house and cooking meals on the daily, it can all become too much and can strain […]

I have been meaning to take a day off to relax and to be pampered. I wanted to especially give my feet the love and care it deserves. Working five times a day, looking after the kids, cleaning the house and cooking meals on the daily, it can all become too much and can strain my feet. I always wear closed shoes for work and rarely ever give my feet a chance to breathe. Working long hours and running around the getting errands and chores done can wear your feet down. Many of us do not think twice about the care of our feet, but our feet are literally what take us from one place to another. I never really had the time to properly take care of my feet, and because of this, I have been suffering from heel pain over the past few days. I finally decided it is time do something about it. I allocated a day where I would relax and let myself and my feet be pampered for all the hard work we’ve accomplished. My husband was happy to take care of the kids and finish off the house chores for the day while I set out to look for a podiatry clinic that would alleviate my pain and bring my feet back to full working condition. I had a good look and inspected my feet and I realised I had noticeably cracked and dry heels. They were not only rough, but not a pleasant sight to look at. This made me even more self-conscious about wearing open shoes like heels and sandals. I rarely ever moisturised my feet or took great care of them and thought this was my chance to start.

I use to go my local podiatry clinic close to home; however I haven’t been there in a long time because I was not very happy with the quality of the services. It’s been years since I booked an appointment. Wanting a change, I called up one of my girlfriends as I vaguely remembered her mentioning a foot care podiatry clinic she recently went to and was raving about. She said it had lovely staff and great services. She told me Mint Foot Care Podiatry Clinic was the clinic she went to and highly recommended me to go there as well. I jumped onto the website and had a look at what they had to offer. First of all, the website is very visually appealing and I was able to easily navigate through their site. Looking at what Mint Foot Care had to offer, I was swayed by their description of services such as their luxurious mint foot soak and invigorating mint foot mask. Just reading their about their services made me feel relaxed. I decided to go all out on my feet and chose the services that would best suit my needs. I called up the podiatry clinic to book an appointment and luckily enough I was able to be fit in that same day. I booked a consultation with a podiatrist for my heel pain and also booked a relaxation medical pedicure. Driving to Wynnum podiatry, which is only an extra 10 minutes further away than my local podiatry clinic, I was warmly welcomed as soon as I set foot in the clinic (might I add, the clinic was beautifully set up with a theme to fit the name of the clinic).

I first went to see a professional podiatrist and told her about my recurring heel pain. The wonderful podiatrist Jane physically examined my feet and noted that my very cracked heels were a contributing factor to my heel pain. She did a biomechanics assessment, where she looked at my lower limb functions for any abnormalities and did a gait analysis. Jane told me that my heel pain was largely due to my cracked heels. My cracked heels were a result of long standing at home and at work, especially on hard floors. I told Jane that I am vitamin deficient, which she told me that it was also a contributing factor to my cracked heels. Jane recommended that I make sure to wear fitted shoes for work since I am usually on my feet for most of my shifts. She explained that fitted shoes will support my heels especially when my heels expand sideways under pressure. Jane developed a treatment plan for me that included stretching and strengthening exercises.

Right after my consultation I was taken to a lovely lady named Michelle who tendered to my long awaited feet needs. The relaxation medical pedicure entailed a mint foot soak, nail care and callous removal, mint foot scrub, mint foot mask, a paraffin wax treatment and a foot massage (how amazing does that sound?). My feet were first soaked in a mint foot soak to help soften my feet and re-hydrate my dry heels. The mint helped combat odour and the overall foot soak left my feet feeling calm and refreshed. Michelle then gave me a pedicure and trimmed my toenails and gave them the long awaited care and love they needed. My feet were already feeling much better just from a few simple steps. This made me realise that if I just put in a little effort to take care of my feet, it would make a huge difference. Since my heels were very cracked, Michelle safely removed the callous and dead skin off my feet. This procedure took about 30 minutes and I could already feel and see the results. My feet felt healthier and my heels felt so smooth. Michelle also recommended some foot creams I could try out to help keep my feet moisturised and in good condition. After the callous and dead skin was removed, I was given a mint foot scrub to remove the excess. Michelle massaged the mint scrub onto my wet feet in circular movements. When the foot scrub was finished, Michelle gave my feet a mint foot mask to further relieve my heel pain which was hardly noticeable at that point. The foot mask was gently applied to my feet and left on for about 5 minutes until washed off with lukewarm water. Michelle explained that leaving the mask on allows the product’s key ingredients to penetrate into the skin and absorb into my feet for smooth and soft skin. At that stage, I was already loving the treatment and my feet felt invigorated. My feet were then given a mint paraffin wax treatment which is an intensely moisturising treatment to condition and revitalise the skin. My feet were submerged and dipped several times in a warm mixture of mint paraffin (a petroleum-based wax) and mineral oil. The treatment soothed my aching heels. Michelle explained that the combination of wax and oil improves circulation and softens rough skin. Lastly, to top it all off, I was given a relaxing foot massage to finish off the pedicure.

The relaxation medical pedicure relieved the tension from my feet and my heel pain was almost non-existent. The rich aromas and soothing qualities of the mint treatment helped me to relax my mind and body, making me forget about work stress and the chores at home. My feet feel rejuvenated and invigorated and they look amazing. Most importantly, I feel amazing and am so glad I decided to go to Mint Foot Care Podiatry Clinic. The skills and hygiene of the podiatry treatment is highly professional and I will definitely return in the near future. Jane and Michelle really listened to my issues and requests and catered their services to best suit my needs. I was given the professional advice I needed to better care for my feet in my own time. The services at the previous podiatry clinic I went to did not make my feet feel as smooth and rejuvenated. The services felt rushed and the products used in the treatment were not very soothing to the skin. I was also not satisfied with their level of customer service, while at Mint Foot Care I felt comfortable and at ease. I also felt It was about time that I went to a podiatry clinic that provide a luxury experience without having to compromise my budget. I have followed Jane’s instructions of stretching and doing regular strengthening exercises for my feet and over the past couple of weeks, my feet already feel stronger. I have also bought myself a new pair of fitted shoes for work which are not only comfortable but provide optimal support to my heel. Moisturising my feet daily have kept my feet smooth and soft. Thanks to the great team at Mint Foot Care, my feet are feeling and looking healthier than ever! Discover the difference for yourself with Mint Foot Care podiatrist Wynnum that is suitable for all types of feet and ages. Don’t wait for your feet to be strained and sore. It’s about time you heal your cracked and sore feet as well. I encourage you to book an appointment with Mint Foot Care Podiatry Clinic today!